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Jamie Oliver Teams Up with Naked Wines

jamie oliver teams up with naked wines

You now get a Wine section on Jamie Oliver. The Web site of Jamie Oliver is just getting bigger. Now you can get food and wine pairing and advices on serving wines. Since no good meal can be fully enjoy without a good glass of wine, it seems like a natural collaboration.

jamie oliver food and wine pairing in recipes section

Naked Wines is a UK wine retailer that made social network at the heart of their business.  They favor small independent producers. To help promote these often unknown brands, Naked Wines built a community of wine lovers around their online store. In fact, when you enter Naked Wines, it does not feel like an ecommerce site.

At first glance, both brands are  keen on promoting independent growers. For that, it seems like a good mix. Plus, the Naked Chef / Naked Wines analogy adds a twist. Here a video where Jamie talked about their association.

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Tonight’s Dinner | Asparagus Risotto

cooking jamie oliver's asparagus, mint and lemon recipe

My husband cooked us a delicious risotto. I bought Friday two packages of slim asparagus for a tapas party but I finally did not use them. A risotto seems the perfect dish to eat them.

We are fans of Jamie Oliver’s basic risotto recipe from The Naked Chef book. My husband mastered this recipe. He massaged the risotto to get the perfect texture.

Risotto Recipe

This is the first time we tried an asparagus risotto at home. We opted for the asparagus, mint and lemon risotto on page 124 from the Cook with Jamie cookbook. Lucky for you (this was not planned), the asparagus, mint and lemon recipe is published online on Jamie Oliver’s Web site.

I grated the lemon zest with a fine grater. We used a dozen mint leaves. We did not taste the mint but I am sure the dish seems fresher with the finely chopped fresh mint.

Cook with Jamie: My Guide to Making You a Better Cook

Wine Pairing

We drank a leftover dry white wine bottle from Jerome’s birthday party that I thought would pair well with the risotto. The wine pairing was satisfactory. It was the Tokaji Furmint 2007 made by Pajzok. Furmint is the grape variety.

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