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Cool Tools: Anthropologie’s Tabletop Design Tool

anthropologie tabletop design tool

anthropologie tabletop design tool

If you’ve ever struggled to pull together a colourful and cohesive tabletop, there’s a new online tool that can help you think beyond basic bowls and chargers to create a layered look with texture and pattern.

You likely already know Anthropologie for their amazing store displays (truly, no two stores are alike) and ever-changing collection of clothing and accessories. This charm extends to a unique collection of hand-crafted housewares.

anthropologie tabletop design app

Their online tabletop design tool showcases the colourful glassware and dishes the store is known for, and encourages creativity when it comes to designing table settings – whether for everyday use or pretty parties. It’s a great way to experiment with colour and texture to find your unique style. You can choose from a variety of “backgrounds” in neutral linen shades, then layer on the pieces that catch your eye. You can also save your designs for future reference or share them via social networking sites.

anthropologie tabletop design app tool

While every one needs a good set of basic white dishes to serve as a blank canvas, this app will have you clamouring for a few colourful pieces to add to your collection.

+ Tabletop Design Tool on Anthropolgie


Follow-up on using Wishpot for my Baby Shower | Getting ready for the baby

follow up on using wishspot for a baby shower

follow up on using wishspot for a baby shower

I told you earlier that I created my wish list for my baby shower on Wishspot. Now that my baby shower is passed, I can share how it went. In two words, it works!

The conclusions are that:

  • Many guests used it and found it easy to use.
  • They told me that they found the wish list to be very useful.
  • They used the Reserve function.
  • It guided people in their choice of colors. Everything fits together.
  • I am super lucky. My husband and I adore all the gifts we received.
  • Having a list that is not attached to one specific store is way better.

Introducing Our New Festive Guides

our first festive guide: halloween

our first festive guide: halloween

I am pleased to announce a new feature that we added to the site. Our Festive Guides will be  tailored to suit to the time of the year. The goal is to centralize the best tips, inspirations and stories about popular annual holidays. The best ideas are neatly organized so you can easily read the posts that contain the information that you are looking for.

Each Festive guide covers one annual celebration. I started with an Halloween guide. Then, I will run a Thanksgiving guide followed by a Christmas and New Year guide. I hope that the festive guides will be handy for you. Again, I am sending a huge thank to my developing team for making my vision a reality.

+ Inspiration Center for Halloween 2010


Hang your artworks right the first time with Hang & Level

hang & level

The booming of the renovation sector brought us many innovations at the hardware store. New tools have emerged to simplify our life. Here is one of these innovations for hanging stuff on your wall.

If ever try to group a set of pictures you know how it feels cumbersome to get all the holes at the right place. Sharing your frustrations, a Calgary-based decorating expert Liette Tousignant developed a tool that removes the fuss from this task. I just saw the TV ad and it seems pretty handy.

Hang & Level is a tool that precisely marks the hole. No more computations or guess work, you get it right the first time. They produce a few decorating articles with useful hanging tips.

Great stocking stuffer, this tool will be most appropriated by a friend who just moved to a new home. It is available across Canada at Canadian Tire, The Home Depot, Home Hardware and more stores. Americans can find Hang & Level at Linens N Things.

Videos: TV ads of Hang & Level
Buy: Store locator of retailers selling Hang & Level – price: $19.99