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    My pink French toile baby shower party theme

    plates and napkins by Caspari : opera cake

    A reader T. asked for my advice. She is planning a baby shower at the office for her sophisticated boss. The baby room décor involved red and white toile fabric with gold and yellow accents.

    T. told me she enjoy the French style baby shower board I made earlier this month. But since her event will occur at the office; she would prefer a simpler scheme. I put the accents on what she mostly needs help: paper plates, napkins and cakes.

    T. expects 40 guests at this baby shower. From a cleaning time and money viewpoints, she opts for disposable products.

    How to determine the decor style?

    First, I decided that the napkins will harbor the Toile theme. With that in mind, it appears that a plate model with solid center where the rim as the center of attention will harmonize nicely with the napkins. I feel that full pattern plates lose their appeal once you filled them with food.

    Before you start looking for products, imagine the scheme in your mind. It will guide your choice when shopping. You either select what comes closer to your initial plan or decide to update your plan.

    Stylish paper plates and napkins by Caspari

    I always gravitate towards complementary pieces rather than kits. Here I felt in love with this fuchsia and gold filigree border dinner plate by Caspari available at Fine Stationery. Once you find a great piece, you search for the complimentary pieces. The gold Angel Guest Towel napkins harmonize the plate. Both are powerful pieces. Together they make a statement.

    I think that the three-ply-paper guest towel format looks almost as sophisticated as real linen napkins. This format suits very well a baby shower party. I suggest you roll them in advance with utensils inside and tie them up with a tiny gold or pink satin ribbon. A medium paper weight soft pink rimmed dessert plate will finish the meal in beauty and let the place to the dessert.

    The light green glass is from cb2. The Satellite HD dish glasses have an unusual modern shape. Use them to serve fruit salad and sorbet in top of drinks. The Green Paper Cups by Caspari is an option for coffee or tea.

    A second plate and napkin combination

    caspari plates and napkins for a baby shower

    I went to Polka Dot Design to compose another combination. The pink rim and gold border square plate looks sophisticated because of the gold border. I found the Rose Festive Toile luncheon napkins. The napkins are also available at Plum Party.

    What is for dessert?

    French excels at bakery. I suggest you go with classical cakes like the rich Opera Cake or the lighter Passionberry Duo. Serve smaller pieces if you opt for the outstanding Opera cake. Then serve an after-dessert treats called mignardises (bite sized baked items, confections, chocolate and truffles) to add a true French twist. Serve the mignardises with coffee or tea.

    Caspari made a commitment to the environment

    Although they make disposable napkins and plates, Caspari tries to do less damages to nature. Here is what they have to say about their commitment:

    One of our key suppliers is a leader in the use of renewable resources such as wind powered electricity. The fiber they use to make paper comes from managed forests. In addition, Caspari Inc. uses only water based dyes for our napkins and plates. The bleaching of our napkins in preproduction uses oxygen instead of chlorine, eliminating the use of harmful chemicals.

    There is no reason why could not bring elegance to an office baby shower party. If you do this, they will never be the same.

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