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At the Launch of a 2.0 Christmas Tree

christmas tree video games played on tablets at place montreal trust

christmas tree 2.0 at place montreal trust

Last night, my son and I attended a Christmas tree reveal party. The Christmas tree at Place Montreal Trust is 2.0; it is social and playful. The 75 feet high tree is decorated with big screens that display Christmas themed video games that are currently played by visitors. You can play at one of the 9 electronic tablets located at the food court level. Every Thursday between 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m., visitors are invited to tweet their Holiday wishes at #sapinpmt. The tweets will be displayed on the giant screen at the base of the tree.

christmas tree video games played on tablets at place montreal trust

Finishing the games could make a difference in the life of many sick kids. From November 15 to December 4, Place Montréal Trust will donate $1 per completed game to the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation, up to $1,000 per day. Make sure to stop by and play for a while. The games are designed to be easily played by young kids. So if you are in Montreal, have a look at this new concept of Christmas trees.


DIY Christmas Decorations on Ribbons

diy christmas decorations on ribbons

diy christmas decorations on ribbons

Real Simple can teach you how to make your own ornament chandelier for this Holiday season. You build tiers with balls attached to ribbons of different lengths. Then, glue the ball together to affix your creation.

small tree ornaments

For the second project, you will need plenty of small ornaments. Real Simple used retro bell-shaped ornaments to create its columns of ornaments. You could use various decorated small balls instead. The 12 Days of Christmas Ornaments or the Dew Drop Ornaments mixed the Jingle Bell Ornaments provide more options.

+ Ornament chandelier from Real Simple – photos: Francesco Lagnese
+ Bells Curtain from Real Simple
+ 12 Days of Christmas Ornaments $44.95 USD for 12 balls at Crate & Barrel
+ Dew Drop Ornaments $6.95 for set of 20
+ Jingle Bell Ornaments $1 each


The Making of my Christmas Tree

tips on how to design a christmas holiday tree theme

It has been 6 years since I made a Christmas tree at home. But this year, I was unable to resist the urge to deck my home with a festive tree. It also meant that I needed to come up with a brand new Christmas theme.

The Design

The craftsy animal ornaments were my starting point. Except for the touch of red, they are neutral. I took hints from my home decor, revisited the tree ornaments I already owned to make my own version of the 2009-2010 Christmas trends. I mixed the elements of two trends: comfort and winter. It works because I analyzed what was common to both to design my own theme.

designing my christmas tree theme

To repeat the blue accents on my room, I spread a dozen of night blue Christmas ball ornaments. I did the same by limiting the number of red ornaments. Everything is based on metallic colors, with gold and silver at the center stage. I also use plenty of white and clear glass ornaments. The winter trend calls for lilac, which would not go with my home decor. Therefore, I used copper instead.

pine garland backdrop for my holiday tree

My tree sits next to my airy staircase. Putting a pine garland on the handrail was essential to ground the tree in the space. I kept the garland bare to not compete with the tree. I simply dressed it up with an ornament on which there is a Christmas tree illustration. That is enough to make a statement.

I ordered a few animal ornaments and skating ornaments from Crate and Barrel. This will put the finishing touch. I cannot wait to see it complete.

Being Creative with the Tree Topper

my christmas tree topper

It soon became obvious that the usual Holiday tree topper would look funny on my tree. For a while, I thought of leaving empty the top branch until I rediscovered my red bird ornaments. They added the touch I was looking for. The best part is that they are inexpensive ornaments that I kept over the years. I think they were the first Christmas ornaments I bought after university. I am glad I did.

Things to Know to Select the right Christmas lights

I upgrade to the LED lights. You have the choice between Warm white and Pure white. Think of the color of your walls before purchasing yours. Warm white lights coordinate with the warm tones of my walls. A pure white light will clash with my decor. Instead of going for my usual choice, the mini-lights, I switched to the C6 strawberry lights to compliment my theme.


DIY Christmas Ornament Wreath by CB2

diy holiday tree ornament wreath by cb2

The sight of the jewel tone Christmas tree ornaments at CB2 is awesome. Their DIY ornament wreath reminds me of the front door decorations I made two years ago. The CB2 stylists made a big wreath. As you know, modern big ornaments are trendy. One advantage with CB2’s holiday ornament wreath is that you do not need to be crafty to make your own.

I wish CB2 had a store in Canada. I really love the non-traditional colors and the classic shapes of these Christmas tree ornaments.

+ photos and tutorial: In the loop by CB2
+ via


Simple Sewn Bird Ornaments for a Pink Tree Theme

pink sewn bird ornament by The Purl Bee

I like the idea of a hot pink Christmas tree. Since I want our tree to reflect my taste and the taste of my husband, I went for a modern cottage vibe this year. One thing that I have in common with The Purl Bee is that the inspiration point for my design was handmade ornaments. In our case, they were an owl, a deer and a bird.

If you wish to sew your own bird ornaments, in any color of your choice, get the pattern and step by step instructions here.

photos: The Purl Bee


Reusable Crackers and Gift Bags by Pi’lo | Etsy Finds

reusable felt ornaments by pi\'lo

We have to admit that gift wrapping during the Holiday quickly filled the trash can. It makes sense to explore ways to be more ecologically conscious. And when the packages are as great as these, being eco-friendly feels like an indulgence.

The founder of Pi’lo is Heather Shaw, a Torontonian mother of 2 young boys. She hand makes functional items for the home. I like her minimalist, comfy style. Like Heather said on her site, her creations can be passed around like a family heirloom.

My Favorite Items from Pi’lo

Her reusable crackers are made with recycled pop bottles that are transformed to look and fill like felt. I interested by her concept since I decide to make my own crackers this year. Her eco felt cracker comes with a lining, ribbon closure and a tag that can be used as a place card or a gift tag. I would personalize the crackers by putting more festive ribbons and maybe adding a tiny gift ornament on one end.

reusable gift wrap :: crackers and felt bags by pi\'lo

Another good idea is to replace the standard paper gift bag with one of her felt bags. Intended for loots at at kids parties or baking bags, small gifts would fit nicely inside her felt bags. Add a few holiday decorative touches and voilà!

photo pocket ornament by pi\'lo on etsy

Some people exchange tree ornaments during the holiday. Her lovely photo pocket ornament would be appreciated. Insert a family photo and give then to grandparents, your best friends and close family members.

+ Reusable Crackers $10 USD
+ Felt Bag $12 USD
Photo Pocket Ornament $18 USD


A Sneak Peek at my Christmas Ornaments

Handmade reindeer :: Peek at my ornaments

I typically wait for sales before buying my Christmas ornaments but I could not resist when I saw these Christmas ornaments. Their handmade character and winter cottage feel seduced me.

Peek at my tweed Christmas ornaments :: owl, reindeer and bird

The handmade reindeer (top picture) that can stand of their own were the first to caught my eye. From that, I developed the rest of the design. I like how the knit collection looks against the tweed ornaments. They complement each other.

Peek at my Christmas ornaments

I gave my Christmas tree a couple years ago because it took too much floor place. I plan to simply hang the ornaments on branches. Or, I may get a table tree. I still have to design that part. I aim for an airy composition. My goal is to play on the less is more concept. We will see how it goes. You will get the surprise soon enough.

If you are interested I bought those at Teatro Verde. It is far from the cheapest store for your tree ornaments but they have a beautiful collection. I bought them because I was visiting Toronto and I was not sure if I would find those in Montreal.

+ Knit ornament mitten, shirt, stocking $13.95 CAD
+ Assorted tweet ornaments owl, bird, reindeer $11.95 CAD


Vintage Ornaments and Gift Ideas Soon at 20% Off

victorian style tree ornaments

Available in silver or in smoke, the Victorian style handblown tree ornaments fit well into the glamorous feel of the 2009 Christmas. Crackling or diamond faceting on every ornament produces light-catching sparkle. Plus, an antiqued-brass cap adds an authentic finishing touch. Their price is already slightly reduced.

Gift Ideas for Him

gift ideas to decorate the home office and library at restoration hardware

Home decor is often tailored about her. But I see a trend towards the traditional gentleman club style. If  you look for gifts that would fit into a traditional library or his office, start with those:

+ You can turn the steel screws with the wooden handles to adjust the width of the Vise Bookends $69 USD for the pair
+ For the proud grandparents, add a framed picture of your family with the Metal Easels. Small $69 large $89
+  Fans of the popular word games will appreciate the Scrabble Premier Collector Edition. A raised grid holds tiles in place. The built-in drawer stores the tiles and tile racks, a timer, the rule book, a score pad and a pencil. $159 USD.

20% off on everything from Nov. 12-16, 2009

sale alert at restoration hardware

Wait a couple of days since from Thursday, November 12 through Monday, November 16, shoppers can receive a 20% off discount for Restoration Hardware and Restoration Hardware Baby & Child merchandise.  Discount code for catalog and web orders: FFS2009.

+ Silver or Smoke Vintage Handblown Ornaments $19 USD for 4 large  or $25 for 8 small ornaments
+ Red or Gold Vintage Handblown Ornaments $19-$25


David Stark Greener Holiday Collection at West Elm

comfort trend represented by David Stark holiday collection

The way I decorate for Christmas has changed a lot over the years. The cool Christmas looks are miles away from what Christmas decorations were when I was a kid.

It is evident when we look at these pictures. In fact, the top picture constitutes a good example of the Comfort trend, one of the 4 Holiday decor trends for 2009. I love it!

David Stark Sparkly Decor Wreath

Over the last few years, nature plays a big element in my Holiday decorations. This year, you could show that you care for the planet by getting decorations from 100% natural and recycled materials. A stylish collection is the one designed by David Stark for West Elm.

David Stark natural weave trees

On my wish list are the Lupis twine trees and the sparkly decor wreath. The trees are available in a table version and a floor version. You do not need to add a lot to make an impact. See how adding a simple ribbon and a few Christmas baubles enhances the overall look.

+ David Stark Natural Weave Tree 2 foot $24, 6 foot $99
+ David Stark Sparkly Décor Wreath $59


Christmas Decor Trends from Christmasworld 2009

airy decor theme for christmas :: christmasworld 2009-2010

Every year, Christmasworld dedicated a section of their fair to 4 trends that represent customers’ desires according to style expert. The general theme for Christmas 2009-2010 is “Express your dreams”. It is declined in 4 decorating trends: Airy, Sweet, Comfort and Obsession. Each trend also represents a season. So feel free to be inspired by the Comfort decor theme to decorate at Thanksgiving.

Airy = Spring

airy decor trend :: christmas world 2009-2010

Airy is characterized by lightness and transparency. It feels romantic in a modern way. Soft pastel colours, blurred motifs and fluid structures lure the observer into a fairylike fantasy world. Plenty of glass vases, baubles and crystal are a must.

The colour parameters are created by chalky pastels ranging from cream to pink and pale grey, all combined with lots of white. Transparent, translucent materials are as light as the colors.

Sweet = Summer

sweet girlie christmas theme :: christmasworld 2009-2010

Sweet is the most feminine decor. It is unusual to see pink floral patterns at Christmas. Do not be afraid to use a multicolor palette. This decor feels fresh and girly with a hint of kitsch. The milky palette extends from sand, aqua and turquoise to violet, lime and slate grey. Materials include plastic, varnish and porcelain, tulle and satin ribbons. Surface are over-sugared, candied and glazed.

For me, this decor screams more bridal showers and tea parties than Christmas. For that reason, I am not sure about it as a good Christmas theme. On the other end, you will probably reuse most of decorative elements the rest of the year.

Comfort = Autumn

comfort decor theme :: christmasworld 2009-2010

Comfort is an evolution of the birch bark, the deer and the natural theme that was popular on the last two years. Comfort plays with contrasts in textures, materials and styles. Make sure to include pieces made with natural materials. Feel free to oppose modern style objects with driftwood. A must are the touches of red or orange to enliven the decor.

Comfort is the only trend that is sure to appeal to both genders. I guess that it will be theme used by Boyd Ferguson (re: modern rustic kitchen).

Obsession = Winter

elegant Obsession decor trend :: christmasworld 2009-2010

This is by far the most glamorous decor for Christmas. I see Obsession as the next wave of the Hollywood Glamour theme. You mix metallic colors. Quartz pink and mauve lighten up mahogany, aubergine, violet and gold. I am impress with the lilac against the silver and gold. It might be something I try this year. You will need to look for curved lines, ornate objects, luxurious materials and fabrics like velvet and silk to reproduce the Obsession look.

Nov 4th, 2010 Update: Do not miss my White Wonderland Theme coverage. where I talked about the many declinations of that Christmas theme.

+ via Christmasworld