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Five City Life Wallpaper and Decals for a Little Boy Room

city wall decals french bull

Now that my son is a toddler who expresses his like and taste, I started to decorate his room around him. They are already three drawings on the walls that I used for teaching the primary colors to my son. He enjoys this little moment which it why I’m thinking to add more wall decor to stimulate him.

Since my son says Beep Beep! so often, I am leaning towards a city life theme with cars and buildings. French Bull makes a wonderful wall decal set with colorful cars, buildings, streets, and outdoor elements. Besides the work load, the advantage of using wall decals, instead of a wallpaper, is that you let your imagination and the wall space dictate what it looks like at the end. Continue Reading


Two Affordable Home Office Desks with a Vintage Vibe

max desk

home office

We all  wish for an home office with personality. Your office desk and chair are often the most important style elements, especially if you live in a small condo or apartment. Here are two home office desks that you will not mind putting in your living room or a wide hallway. Both desks are from Structube, a Quebec-based home furnishing chain operating stores across Quebec and Ontario.

max desk

Max desk is the first one that caught my eye. The walnut veneer finish makes it an ideal unisex desk. Pairing it with their Denmark chair contributes to the vintage vibe. If you are short on space, have a look at Max. It’s only 21 inches deep.

vintage vibe office desk

My second option is Adel, a lacquered white desk with solid ash legs. The work surface of Adel is bigger. I found out since I used a Nelson Swan leg office desk that I do not need so much the width. What I need is the depth since I hook an external monitor to my laptop.

As you can can see with the two styled pictures of Adel, it is through the accessories and chair that you select that you give the look toy your office.

Desk Details

office desk details

+ Max office desk  $399 CAD at Structube
+ Adel office desk $499 CAD at Structube


Ceiling Mounted Ellipse Ethanol Fireplace by Decoflame

Decoflame ceiling mounted Ellipse fireplace

Decoflame ceiling mounted Ellipse fireplace

Ethanol biofuel fireplaces allow condo owners and urban homeowners to enjoy the warmth feeling of a fireplace in rooms where they cannot put a vent or a chimney.  And because of that, it provides more freedom and designers have taken full advantage to create stunning contemporary shapes.

ellipse fireplace floor model by decoflame

One impressive design is Ellipse by Decoflame.  I love the ceiling mounted fireplace. When it stands on foot, Ellipse almost feels like a fresh take on The Jetsons style.

A Ceiling Mounted Wood-Burning Fireplace

ovalie wood-fireplace by brisash

If you live in Europe and can install a wood-burning fireplace, have a look at Ovalie by Brisach. on top of that, it pivots a full 360°.

+ Decoflame – it is not yet on their Web site
+ Ovalie by Brisach
+ photos of Ellipse via Trendir

HOME + GARDEN MODERN architecture

Vote for your Favorite House We Love on Dwell

ridgewood residence

maison noire by architect Pierre Thibault

The only Canadian house that Dwell selected for their House We Love competition is here in Quebec. It’s the Maison Noire by the architect Pierre Thibault. His house is all black outside and all white inside. Maison Noire is one of 20 finalists.

ridgewood residence

What I enjoy the most are how architects succeed with the integration of the single-family residences in an urban environment. The Ridgewood residence is amazing. I still have to vote since I did not look at every project yet, but it has an advantage on my heart.

house we love finalists: Swedenborg house and sigg house

The Swedenborg house represents an excellent integration of a modern architecture house in a traditional neighborhood. The Sigg house exhibits nice craftsmanship and I like their inviting kitchen.

zack house :: dwell\'s house we love finalist

You can say the same with the Zack house, which feels very LA. Voting for your favorite residence will be hard since the 20 selected houses are awesome. You have until June 27th, 2010 before midnight to cast your vote.

+ House We Love by Dwell


Yakkay Brings Fashion to the Bicycle Helmets

fashionable bicycle helmet by yakkay

fashionable bicycle helmet by yakkay

As more and more people use their bike for their every day transportation needs, it is about time that a company provides a cute cycle helmet. Sport gears are designed for guys. They may be built for performance but they fail miserably when it comes to fashion style. Since wearing a cycle helmet became a must for our safety, I settled for the unattractive option. I will not anymore.

Yakkay is a Danish company who mixed style to safety in designing the coolest bicycle helmet ever for the urban boys and girls. They produced a naked helmet shell on which you add a cover. You can buy more cover to complement your outfits. Yakkay proposes an assortment of warm fabrics for cold weather and lighter fabrics for hot weather.

Next spring, I will check their range. I want to look fashionable when I ride my bicycle. You can order the Yakkay helmets and covers from 50cycles, a UK retailer who ships worldwide.

The helmet fully meets the European CE standard (EN 1078), which is more stringent than the CPSP that is commonly used in the USA. I based that on the fact that the snell of the EN 1078 must be validated externally while it is self-regulated by the manufacturers in the United States.

+ Yakkay helmet with cover £90 which is $145 each, extra cover £35 / $57 each
+ photos: Yakkay
+ via: Inhabitat

FAMILY KIDS products

Fun Backpacks and Lunch Boxes at Goop and Goob

goop and goob store

Goop and Goob is a new baby and kids store for the modern design-conscious parents that opened in Squamish, BC. For the rest of us, we can order online with free shipping on orders over $100 (see details on their site).

Before I talk about the backpacks and lunch boxes, let me introduce a cool stroller, the Bumbleride Indie. They say on their Web site that Indie combines the off-road ability of a multi-terrain stroller with the lean agility of an urban jogger. It has a multi-adjustable reclining backrest. For added comfort, Indie comes standard with rear suspension, a height-adjustable handle, large storage basket and removable cup holder.

Back-to-School Gears for Young Kids

insulated lunch boxes with adorable animals

Since we are at the start of the school year, I am showing you their adorable insulated lunch boxes by Dante Beatrix. She designed them in heavy-duty laminated canvas for super easy cleaning and kid-proof durability. A name tag and a zipped pocket are at the back. Juju the Bettle is too cute.

fun backpacks for young kids :: back to school

Goop and Goob also carries an interesting line of backpacks that will be perfect to carry books and other school essentials. The Little Kid backpacks by Dante Beatrix are from the same collection than the lunch boxes. The penguin is one of the lovable creatures of Maakun Forest.

+ Bumbleride Indie Seagrass $599 CAD
+ Dante Beatrix Lunch Box $34.99 CAD Juju (bettle), Esther (rabbit), Fei Fei (panda), Nigel (shark)
+ Dante Beatrix Little Kid Pack-Senior Gomez $42.99 CAD
+ Bus Backpack $47.50 CAD


Hip Infinity Pools from the UK edition of Elle decoration

modern style infinity pools :: next outdoor accessories :: la house of photographer steve shaw

The first picture shows that you do not need a lot of money to design a cool pool décor.

How To Reproduce That Look

The key to the top row pool décor is to create a cool mood through a clever use of lighting, cool flower pots and funky beach towels.

The summer night party pool features the Mesh Lounger from UK based retailer Next. In fact, the accessories used for this ad are all affordable. They all come from Next.

Decorative balls are popular in modern gardens. Next sells a set of 3 black polyterrazo balls. A 80cm high Black Garden Polyterrazzo Plinth/Planter complete this collection. Both must be stored indoors during the winter months.

The Single Lit Planter is cheaper alternative to the Bloom! Lighted Flower Pots. As far as I know, no US or Canadian distributors still carry the Bloom Pots. The Bloom! brand is still alive and productive. They launched new upscale products this year. Let’s review them in another post.

Vintage Modern Architecture

My style file for my dream house has a new addition. My dream is to live one day in a better climate all year long so I can enjoy the indoor / outdoor living. I am partial to interior where the indoor dining room walls fully open to the backyard.

This Los Angeles house belongs to renowned photographer Steve Shaw. The bachelor pad is influenced by the style of the sixties and the seventies. His house carries the James Bond’s vibe. That is why it feels cool.

Both pools came from the June 2008 issue of Elle Decoration – UK edition.

Buy online: Mesh Lounger – price: £20
Buy online: Single Lit Planter at Next– price: £40
Buy online: Black Polyterazzo Balls at Next – price: £35, set of 3 balls
Buy online: Black Garden Polyterrazzo Plinth/Planter – price: £45
Photo credits: LA modern house – pictures by Richard Powers for Elle Decoration UK edition – all rights reserved.


Inspiration board: A baby shower party for a fashion-forward metropolitan diva

baby shower party for a fashion-forward metropolitan diva

We all have at least one girlfriend that fits this description. As a follow up to the reader question, I got inspired to make a board around this style. For this baby shower, I imagined a tea party in a modern garden or a chic loft apartment.

I started with this gorgeous invite pattern at Fine Stationary, available at $92.25 for 25 custom printed cards with envelops. Designed by Bonnie’s StylePress, the invites are clearly chic and hip.

The color palette and the elegance are the key elements that make me choose this floral arrangement. The bouquet complements my design for this baby shower party. This floral arrangement was done by the talented florist behind housemartin blog. I love her work.

Rosanna’s dinnerware came to my mind instantly when I planned this inspiration board. I got to use the very Parisian look of the tea lunch set called Ladies who lunch. The set comes in a beautiful gift box with two luncheon plates with teacups for 40 dollars.

One way to pay for the party tableware is that the tableware becomes the gifts to the expectant mother. It is a nice memory. This is especially practical if this is a second child when the mother already owns the essential and more.

The Party Raffle collection by Rosanna is fun because every item has a number between 1 and 6. Pick your number and you’ll never lose your glass or plate again. They come in pretty gift boxes. You can mix and match them with the Ladies who lunch collection.

I love rhubarb dessert and this one taken from Williams-Sonoma Web site has all the class I was looking for. This recipe will taste great with tea. I did not include a teapot on my board but they are too many that I like. I will publish instead a story on fabulous teapots soon.

Do you like this board? Have you ever use any of these items for a party?

Invite: Invitations by Bonnie’s StylePress at
Invite: Web site of Bonnie’s StylePress
Flowers: Ink & Peat via lemon ginger mint on housemartin blog
Luncheon plates and tea cups: Ladies Who Lunch by Rosanna Inc.
Party dinnerware: Party Raffle collection by Rosanna Inc.
Recipe: Rhubarb and Blood-Orange Shortcakes at Williams-Sonoma

+ Pink French Toile baby shower
+ Baby Shower for Urban Chic Parents
+ Autumnal French style baby shower


Divine summer party themes for grown ups

Modula pergola by Gandia Blasco

Today I want to show you wonderful setting for summer grown up parties. The outdoor furniture pieces are sublime and pricey. But you can plan for such luxurious parties for less if you are clever and you like to shop around.

My suggestion is to take the ambiance, to try to recreate the mood and to hire some service staff to fully enjoy the party on the beach or at the cottage.

These photos are all products from the fabulous Spanish outdoor life manufacturer Gandia Blasco. Since its debut in 1941, Gandia Blasco’s activities have changed through the era. Now Gandia Blasco mainly produces outdoor furniture, accessories, pergolas and lighting.

Their collection turns around modern, fresh products with personality. Four stores in Canada sell their products and many more in the United States.

Party inspiration from Gandia Blasco

The pergola setting is called Modula. It is an inclining pergola system leaning against the wall made of anodized aluminum and movable canroses of plastic material. Modula only have cloth in the upper part. You can build a similar structure and drape around the structure outdoor fabrics to recreate this setting.

Furnish the pergolas with lounge furniture or deep homemade benches with lots of comfy cushions. Decorate with large candles and fruit bowls. Day beds are a must. Plan to have a few if you want to host the next hip party under the sun. Put some day beds under the sun or the stars.

You can set up a bar area under the pergolas, ideally with a mixologist. If you do not know that it how we call bartender that create its cocktail recipes instead of just mixing drinks behind a bar.

Everything does not have to be monochromatic but limit yourself to two complementary shapes to create a sleek look. You can add some greenery or flower arrangements. The key is to use a single variety that you stage in a row pattern. Repetition gets you the trendy look. Look at the lamp poles in the background of the first picture to understand what I mean.

The tents are called tipi. Each one comes with a bed. For less, you can use standard tents if you make sure they look good and are all of the same colors. Set up a large barbecue area and a big fire for later.

Merendero by Gandia Blasco

Merendero is a dinner for four space. The whole creates the impression of being in a room. Very innovative, Merendero has a drape roof and two privacy walls. I think Merendero is better suited for corporate events or in the hotel business. But I show it to you because it is fun and new.

Canadian retail stores that sell Gandia Blasco’s outdoor living collections are:

  • Bonaldo in Montreal – 407 Saint-Laurent
  • Kiosk in Toronto – 99 Jarvis
  • Inform in Vancouver – 97 Water Street
  • Living Space Interiors in Vancouver – 188 Kingsway

Link: Web site of Gandia Blasco