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Five City Life Wallpaper and Decals for a Little Boy Room

city wall decals french bull

Now that my son is a toddler who expresses his like and taste, I started to decorate his room around him. They are already three drawings on the walls that I used for teaching the primary colors to my son. He enjoys this little moment which it why I’m thinking to add more wall decor to stimulate him.

Since my son says Beep Beep! so often, I am leaning towards a city life theme with cars and buildings. French Bull makes a wonderful wall decal set with colorful cars, buildings, streets, and outdoor elements. Besides the work load, the advantage of using wall decals, instead of a wallpaper, is that you let your imagination and the wall space dictate what it looks like at the end. Continue Reading


Personalized Wall Art Prints for a Nursery or a Playroom

personalized wall arts

personalized wall arts

Here is a new source that I discovered on Twitter for alphabet wall art prints. This is from a Canadian Fellow. Grace Announcements offers a vast selection of design. I like the variety of style that she offers from the typical nursery illustrations up to modern geometric compositions.

As expected, her art prints will fit in the popular IKEA RIBBA. A framed personalized wall art print make an awesome baby shower gift. Simply inform you before buying about the nursery design theme and colors.

Personalized Wall Art Prints by Grace Announcements $12 for an 8×10, $25 for a 12×16


DIY Kid’s Climbing Wall

diy climbing wall kids indoor

diy climbing wall kids indoor

If cabin fever has your kids climbing the walls, this cool DIY might be just what they need to make it through another six weeks of winter.

Nikkala at the Crafting Chicks embraced her son’s climbing instinct by building an indoor rock climbing wall for their small playroom. All it takes is a sheet of plywood, colorful climbing holds and basic tools to make this afternoon project.

Best of all, the holds can be rearranged to keep things interesting (and challenging) for kids.

Get complete instructions on the Crafting Chicks blog.

+ DIY Kids Climbing Wall Instructions
+ Climbing Holds, Atomik Climbing Holds, from $19.99 (pack of 10)
+ Via Apartment Therapy


Three Wall Decals for a Baby Boy or a Toddler Bedroom | Etsy Finds

Custom Baby Boy Subway wall decals

Custom Baby Boy Subway wall decals

Since I am a mom of a baby boy, I am always on the lookout for fun and original boy design ideas. ChickadeeVinyl on provides several options. I share my top 3 picks. First, the Custom Subway Art is a wall decal alternative to the custom baby birth information prints. It allows you to say more.

From the Nursery to the Toddler Bedroom

construction trucks decals

The Construction Truck Alphabet Blocks provide another option than the typical animal alphabet. I only wish that the series would expand to tools and construction concept so that they could have a block for each letter of the alphabet. Right now, they only have 6 letters. Nonetheless, the design is fun. You can buy a pack of 4 or 6 blocks in the color of your choice. If you still prefer the jungle alphabet, they are available in a 4 or 6 block series, or as A to Z circles.

Boy or Girl Time Out Wall Decals

time out wall decals

As parents, you know the value of a time out when your kid doesn’t properly behave. These cute boy or girl silhouettes help designate your time out spot. I wonder if seeing the wall decal will send a stronger message when you tell your young children that if they don’t stop, a time out will happen. If you put it on your living room or an open living space, I suggest that you don’t install the “Time Out” text to achieve a more stylish look. People will probably compliment you on the nice silhouette decal.

+ Custom Baby Boy Subway Art Font 1 $50 USD at ChickadeeVinyl on
+ Construction Truck Alphabet Blocks $24.99 USD for 4 blocks, $39.99 USD for 6 letter blocks
+ Time Out Wall Decal $30 USD


Sweet Treat Chalkboard Decals

sweet chalkboard decals

sweet chalkboard decals

WallCandy added to their range an Ice Cream cone chalkboard and a cupcake chalkboard. Both come with a decorating kit that will be fun to assemble.

It will add a special and entertaining touch to a little girl birthday, a baby shower, or a school sale stand. But decorating these wall treats may wake up your sweet tooth. These are reusable stickers so you do not have to worry about your walls (at least, in theory). After the party, you could reuse them in the playroom, the kids bedrooms or the kitchen.

The giant ice cream cone lamp by WallCandy could complete the look.

+ Soft Ice Cream Cone Chalkboard Decal $56 USD
Cupcake Chalkboard Decal $56 USD
+ Giant Ice Cream Lamp $30 USD


Meaningful Kitchen Wall Decals by Hommu

dishes by wall decals

dishes by wall decals

The Spanish-brand Hommu specializes in fun wall decals and wallpapers. I particularly like their kitchen recyclable vinyls that you can apply on walls or cupboards.

cutlery vinyl decals by hommu

A nice practical touch it is that you can use it to identify what behind the doors or drawers. Every set from the “shelf” collection is modular, which means you can divide to create several vignettes or combine the pieces to fit the space you have.

coffee and glassware wall decals

Your friends will not have any more problem to find where you put your cups, glasses, coffee pot or bar ware.

cocktail bar ware wall decals

Or you could display a Spanish recipe, like the gazpacho. A unique element are the ingredient illustrations. The gazpacho set is available in four colors.

gazpacho recipe wall decals

Stay tuned as I will share my fabulous wallpapers for kids from another Spanish brand this weekend.

+ Dishes recyclable  vinyl decals 45 €
+ Cutlery decals on recyclable vinyl decals 45 €
+ Coffee decals recyclable vinyl decals 45 €
+ Cocktails vinyl decals 45 €
+ Gaspacho recipe on recyclable vinyl 110 €


My Son-to-be Nursery | Work in Progress

my son-to-be nursery

details of the decor for my son-to-be nursery

I finally started to buy the decorative accessories for my son-to-be nursery. Today, I bought an adorable monster/alien theme wall decal kit by Nouvelles Images. I did not want to stick to one theme: the owl. Like you do with fabric patterns, I coordinate illustrations that share similarities in their forms and colors.

oxo tooli nightlights next to two raplapla dolls for babies

Look at how cute are the Raplapla dolls that I bought for him. They go well next to the Candela Tooli Rechargeable Lights that we received at our baby shower.

my son-to-be nursery

Another challenge is to find items that will contrast with the green wall. The next thing on my list is an airy mobile that I can hang from the ceiling. I look for a mobile that shares the aesthetics of the mobiles by Ole Flensted. If you know a modern style mobile that could fit within my design, do not be shy to share it.

+ Monsieur Tsé Tsé $42 CAD at Raplapla
+ Spoque $46 CAD at Raplapla – currently sold out

+ Home Stickers Cute Monsters Decorative Wall Stickers $22.94 USD at
+ Candela Tooli Rechargeable Lights $40.80 at

+ Cute Monsters Wall Decals for Kids $34.99 CAD at Rose ou Bleu
+ Oxo Tooli 2 Lamp Set $59.99 CAD at Rose ou Bleu


Cool Wallpapered Rooms

boutique silhouette wallpaper by harlequin

desire and eco highway patterns :: graham and brown wallpapers

I must confess that I never put wallpapers on my home but I would like to commit to one pattern one day. To help me to take the plunge, I like to admire gorgeous wallpapered rooms. If you wish to use wallpapers, here are a few rules to obey. First, less is more. Therefore, restrain it to one wall.  Best results are obtained when you install it on a continuous surface.

boutique silhouette wallpaper by harlequin

The choices are stunning from the grand damask design to the big modern floral or organic patterns. I have a thing right now for the trees of the Silhouette pattern by Harlequin.

gardenia pattern from juniper fabric and wallpaper collection by harlequin

For Kids Rooms

what a hoot fabrics and wallpapers by harlequin

The patterns for kids are as impressive. You can find plenty of playful wallpapers than look sophisticated and unique. On the left, the British houses illustrated paper is called Brighton. Used for the drapes and cushions, the Go Go Retro fabric is mixed with Bonbon fabrics to create a vintage scheme for a boy’s room.

Which pattern is your favorite?

+ Desire in Teal Wallpaper by Graham & Brown $70 USD /roll
+ Eco Highway in White Wallpaper by Graham & Brown $60 /roll
+ Silhouette Wallpaper from Boutique Collection by Harlequin
+ Gardenia Pattern from the Juniper Collection by Harlequin
+ What a Hoot Wallpaper Collection by Harlequin


Use Flower Installations to Decorate your Party

flourish art installation designed by the Canadian visual artist kristi malakoff

flourish art installation designed by the Canadian visual artist kristi malakoff

Art pieces can be a great source of inspirations for decorating a party. Take the flower installation that the Canadian visual artist Kristi Malakoff created in 2005. She did not use actual flowers to create her flower installations. Instead, she used 2000 photographed of flowers to write the word Flourish.

party decor inspirations :: flourish wall art designed by kristi malakoff

Her idea could be recycled for a little girl’s birthday party or a wedding. I would keep the word short to reduce the amount of work. It reminds me of Umbra’s Wallflower word graffiti I shown you last November.

+ Flower Installations by Kristi Malakoff


Creative Wallflower Front Windows at Umbra

wallflower wall art by umbra

I like to shop at Umbra’s concept store in Toronto for inspirations. Plus, Umbra enables you to bring modern design in your home at an affordable price. It is a good option for home accessories and gift ideas.

Wall art is popular. And you know how much I love word graffiti. Anyone could recycle Umbra’s front store design on the wall of a teenager bedroom or you could write Welcome in your entrance. Simply write down the word with a light pencil as a guide for tracing the word with Umbra’s polypropylene flowers.

wallflower word on umbra\'s front windows

Wallflower is a wall décor designed by Marion Lanktree for Umbra. it comes in a set of 25 polypropylene flowers that attach to the wall with a snap. The flowers on a set are distributed in 5 sizes, which create a more organic effect. Wallflower is available in white, black, pink, kiwi and chrome finish.

+ Umbra Wallflower wall decor designed by Marion Lanktree $26.50 CAD