10 Simple Tips for Selling a Home in the Fall

welcome mat

welcome mat
photo credits: Kim Vallee

Everyone knows that putting on the market a home that shows well increase your chances to sell fast and at the best price. Adapting your home décor to the season is a good start.

1. Do your spring cleaning all over again. You want everything to be sparkling clean. Take the time to neatly store summer items, to de-clutter and to de-personalize every room in your home.

2. Think about your curb appeal. Fall foliage looks amazing in the trees but fallen leaves looks messy. Plus, they make your pathway slippery. So, take the time to often remove the leaves on your pathways and your yard. It will please the home inspector to see that your rain gutters are clean. If they show some wear and tear, add a fresh coat of paint to the door, the porch and to the window frames.

3. Continue your work on your curb appeal by decorating your porch. One superb fall idea is to carve your house number on a stack of pumpkins. Or put a decorative fall urn each side of the front door.

4. Make sure that your entryway or vestibule is inviting. Keep most of your coats, scarves and boots out of sight. If you don’t have an entry closet, install hooks and a mirror for more convenience. Put on the floor a welcome mat.

5. Let the light in with wide open drapes and stores. For visits at night, make sure to light the room properly.

6. Keep it warm. The colder weather can highlight flaws in the isolation of your house. Be prepared to do some repairs to your. If your floor are cold, add rugs.

7. Create a cozy lifestyle by accessorizing your sofa with soft pillows and a plush, luxurious throw. Other ideas would be to stage a reading nook or to dress your table for a fall dinner party.

ikea dining room
photo credits: IKEA

8. Invest in storage solutions that will keep your home neat. Maximize your storage by taking advantage of the vertical space. You can be creative with boxes and labels. Your goal is to send the message that you have enough room to store everything. It also shows that you are care about your home.

9. Appeal to their senses with the smell of fresh cookies, bread baking in the oven, or a large pot of Bolognese sauce on the range brings a Home Sweet Home feeling that is heard to resist. You want the smell of cooking without the dirty dishes or messy countertop.

10. If your house has been on the market this summer, update your photos to your fall decor.

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