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Awesome Environment-friendly Wood Cutting Boards by Gray Works Design

farm market cutting board by gray works design

farm market cutting board by gray works design

I cannot resist the beautiful rustic charm of reclaimed wood cutting boards. They make awesome serving trays or plates. They transform a simple soup and sandwich meal into a delightful affair.

Bistro Look

cafe cutting board :: bistro plate

Although serving food in wooden café plates is an expensive option, I feel that it is worth every penny. As long as they are roughly of the same size, they do not have to be identical. It’s definitively something to put on your Holidays wish list. It’s on mine!

The Most Practical Size

sunday sustainably harvested wood cutting board by gray works design

My favorite one, due to its versatility, has to be the Sunday Styles Cutting Board. A 22 inch long, this wooden board works perfectly as serving ware on a buffet table, to serve antipastos at your dinner table, as a cheese plate or to eat your breakfast on weekends.

Gray Works Design produces one-of-a-kind, handmade footed cutting boards, bistro plates and bowls in their small studio located in Woodstock, NY. The collection varies from small to extra-large formats, depending of the products. Made with locally and sustainably harvested or salvaged American hardwoods, the  are protected with natural, organic, food safe finishes. Gray Works Design’s products are all available on Etsy.

+ Rustic Cutting Board in Hand Planed Rock Maple by Gray Works Design $70 USD on Etsy
+ Cafe Cutting Board in Salvaged Cherry $56
+ Sunday Styles Cutting Board in Sustainably Harvested Walnut $95
+ via Fonetik

FOOD + DRINK FOOD presentation

Three Food Presentations in Wood Platters

wood party platters by jme and pork shoulder recipe by Chef Peter Hoffman of Savoy

wood party platters by jme and pork shoulder recipe by Chef Peter Hoffman of Savoy

It is probably the sense of comfort that emerges from the wooden tray platters that captures our senses. But whatever is the reason, I know that I have a hard time to resist to pictures like those. Take the party platter of the JME collection. Or how appetizing is the roast pork shoulder served with a garlicky cilantro sauce and grilled summer vegetables?  You can find this recipe by chef Peter Hoffman of NY restaurant Savoy on It was first published on page 113 of Saveur, June-July 2010 issue.

cheese and pate platter served on a wooden board :: as seen on simply photo

Jen of Simply Photo captured one of the most delightful cheese and pate platters. She photographed it when she ate at Cafe, the restaurant of the Terrain at Styer’s of Glen Mills, PA. You can buy online their artisan bark boards, in a small or a large format.

+ Party platter and bowl set by JME £20
+ Pork Shoulder with Summer Vegetables recipe – photo by Todd Coleman for Saveur
+ Large Ash Bark Cutting Board $32 at Terrain – photo by Simply Photo


Edward Wohl’s Sandwich Boards and Wooden Spread Knife for Mother’s Day

wooden breakfast board and butter knife by Edward Wohl

Thanks to my resourceful mother, I will get my own DIY sandwich boards; I opted for an 8 x 12-inch board since I want enough space to put a small bowl of soup and a sandwich. A wooden board absorbs the condensation out of toasted bread, which is part of the appeal.

As I put my eyes on the 9 inches by 7 inches Sandwich boards by master woodworker and designer Edward Wohl, I have my doubts over my extra-long board. Mine are already done so we will see if I was right or not. The bird eye’s maple cutting boards produced by Edward Wohl are truly elegant; that is why you pay more. I bought 2 of his wooden spreaders/butter knives when I visited Heath.

It also works the other way around: you could give them to our mother for Mother’s Day. I will probably get my hands on my set on Mother’s Day since I do not think we will meet before that – we live 100 kms apart. I also asked if she finds someone to make me beech wood slice tray; I like the silver bark that is more stylish than the rustic maple bark. You will get a chance to admire them on my table this summer.

+ Sandwich boards by Edward Wohl $29 USD at Linda Ferrol Studio – also available at Heath Ceramics
+ Wooden Knife by Edward Wohl $12.50 USD at Linda Ferrol Studio


Labor Day Weekend Party Theme

labor day weekend party at the lake :: festa dinneware :: wood tray :: camping 1960s style cards :: colorful glasswareThe psychological indicator that marks the end of summer is Labor Day. It is a time where many people host one last big party at the cabin by the lake.

Setting the Decor

Last July, Gourmet inspired their readers with a delicious summer menu realized in a dreamy setting. I fall in love with the vintage canoe table.

Set the tone of the party with Camping Circa 1960s note cards by Old School Stationers. To set the tone of your table, go for the vintage style dinnerware. One great choice is the Festa Dinnerware at Fortunata.

DIY Wood Tray

Serving burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches and toasts on home made wood tray is not just cute, it is very practical.

A friend of mine sent me this picture of the wood board made by her father. To reproduce, you simply cut a 2×6 or 2 by 8 in 8-inch long tray. A fancier version, shown here, is to carve a space to put the knife.

The story goes that her father was tired of the stream on the china plate that we all experienced with toasts. But if you use instead an untreated wood tray, the wood would absorb the humidity and deliver the best toasts you ever taste.

+ Recipes of Rollin’ on the River Menu
+ Get the Look featured Rollin’ on the River
+ Festa Dinnerware at Fortunata
+ Camping Circa 1960s by Old School Stationers
+ Baja Barware at Pottery Barn – price: $45 USD for 6 double old-fashioned, $54 for 6 highball glasses
+ Top pictures photographed by Quentin Bacon for the Rollin’ on the River article on Gourmet, July 2008 – right reserved


Daily Quick Links | Artistic Orange Tones and Burgers

old typewriter pictures by alicia bock :: pottery banr kids Guitar & Boom Box pillows :: salmon burgers served on a long wood tray

This is my daily collection of noteworthy stuff that I saw online.

+ A delightful scene photographed by Alicia Bock that you can buy on Etsy. She is a completely self-taught photographer. All her pictures exhibit a vintage vibe. Via Apartment Therapy San Francisco

+ Pottery Barn Kids excel in devising amazing kids décor. For the future rock star in your family, infuse a musical in their bedrooms with the Guitar & Boom Box large pillows. With kids, it is best to use a wide theme. Therefore, mix the pillows with Gavin Sheeting designed for kids who loves sports, animals, cars, aviation and music. Via Serendipity and Spark

Gingery Salmon Burgers on a Wood Tray

+ The long and narrow curved wood tray adds style. The tray design accentuates the uniqueness of the gingery salmon burgers by Michael Smith. Sitting on a potato dill roll, watercress and red onion relish complement the savor of his Maritime’s burgers.  I am glad to report that Michael Smith’s fascinating series, Chef at Home is entering its fifth season this fall. Via Food for Thought

Getting Organized at Home

+ If you are cleaning the garage or the shed, you could wall mount a few magnetic knife holders to neatly store paintbrushes. This is another great organizing idea from Martha Stewart. Via anh-minh

+ Eco-friendly back-to-school tips based on the three R’s: reuse, reduce and recycle. The best tips is to invest in reusable lunch box or bag, many reusable containers plus to use real cutlery and cloth napkins.Via The Gazette

Announcement: I am preparing a cool article on wood plates and trays. It is based on a craft project that anyone can do.


5 Cool Products for Your Kitchen

Zyliss Easy Spin Salad Spinner :: joseph folding colander ::Thurø serving tray :: lemon run :: Bosa\'s Meilito Honey Pot

The top 3 are Red-Dot Design Award winners and an honorable mention. The fifth is there because it is cute and original.

Zyliss’ Easy Spin Salad Spinner

On my book, noting beat a Zyliss salad spinner and I got a 10 year old model. Zyliss won in 2004 for its Easy Spin salad spinner.

The latest model, the Zyliss Smart Touch Salad Spinner won a Red-Dot in 2008. Sadly, the consumer reviews are mixed so far.

Everywhere I checked, people were more than satisfied with the Easy Spin Salad Spinner. So I will say to go with the previous edition (the ones I am showing you).

Joseph Joseph’s Folding Colander

Anthony Joseph designed for Joseph Joseph the ultimate space saver colander. This innovative colander folds completely flat for easy storage. Moulded from polypropylene it uses 12 live hinges to achieve its transformation. It took 149 prototypes to arrive to this solution.

Joseph Joseph folding colander is available in five colors: black, white, green, light blue and hot pink.

Thurø Line Serving Concept

An outstanding and innovative design characterizes the Thurø Line by Rauff & Møldrup. This is for an entire serving ware collection. This aesthetic serving concept includes a serving wood tray, a cooling tray and a set of blue glass dishes. Finishes in pale, medium and dark wood are available.

They are so much to say about the Thurø Line Serving Concept that I am preparing a post just about it. As far as I know this is only available in Denmark and maybe in a few Scandinavian stores.

Lemon Run Lemon Squeezer

I am glad that a product I introduced earlier this year received a Red-Dot Design honorable mention. Lemon Run designed by U.I. Design for KEDO makes your dining experience an easy and relaxed one.

KEDO describes their invention in those terms: “The design of the Lemon Run lemon squeezer is inspired by the traditional Chinese platter art. When squeezing the pouch, which is shaped like a ginkgo leave, on both sides a drip of lemon juice will run down along the ginkgo stem into the meal. This playful yet useful device makes a slice of lemon a decorative object on the table before and after it is used.”

Bosa’s Meilito Honey Pot

I always want a small honey pot to put on my table. Until now, I never find one that captures my attention. The ceramic dipper tips of this Italian design honey pot are dipped in bright colors: yellow, green, blue plus the typical black and white.

+ Zyliss Green Easy Spin Salad Spinner – price: $24.95 USD
+ Folding Colander by Joseph Joseph – price: $29 USD
+ Thurø (Thuroe) Line Serving Concept
+ Lemon Run by KEDO
+ Bosa’s Meilito Honey Pot – price: $44 USD


Three Advanced Kitchen Gadgets

delica tray :: ameba collection by zoocreative :: large chop 2 pot chopping board

I was looking for unique gift ideas when I spotted three amazing kitchen tools at Generate. It is worth noting that this US retailer ships to Canada and the United States for free.

Serving ware by Zoocreative

First, Zoocreative reinvented the eating tray by converting two of its corners into armrests. Your arms rest comfortably on the grooves of the Delica Table tray to deliver a more enjoyable dining experience.

A table tray, a coffee tray and a small tray compose the line. The Delica Tray series won several awards including the prestigious Reddot design award 2007.

The Ameba Collection consists of a set of coasters, plate chargers and placemats. The plate chargers can be used as a trivet set. These would look great on a buffet table.

Both series are available in three wood finishes: oak, tiger and zebra. Spanish creativity is well represented by Zoocreative.

No-Mess Chopping Board

Antony Joseph created an efficient chopping board. You chop and dice your ingredients on the entire board surface.Then squeeze the handle of the Large Chop 2 Pot. That motion folds the board into a chute that guides the food into a pot. Pretty cool!

+ Delica Trays by Zoocreative at Generate – price: $67 small tray, $79 each for table tray and coffee tray
Ameba Collection by Zoocreative at Generate – price: $49 USD for 6 coasters, $69 for 2 trivets (plate chargers)
Buy online: Large Chop 2 Pot Chopping Board at Generate – price: $29 USD


Juvenile tones: 3 blogs and a mood board – 2007.11.05 edition

apartment therapy the nursery : Oh joy : Design boner

A sense of innocence characterizes this week board. Even if I qualified the color palette as juvenile, these objects are really cute. They have a certain “je ne sais quoi”.

1 | Apartment Therapy : The Nursery

The mix and match melamine Taylor Sectional Trays from Pottery Barn Kids reminds me of the 70s TV dinners that we saw on TV. My mother never served us these fake meals. But the idea of compartment trays is fun. They would be a hit at a kid birthday.

Janie from Apartment Therapy : The Nursery confessed that there are appreciate by adults as well. Right now, they are on sale at half-price if we forgot the 99 cents difference.

2 | Oh Joy!

Of all the sweet vessels from Yoyo Ceramics that Oh Joy! presented, a consensus formed around the Apple & Pear set.

But these Apples and Pears are not just cute. They come handy in the kitchen or as individual serving pieces on the table.

3 | Design Boner

If you are keen on scientific stuff, you will fall in love with the Periodic Table of Sentiments Card Collection by Pink Loves Brown (what a lovely brand name!). Cardboard of Design Boner uncovered this find.

The Periodic Table of Sentiments come as an emergency set for 6 typical occasions or each card is sold separately.

Buy online: Taylor Sectional Trays at Pottery Barn Kids – on sale: $16.99 USD for a set of 4
Buy online: Apples & Pears at Yoyo Ceramics – price: £25 for a set of 2
Buy online: Periodic Table of Sentiments Cards by Pink Loves Brown – price: $13.50 USD for a set of 6


Colorful tableware objects are the best sellers at MOMA

colorful glasses : cutting board : fruit bowls : serving tray at MOMA store

I talked to you earlier about the trends towards colors and baroque inspired motifs. Manufacturers and designers are pushing the looks they want us to adopt. But do people embark?

So as a follow-up story to this week 3 blogs and a mood board, I went to verify if the cool crowd is really into colors and elegant motifs. I selected the MOMA Store as my test center.

If you examine MOMA’s best sellers list, the matter becomes obvious. A quick glance at their 7 most popular tableware items prove the acceptance of these trends.

We have to wait until the seventh tableware product to see a stainless steel and black serving tray. MOMA felt the need to photograph the serving tray with the Colored Riedel stemless glasses inside the tray. I rest my case.

The best seller list in the tableware category

These creations were designed between 1997 and 2007.

1. Colored Stemless Glasses by Maximilian Riedel – price: $55 USD for a set of 4

2. Curved Glasses by Leonardo Design Team – price: $65 USD for a set of 6

3. Colorful Rings Cutting Board by Antony Joseph – price: $28 USD

4. Distinct Patterned Glasses by Emmanuel Babled – price: $115 USD for a set of 6

5. Mediterraneo Bowl by Emma Silvestris – price: $65 USD

6. Raybowls by Sandy Chilewich – price: $48 USD for the Boomerang green, $60 USD for the Oblong orange

7. Serving Tray by Formsache21 – price: $150 USD

A great place for gift shopping

Members of MOMA save between 10-20% when they shop at all MOMA stores. This is a retail place where you can find amazing gifts for people with discriminating taste. Whether it is for a housewarming gift, a hostess gift, a birthday gift or shopping for the Holidays, I always find the selection at MOMA to be exciting.

Shop online: MOMA store
Learn more: MOMA memberships information


Cocooning and design tableware from the German design company Philippi

cinderella cake server and espresso cups :: cocoon fruit and candy bowls :: zebrano trays from philippi

Everybody knows that conversation pieces are icebreakers at parties. This morning, I discovered via roadside scholar the fabulous catalogue of Philippi which is filled with distinctive pieces for entertaining.

A little bit of classy fairytale

I really fell in love with the Cinderella stainless steel items. I never saw a pair of espresso spoons and a cake serving knife so remarkable. The heel of the cake server is detachable. It stays in place through a magnet. You put the heel on when you want the cake server to rest. Otherwise you remove the heel to cut the cake.

The futuristic Jetson look infused in the Cocoon collection

A fruit bowl, a candy bowl, a set of salt + pepper shakers, a sugar pill dispenser and an astray compose the Cocoon collection. The line is sleek, fun and cute.

On the home front, the shiny silver plated Flying Tea lights nicely complement the Cocoon collection. For a formal dinner party, select either the Club Place or the Al Cube card holder sets to add style on a table.

Modern ethnic kitchen accessories

Serving hors d’oeuvres in the plywood curved veneer of the Zebrano Tray Set will certainly make a statement. You can use the trays to present the utensils wrapped in a linen napkins at a buffet table. Zebrano coasters are also available.

For an Asian tabletop, there are several unique items. I showed you the Kuala chopsticks as an example of the fine products available. Carved in polished wood, everyone can get a firm grip from these even if they are not accustomed to eat with chopsticks. Design wise, the nickel stand adds interest and modernizes these ancient eating utensils.

Lots of flower vases

The large Floating glassware vase is one of several flower vases. They all exhibit an interesting look. One quality of the Floating vase is the fact that it does not take a lot of space on the table. Perfect for narrow and long dining table. When using a design vase I suggest you keep the flower arrangement simple to not turn the eyes away from the vase.

If you are looking for a design product to punch up your tabletop explore the Philippi product lines for cool ideas. Bring one of these as an outstanding hostess gift or a trendy wedding gift. The only sad thing is that you will probably not be able to find these treasures at a store nearby if you live in North America.

Learn more: Web site of Philippi
Buy online: Cocoon fruit bowl at
Buy online: Zebrano tray set at
Buy online: Floating, Large flower vase at
Buy online: Kuala chopsticks at
Via: stainless cocoon collection from philippi published on roadside scholar