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Communicative Coffee Table by Di Wu

communicative coffee table by di wu

communicative coffee table by di wu

This table feels so right for an early morning post. The concept is fun for brainstorming – something we often do my husband and I – or to occupy the kids that come for a visit. Di Wu designed the table with eight slide boards. A duster to clean the chalkboard hides under one board. Simply slide one board and start writing.

One small detail: that coffee has been sitting there too long to please me.

+ Via Yanko design


Folding Camping or Picnic Tables

folding picnic tables :: adirondack :: travelchair camping tables

Having a small table when you go for a picnic adds comfort. You can use it for the food, your radio or a lantern. These two models are easy to transport.

The Adirondack folding side table is a cute option if you travel by car. Target sells in an impressive 14 colors. Prices vary with the colors. I am showing you the moss, the middle range price at $39.99.

I bought a modern version at IKEA a few years ago. I put it next to my terrace door to deposit bags and plates. I tinted with outdoor wood stain. It does not seem to be available anymore.

The Nacho Portable Folding Table is super easy to transport. It is ideal for camping and hunting trip. Available in several in several cloth colors, the only downside is that it lacks panache. Check the Folding Camping Picnic Tables department for more models and colors.

More sources of inspirations and accessories for a picnic:

>>> Sourcing:
Buy online: Moss Adirondack folding side table at Target – price: $39.99 USD
Buy online: TravelChair Nacho Portable Folding Camping Table Red at ComfortChannel – price:$35.99 USD


How to cleverly combine food preparation, cooking and dining into a single unit?

Grace Kitchen center by Schulte Design

The German Schulte Design Grace Kitchen pushed the envelope of the traditional kitchen islands. The custom made productions in North America look pale compared to this ingenious creation.

The island apron boasts innovative retracting electrical receptacles and five invisible drawers one of which is to house cooking knifes.

The hidden cable management system, the flat cooking surface and a cantilever surface are my favorite features of Grace Kitchen. Schulte Design offers it in five Tutti Frutti woods: olive, apple, plum, walnut and wild cherry.

One way to live large in a small space

Grace Kitchen fits well into the smaller condo units surfacing all over Metropolitan cities. The eating space does more than acting as a breakfast bar. Bring a couple of benches or day beds to get additional seated plates at a dinner party. If you live in a small space, a design like that enables you to set up a dining room without trimming down the living room.

combining food preparation and stylish dining experience

In North America, custom-built kitchens will continue to rule the market. Since most of you will not be ready to buy Grace Kitchen, ask your kitchen designer to integrate the best features in your own kitchen island.

About Schulte Design

Franz-Josef Schulte heads the company today in its fourth generation. Grace Kitchen is one of many amazing creations of Schulte Design. Take a look at the dining table collection. Their tables beautifully house inside the extensions.

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