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Set the Table with Inspiration from Ikea

ikea kitchenware dining table carl kleiner

ikea kitchenware dining table carl kleiner

Who says the everyday can’t be artful? These images by Swedish still-life photographer Carl Kleiner caught our eye when we recognized a few iconic Ikea kitchen pieces in the compositions.

ikea dining table yellow carl kleiner

ikea kitchenware dining table white carl kleiner

The photographer behind Ikea’s Homebaked is Best recipe book , Carl Kleiner is known for his minimialist, graphic approach, yet these photos have their share of charm too thanks to a few hidden faces in the table settings.

ikea kitchenware table setting carl kleiner

Not only will we be taking inspiration from these when its time to set the table for our next dinner party – at least when it comes to colour and pattern –, we’d also love to see the photos available as prints. They’d make a great option for colourful artwork in the kitchen.

+ All photos by Carl Kleiner
+ Via Creative Review


How to Create a French Rustic Holiday Decor

french rustic holiday decor

I will talk about how you can integrate Holiday decorations within your home decor. It is about created a sophisticated room. I like how the stylists on the above photo marry rustic elements to a traditional French style room. The mood is soothing but definitely festive. Except for the Christmas baubles, you could keep most of the items all winter.

Winter and Cottage Feel

white reindeer sculptures at home sense

The idea is to add a layer of festive decorations to your rooms. Adding vignettes here and there, achieve that goal. Since you do not wish to recreate the same look every Christmas, explore how you can rearrange the elements by removing and adding some pieces. Look at how you can display them differently.

With smaller urban homes and unit condos, many people do not have the space to keep tons of decorations that they use one month a year. Look at items that you can reuse instead. Simply replace the white and red candle on the twig lantern and enjoy it all summer at the cottage. The silver twig vase, I saw similar ones at William Ashley by the way, could be used any time you entertain to add sparkle to your dining room. I might keep one or two white deer statutes on a shelf after Christmas.

Build your Tabletop on What You Have

mixing tableware at home sense

Take cues from the little black dress when designing your tabletop. The accessories you put on give personality to the little black dress. You can do the same with your tableware. Look at how you can use what you already have, add a plate or a bowl, make sure you get a little sparkle, use ornaments as your centerpieces and voilà, you create a festive tabletop!

Again, I am surprised that you can find those at Home Sense. I should shop there more often.

+ photos: Home Sense


Summer and Fall Tablescapes at Lexington

lexington fall dinnerware and tablescapes

Two classic looks to celebrate the end of summer. Get inspired by these tables dressed by Lexington for the last weekends by the lake at the summer cottage. The fall living table is a mix and match of formal and casual tableware. It is OK to bend the rules to create something unexpected. For an outdoor dinner, do like the French people do all the time and ignore the bread plate, even on a formal dinner table.

lexington summer dinnerware

If you cannot go of the summer,  you can still use items from the summer catalog. I like the thermal vacuum bottle but I do not know where to find it. Beware that, as far as I know, many of the items are props used by the stylist.

+ Lexington


The Best of Canadian House and Home April 2009

pool hut of the urban revival house tour : canadian house and home april 2009

Many of you are fans of Canadian House & Home magazine. I will make it an habit to share my top 3 stories on each issue. At last, the stories are toned by warm sunshine. My favorite stories for April 2009 are:

+ The cover story is the house tour of Richard and Rana Florida who moved to Toronto in 2007 from Washington, D.C. I am fond of their idea of converting a working garage into a pool hut. The French doors on the side provides a direct access to the pool and a view to the ravine. Photography by Michael Graydon

simple abundance interior design tips :: white spring tablescape

+ Simple Abundance highlights 7 tricks to infuse a modern makeover to a 90-year old English-style cottage on a budget. The home of associate designer Catherine Radciffe at Riesco & Lapres Interior Design is beautiful. Her valuable tips can be applied on any home.

+ This is the type of the freshly cut branch season at the florist. I love the simplicity of blooming branches. This tablescape is the simplest you can design. Yet it is very elegant. Look how they put a group of three single bloom flower vase with flower or foliage as the center of the table. This way, they do not compete with the long branches.

Every month on Canadian house and Home, you can get a FREE preview of their latest edition. It is a partial edition.


Planning my Easter Brunch with Felt Bunnies and Nutella

easter bunny tablescape

I found the theme for my Easter party looking at these yellow and white felt rabbits by Daff. They are adorable. I am still for a retailer who carries them; I will keep you posted if I find one. Feel free to share if you know a source.

Homemade Nutella on the Menu

diy nutella by cook and eat

I often make crepes (not pancakes) or Belgium waffles on Sunday for breakfast. Most of times, I serve them with my quick-to-make fruit jam recipe. It is topped with authentic maple syrup. I do not live in Quebec for nothing.

Once in a while, I will spread Nutella instead. This is why I got intrigued yesterday when I saw on Cook and Eat a recipe for homemade Nutella. The beautiful photos were taken by the talented photographer Lara Ferroni, the blogger behind Cook & Eat.

Until I publish my crepe recipe experiment with Joe David’s Nutella Crepe recipe from David Rocco’s Dolce Vita TV series. Basically, he replaced some of my eggs with olive oil. I drop 1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract or orange extract on mine. You evenly smooth out the batter by turning the crepe pan. The key is in the wrist movement.

A Call to Crafters

If they are any crafter interested in creating similar bunnies before Easter, I am interested in featuring your tutorial with a downloadable pdf template to cut the shapes. Fill out the contact form to inform me of your interest.

+ Felt bunnies, felt bag, felt boxes, felt coasters and felt placemats by Daff
+ Felt boxes, coasters and placemats in assorted colors at Provide p 604.632.0095
   529 Beatty St, Vancouver, BC, Canada get directions
+ DIY Nutella: photography by Lara Ferroni – rights reserved


Cats and Joy for my Tuesday’s Quick Links 2009.03.03

retro kitty bed by little kittyville

+ I may get a Retro Modern Pet Bed for my cats. These cat beds look so cool. They are $69 for a bed with a wood base, $82 for an acrylic base. You only see two of their fabrics on their Etsy shop but Little Kittyville proposes a wide selection of fabrics.

acrylic rings by qift on etsy

+ Keeping with the cat theme, I convert an acrylic jewelry piece into a table accessory. Imagine the look of your table if you assemble a pet ring with two side rings by Qift on a napkin. By mixing the combination, you would make one-of-a-kind napkin rings. $12 per pet or side ring. 1 pet with 2 side-rings for $30 USD. Via Moderncat

+ Fiona of Cartolina Cards told us a fantastic news today. Anthropologie will sell her stylish notebooks. It feels good seeing people having success.


DIY Printable Table Numbers

diy printable table numbers

Table numbering is not just for weddings. They are a must for any big sit-down dinner from a baptism, a sporting club party to a wedding anniversary.

These table number cards are cute and modern. Except for the yellow-checkered oval table numbers made by Creature Comforts, they all came from Martha Stewart. I love them all.

The photo table number would be great for a bridal shower or a baby shower with a picture of the couple or the mom to be. You could replace the wine bottle by a reusable water bottle for an outdoor theme party.

Martha supplied two templates with no number, in case you need to add your own number or other text. If you have Photoshop, you can use any of these templates as the basis for making your own.

Scrapbook paper and wrapping paper create stunning background. You can either use a stamp or a printer to add the table number.

+ How to make the Photo Table Number
+ Table Number on Wine Bottles
+ Take a Number Templates
+ Mustard yellow-checkered Table Number Templates