Throwing better parties starts with a lesson on interior design and architecture

The space always dictates what you can do in a room. Circulation flows, layouts and lights are the basic elements, the bones of home comfort. I can try to explain these concepts but the quickest way is to show you a real life example.

I selected a kitchen renovation project done in an old-style country cottage in Toronto. We are taking here of a small house. I want to show you that with a clever design, a good numbers of people can come to your parties, have fun and be comfortable. That small can hold ten people easily.

As avid shopper and environmentalist, I think we can live in luxury in smaller spaces. If more people learn to live in smaller places, the impacts on the environment will be large. But we will continue this discussion another time.

What I want to show you in this week project from The Designer Guys TV show, season 3. Called Modern Country Kitchen, this is the perfect example of good circulations in and between spaces. They pay a lot of attentions on how, where and what you do.

If you are not familiar with the new Designer Guys, this excerpt from their Web site tells it all:

The Guys have expertise in many fields, from architecture to engineering to digital art and design all of which come together in the amazing transformations every week on the Designer Guys.

I will not go in details about why the Modern Country Kitchen creates a perfect place to live and to entertain. The Guys do it for me in the episode. The show will rerun at Saturday, February 3rd at 16:30 on HGTV Canada. Program your PVR or stay tune!

The Designer Guys Web site provides the best information. Do not miss the before and after shots.

Link: The Designer Guys Web site – Click on the Episodes swatch for the Modern Country Kitchen synopsis
Link: TV schedule of Designer Guys on HGTV.ca