Working with Me

kim_intervieweeI’m open to collaborate with non-profit organizations, researchers, educators, communities and businesses on a project, on a workshop, for raising awareness or for speaking engagements regarding:

  • 21st century skills,
  • computational thinking,
  • digital storytelling,
  • maker education,
  • design thinking in education,
  • project based learning, and
  • non-formal STEM education for kids aged 5 to 8.

You can contact me at kim (AT) kimvallee (DOT) com or give me a call at +1 514.800.7115.


  • I started training employees on how to use technology back in 1989. Since then, educating people has always been a part of my job;
  • I worked 7 years as an actuarial associate before switching to software development and UX design;
  • I’m an innovator;
  • I’m bilingual: French (mother tongue) and English;
  • I follow what’s happening across the Canadian and American markets;
  • I wrote columns for Alliance Atlantis, Canwest (Food Network, HGTV), the Toronto Star, Astral Media (Canal Vie), Montréal en Santé;
  • Since 2007, I was hired many times by agencies and brands to judge competitions, to raise awareness, and to provide actionable knowledge.


Current topics are innovative teaching approaches, 21st century skills, hands-on learning and STEM education outside the school system.

My past talks at conferences were about the future of, the trends that are worthy of your attention and innovative practices regarding content (strategy, production, distribution), digital and social media, use of technology, ecommerce, and PR relations. I pioneered talks about how women reshape the Web at Canadian editions of PodCamp and WordCamp.

Contact me at kim (AT) kimvallee (DOT) com or give me a call at +1 514.800.7115 to discuss how we can work together.