Working with Me

Whether is it with a customized campaign developed for you or through my consulting services, I help retailers, designers, makers, small businesses and startups grow their business. My secret ingredient is turning their campaign, online presence and brand experience into awesomeness.

Depending of your objectives, your needs and the situation of your business, what I do for businesses fall into in two categories:

1) Advertising services

For advertisers, I create, work with and execute a specific campaign. Contact me to know my rates and discuss what I can do for you regarding:

  • Sponsoring a post or your own series
  • Getting the words out about your brand or your product(s)
  • Hosting a Giveaway
  • Hiring me as a Personality, Expert or Jury.
  • Book Banner Ads via Google Adwords. Make sure to select At Home with Kim Vallee in your Content: managed placements to make sure you appear on my blog.

If you wish to reach our readers, book one of my advertising options. Please take note that I have a strict policy against brand promotion in comments. It’s simple; brand promotion is not allowed in comments!

2) Consulting services

For businesses that need deeper advices and support, I provide consulting, coaching and training services. It is no secret that you need a clear picture of what your brand is all about and a solid digital communication strategy before you should start executing tactics. On top of being a lifestyle publisher since 2005, I bring 20 years of hands-on experience in niche marketing, ecommerce, customer experience, and digital communication.As a digital communication and customer experience consultant, I can help you with:

  • Content strategy & content marketing
  • Social media strategy & action plan
  • Brand positioning, strategy and customer experience
  • Influencer & consumer outreach
  • Custom training, workshops and coaching.

Chick here to know more about my consulting services.