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I Love This: A Modern Wine Credenza for the Dining Room

modern wine cellar furniture

It’s no secret that I enjoy a glass of wine at dinner. But, as a city dweller, I can’t justify the real estate to keep wine for years and decades before I drink it. I am more a wine fridge and wine rack person. I prefer to keep my wine supply next to my dining room.

modern wine credenza

Although Vancouver-based Vin de Garde specializes in high-end custom wine cellars, the reason why they caught my eye are for their mid-century inspired wine credenza. I am a fan of a sideboard in the dining room because it is so helpful for serving food and drinks. Vin de Garde can integrate their wine wall series into the drawers and design wine glass storage into their sideboards. Continue Reading


STACT Modular Wine Wall

stact column

stact modular wall wine storage

Forget the big flat panel TV!  STACT may become the prized possession of your man. I must admit that I prefer it to his huge TV.

You know that I have a thing for modern, efficient, space-saving item. When I saw it this morning in my inbox, I was intrigued.  STACT is a modular wine wall system created by 2012 ICFF award-winning designer Eric Pfeiffer for the Vancouver-based wine storage company of the same name.

You can mount a single panel, create your own custom pattern and plan, or grow your system as your collection evolves over time. It comes in six finishes. I like how it can fill an otherwise empty kitchen wall.

stact column

This is a project funded through Kickstarter. To make it a reality, STACT needs to raise $20,000.  The STACT modular wine wall system suggested retail price is $129.99 each but if you can get up to 40% off the suggested price if you pre-order yours on Kickstarter.


Create Cork Creatures with Pins

corkers wine bottle pin animal

corkers wine bottle pin animal

Planning to take a bottle of wine to that dinner party this weekend? Though your host probably won’t turn it away, a favorite bottle of red (or white) is a somewhat conventional take along.

Pretty packaging may be one way to dress it up, but Corkers – a new creation by Reddish Studio – offer something unexpected.

corkers wine bottle tag moose animal

Smartly packaged in a wine bottle hang tag are push pin sets that bring bottle corks to life as adorable animals. Available in six creatures – monkey, deer, buffalo, bear, bunny and crow – each pack includes the body parts for one creature.

wine bottle pin cork animals corkers

Corkers are sure to add some interesting conversation, creativity, and whimsy around the dinner table. We’ll drink to that!

+ Corkers, $8, Monkey Business
+ Reddish Studio
+ Via Not Cot


Amazing Wine Labels for a Chicago Wedding

customized wine labels for a chicago wedding

customized wine labels for a chicago wedding

I spotted those thanks to @weddingchicks. I am impressed with the illustrations of the wine labels for a Chicago wedding. They are the best I have seen so far. And you would not regret to have a peak at the rest of the wedding pictures.

Update: As Jennifer commented below, the wine labels were designed by Alicia Potter with b.loved designs. Check out the Save the Date Character magnet she did for Jessica and John.

+ photos by Jennifer Eileen Photography


Touch and Feel of Karim Rashid’s Globalight Champagne Cooler


I introduced last April this exquisite Champagne cooler. I got the chance to see many in person at the Interior Design Show of Toronto. Do not look in the exhibit; it was only accessible to VIP guests.

I have the chance to be a good friend of Harry Wakefield, the founding editor of MoCo Loco. If you recalled, Harry was one of the 3 bloggers invited on a Design Trends by the Minute panel at the show.

Not only did I drink a superb rose Champagne (pink) but I got the complete demonstration on how works the coolest cooler on Earth. This unique piece of technology is an avant-garde interpretation of the French candelabra. This explains why the cooler illuminates thanks to rechargeable battery.

Globalight retails for about $800 if I am not mistaken. But do not rush to the store; the Globalight cooler is only available in Europe.


In the shadow (bottom picture), you see a guy taken a picture. This is Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan of Apartment Therapy. Look at some of his pictures on Maxwell’s highlights of IDS 2009.

Go see more pictures of the VIP lounge and bar on a photo album of AHWKV’s page on Facebook.

+ Globalight for Veuve Clicquot


Chic Modern Decanters by Italesse

Two more gift ideas for wine lovers.

italesse decanters :: alavin :: vinocchio

A magenta ice cooler feels like bringing the Pantone colors at your table. Designed in 2007 by Archikò, Alavin aerates and cools wines and beverages in a kit. You place ice cubes or crushed ices inside the colored base. If you drink red wines, use only the carafe.

An earlier creation by Archikò is Vinocchio. You can feel the same influence executed in a more masculine vibe. Features include a slanted non-drip spout and a decanter that sits nicely in the hand or on the deep bottom acrylic base.

I did not find retailers in North America. So if you know one retailer which carries the Italesse decanters, feel free to contact me.

+ Alavin Magenta – at Kent Design, a Swedish store
+ Alavin by Italesse – 108 ?
+ Vinocchio by Italesse – 109 ?
+ Vinocchio Orange – £57.89 at


Luminarc Launches Young Wines Glasses

luminarc :: new glasses for young wines

Brands invent all sorts of wine gadgets to enhance the taste of young wines. After the carafe and the aerator comes to specialized wine glass.

Leave it to the French to invent the concept. The airing surface is designed to stimulate the development of the aroma.

So far, I only saw the Luminarc’s young wine glasses at La Redoute, a French retail chain. Times will tell if it is a start of a trend or simply a marketing idea.

The four glasses at the top are the traditional wine glasses. You can see that the shape of the glass for young wines is quite different.

+ Vinery collection by Luminarc – text in French


Cool Gift Ideas for the Wine Lover

gift ideas for wine lover

1. Vinturi

At last, a wine aerator that works as you pour your glass of wine. It can also be used with wine carafes. Vinturi has been praised by wine connoisseurs because it enhances multiple elements of the wine. It does more than reduce the tannin. Since this gadget will be a hit with your guests, place at least 2 Vinturi on the wine station.

2. Ravi

I am happy to praise an innovation from where I live. Well-known Québec designer Michel Dallaire imagined Ravi, an instant wine chiller that you put on the neck of the wine bottle. This revolutionary concept cool your wine to the ideal temperature instantly. Ravi keeps working for more than an hour after you take it out of the freezer.

3. Jacob Wagner’s Wine Thermometer

Designed in 2007, this plastic and stainless steel minimalist digital thermometer easily attaches to any wine bottle. Beware that it only measures temperature in Fahrenheit.

The last two gift ideas will please the Hostess as well as the wine lover.

4. Wine Tasting Kits

The festive look of the Oenophilia Wine Tasting kit will not intimidate your guests. The kit provides six individually numbered cloth bags and a wine tasting score-pad.

Beginners may prefer The Wine Tasting Party Kit: Everything You Need to Host a Fun & Easy Wine Tasting Party at Home. This kit comes with a 64-page illustrated book and Cheat sheet of tasting terms.

5. Vinotagz by Modern-Twist

Available in basic solid colors and several designed patterns, the beauty of the Vinotagz is that you can write on those infinitely. Use a ballpoint pen to scribble your name, initials or the type of wine you’re drinking.

Join this to the bottle of wine you are bring to the hostess. You will double impress you’re the gift recipient by sitting the storage box on the neck of a wine bottle.

+ Vinturi Wine Aerator – $63.79 USD, lot of 2
+ Ravi Instant Wine Chiller – $49.99 USD
+ Wine Thermometer by Jacob Wagner – $36 USD at MoMA store
+ Wine Tasting Kit by Oenophilia – $19.99 USD
+ Modern-Twist Vinotagz Basic – $12 USD for 6 tags
+ Modern-Twist Vinotagz Designed – $14 USD for 6 tags


Built + French Bull: A Killer Combination

french bull patterns on built totes :: icebu

When two companies that you like collaborate, you can be happier. Built and French Bull are creating something joyful.

Three patterns from French Bull – Multidot, Rainbow Flower, and Vine – will be decorating four of Built’s best selling items. The color palette of the rainbow pattern looks amazing.

The One Bottle Tote, the Two Bottle Totes, the Gourmet Getaway Lunch Totes, and 13″-15″ Laptop Sleeves will look happier than ever. The new series will be available in August 2008.

Polyurethane Foam Ice Bucket

The same month, Built will launch an Ice Bucket made from polyurethane foam, just like your freezer. The advantage is a lightweight, condensation free ice bucket. It would be available in red and black. It is easy to take care. Simply hand wash with mild detergent and towel dry.

The One Bottle Tote and the Two Bottle Tote have a new lower retail price. Their price is now $12 and $15 USD respectively. At this price, Built’s Bottle Totes make the perfect hostess gift when you bring the wine.

>>> Sourcing:
Learn more: Press releases from French Bull
Buy online: Ice Bucket 3qt by Built – price: $30 USD – available August 25, 2008


Unusual Tabletop Accessories for Father’s Day or a Wedding Gift

ewetube vase :: buds dinnerware :: gemini wine aerator and decanter :: unusual table accessories

More and more men cook at home and organize parties. Obviously, they are looking for a different aesthetics. If your dad is one of those men, read this.

After the fact, the housewares list I gathered would also make perfect wedding gifts. Tell me what your think?

Flower Vases for Centerpieces

The first product is the Lichen’s new eweTUBE Felt vase made from 100% merino wool felt. This kit comes flat-packed, with two glass tubes. The eweTUBE vase looks great with easy to get flowers like spider mums and gerberas.

Grab a few vases. Be creative on how you display them on your table. Spread the bases sitting upright with one vase on each felt base; stack a few to create a long line. When the base rests on the side, the two tubes fit into a base.

Graphic Design Plates

I came to enjoy more and more patterned dining plates. I am getting bored with the all white dinnerware set. I can understand professional chefs who make elaborate food presentation for using them.

At home, most of us serve our food in a simpler manner. Patterned or illustrated plates look warmer and more charming. Two qualities naturally associated with at home entertaining. I encourage brides and brooms-to-be to think about that fact before making completing your wedding registry.

The Buds pattern designed by APM Design, shown here in honeydew, is available in 6 colors. This set would not be ready for Father’s Day since it is made for order. Allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.

Wine Tasting

The Gemini wine decanter features a unique dispenser which individuals use for pouring their glass of wine.It holds a whole 750 ml bottle of wine. I select it because it is a conversation piece.

Gemini acts as a wine aerator and decanter. Aeration enhances the taste of most young wines. Trust me, anyone can taste the difference, not just wine connoisseurs. If you do not like that model or want something less expensive, several types of wine aerators exist on the market.

>>> Sourcing:
Buy online: eweTUBE Felt vase at UMA – price: $38 USD
Buy online: Buds dinnerware by APM Design at Supermarket – price: $300 USD for 8 dining plates
Buy online: Gemini Wine Decanter at Wine Enthusiast – price: $179.95 USD


Six Gift Ideas for the Hostess

honey tasting kit :: cheese board :: flower vase :: coffee maker :: wine rack :: linen napkins

The birthday of a girl friend is coming soon and you are looking for unique gift ideas. If she likes to throw dinner parties, I suggest you take a look at Violet.

My delightful picks are:

1. American Honey Flight

It is a great gift to plan a tasting event. The set includes a detailed description of each honey flavor and its origin.

American Honey Flight consists of nine distinct regional honeys that can be paired with warm crusty bread or farmstead cheeses for an evening of culinary nuance.
price: $72 USD – see Morning Person

2. Contrast Cheese Board

This is serving board with two surfaces. Place your cheese pieces on the oak side. Nestle your bread slices and crisp breads on the glass side next to some nuts and pear quarters.

If you want to set a sandwich station, put the meat cuts on the glass, and use the oak board for assembly.
price: $65 USD – see The Hostess Chronicles

3. Weighted Sphere Vase

Exotic single blossom can be stunning. The hand-blown glass sphere anchors the stalk while a separate clear glass cylinder let you position the blossom. Create a beautiful effect in a flash.
price: $72 USD – see The Hostess Chronicles

4. Coffee Mate

The knit cover retains the heat. I used a French press pot every morning and I want to design a cozy for it. So, you can imagine that I like the Coffee Mate. This Danish model comes with a built-in filter and drip-free spout. Easily to use than French press pot.
price: $78 USD – see The Hostess Chronicles

5. Magnum in the Middle

The wine rack is designed for seven wine bottles: 6 regular size and 1 large format. Even if you have a wine cellar, having a wine rack like this is useful. You can place the rack on the buffet table if you are having a wine and cheese party.
price: $85 USD – see The Hostess Chronicles

6. Geranium Cocktail Napkins

Any hostess needs several sets of pure linen napkins. These ones are printed with a delicate geranium leaf.
price: $40 USD – see Natural Selection

About Violet

This small retailer aims to be constantly on the lookout for what is Fresh, Foremost, and Quintessential. Unfortunately for Canadians, Violet only delivers inside the United States. I will continue to check around to see if I can find a Canadian source for these products.

Buy online: The Hostess Chronicles department at Violet
Buy online: Morning Person department at Violet 
Buy online: Natural Selection at Violet