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Thanksgiving Tabletop Ideas from Classic to a Modern Look

thanksgiving tabletop ideas from traditional to modern

I propose you five festive looks for Thanksgiving, that are suitable for the Canadian way and the American way to celebrate Thanksgiving.

If you are new to my blog, here is my design philosophy when it comes to my table settings for a Holiday celebrations. My guests eat on bowls and plates that can be reused for other parties. This is my way to be thankful towards Mother Earth. My table linens and my centrepiece deliver the decorative elements of my Holiday tabletop.

Tabletop Ideas for a Classic Style Table

I always say that you need a casual chic table for a Thanksgiving meal. So, go with would make you and your family happy. I like the idea to use a halved globe as a vessel for your centrepiece. It should not be too hard to find an old World globe since so many of them have become obsolete. Ask your friends and family to help you locate one; there is probably an unused World globe that is stored in their garage or basement of someone you know.

thanksgiving tabletop ideas from traditional to modern
photo credits: No. 1 Eclectic Fall Bowl Centerpiece from | No. 2 Woodland Forest Jacquard Tablecloth $155-$183 USD at Williams Sonoma | No. 3 Autumn Summer Table by Crate & Barrel

Tabletop Ideas for a Modern Style Table

The snowberries of the Marimekko Lumimarja Orange table linen collection takes a different direction in orange. As a bonus, I can imagine this tablecloth reinterpreted for a Halloween party.

thankgiving table with a modern Finnish touch
photo credits: No. 4 Marimekko Lumimarja Orange Tablecloth and Napkins $8.95-$89.95 USD at Crate and Barrel

I am a fan of the tête-à-tête placemats. With tête-à-tête (which means face-to-face) placemats, your table puts the emphasis on guests that seat in front of each other. Don’t think that you can use this look only just for a romantic dinner. The concept works well on a communal table. Simply remember to get three “placemats for two” for 6 guests, four for 8 guests or six for a group of twelve. Then, use the same between the placemats to place the dishes that you will share and the centrepieces.

duo linen placemat and napkins
photo credits: No. 5 Duo linen placemat for two $15.95 USD at CB2

I hope this small round-up will give ideas on how you can dress your table for Thanksgivings.


Cute Aprons for the Stylish Cook, Baker or Hostess

aprons for the hostess at anthropologie

aprons by ladelle
Mix, Cook and Serve apron | Bright Kitchen apron – both by Ladelle

I was overdue for an apron showcase. I usually opt for a modern design when I buy an apron that I will wear everyday. I own several since I like to vary my look. Maison Simons (in Montreal and Quebec City) carries some kitchen linens by the Australian brand Ladelle but I did not see these models. The Mix, Cook and Serve is my favorite due to the darker color and large pocket. Simons still sells the Geisha apron by Ladelle that I bought several months ago.

When I host a party, I want to look fabulous in the kitchen. I keep a selection of feminine, vintage style aprons for when I entertain. For those aprons, Anthropologie is my place to shop. Anthropologie always carries a vast selection of fabulous aprons. These three are on my short list to be added to my collection.

aprons for the hostess at anthropologie
Fiammetta Apron $32 | Cuisine Couture Apron $32 | Tea and Crumpets Apron $32 at Anthropologie

What is your favorite apron of the moment?


Creatively Unique Placemats

Bella Maniera placemats

Bella Maniera placemats

If you are looking for new ways to infuse a sense of unexpected to your tabletop, let me suggest that you use placemats with artistic patterns that slightly vary from one placemat to the next. You can draw the patterns or look for the French design placemats.

48 heures trompe l'oeil placemats

48 heures is a collection of trompe-l’oeil illustrations that suggest a finished meal where they was good food and lots of wine. These will certainly grab the attention of your guests. I suspect that it will probably be a conversation starter.

48 heures placemats

Tailored to Each Guest

Another example is the Bella Maniera series. The idea to steal here is to design a placemat that fits the personality of each guest. Mr. & Mr played with the theme of Leonardo da Vinci’s The last Supper for their Bella Maniera collection. They design 13 placemats; each one corresponds to Jesus Christ and his apostles.

Bella Maniera

48 heures placemats 16 €
Bella Maniera series 16.50 € each at Grain de couleur
+ via Moco Loco


A Provencal Outdoor Table

Provence Melamine Dinnerware

Provence Melamine Dinnerware

When I first laid my eyes on this Provencal style dinnerware, I never imagined that it was made of melamine. The design is more refined than what we are used to when we talk about melamine plates and bowls. I love it! The Provence Melamine Dinnerware Collection includes dining plates, salad bowls and plates plus a serving bowl. Keep it in mind for wedding gifts.

floral boutis tablecloth

You can either opt for placemats or for what a French hostess will put on her outdoor table, a nice tablecloth. For a nautical look, go with the Coral Embroidered Placemats. Or stay true to the Provencal style with the Floral Boutis table linen available in yellow or blue. I prefer the yellow motif.

+ Provence Melamine Dinnerware Collection from $39.95 to $59.95 USD at Williams-Sonoma
+ Coral Embroidered Placemats $49 USD for set of 4
+ Yellow Floral Boutis Tablecloth from $59 to $69 USD
+ Blue Floral Boutis Napkins $28 for set of 4


Cake Vintage’s Paper Placemats

place setting placemat backdrop for a rich chocolate cake

place setting placemat backdrop for a rich chocolate cake

When I first laid my eyes on the 6-layer rich chocolate cake by Sweetapolita, I immediately recognized the style of the kitchen paper placemats by Cake Vintage. I received the Italian Scroll Placemat Pad at Christmas. The styled photos of Sweetapolita show this product in all its splendor.

What is cool with paper placemats is that you can enhance the design to fit the occasion by writing on the paper. You could write down the menu or use them to assign the place of your guests at your dinner table.

Italian scroll placemat pad by cake vintage

If you are having a bug party is an affordable solution to dress your buffet or dining table. Each 50-sheet placemat pad costs about $20. They are made with soy based inks and 30% recycled content. They make coordinating menu notepad. You can buy the Perfect Setting Placemat pad used for the cake shoots on Cake Vintage or at Anthropologie (they are called Fine Dining placemats on Anthropologie’s Web site).

fine dining paper placemats

Oh, and do not miss to check the recipe of the rich chocolate cake on Sweetapolita.

+ Kitchen  Papers Collection by Cake Vintage – $20 USD for a placemat pad, $10 for a menu notepad
+ Fine Dining Placemats $24 USD at Anthropologie
+ Campfire Delight: 6-Layer Rich Chocolate Malted & Toasted Marshmallow Cake from Sweetapolita


Kitchen Conversions Tea Towels | Etsy Finds

kitchen conversions tea towel

kitchen conversions tea towel

Sweet Fine Day silkscreened the popular kitchen conversions print of their Brooklyn confectionery company Whimsy & Spice onto American flour sack towels using water-based inks. The 100% cotton towels measured 30 x30″. These tea towels are absorbent, soft and lint free, which are quality that you look for in a tea towel.

+ Kitchen conversions 30×30 inch flour sack tea towel $22 USD
+ images and design by Jenna Park


Avril Loreti’s Mixer Totes and Cocktail Napkins | Etsy Finds

i heart mixers tote by avril loreti

i heart mixers tote by avril loreti

I featured today Avril Loreti, who is living in  Toronto, for my Etsy Finds column. She designed modern home decor and accessories with a playful “wink”. Avril makes cute kitchen theme shopping totes. It probably cut my eyes because it depicts the Empire red Kitchenaid mixer that is on my wish list. She printed her I heart Mixers illustration on a Bull Denim Woven Cotton Tote from American Apparel. If you do not like the red, you can specify which of the 7 other colors you want for the mixer.

cocktail napkins by avril loreti

Avril also makes white fabric napkins. It could be fun to play name the designer or the chair at cocktail parties. Or you can go with her Many Mixers Cocktail napkins.

+ I heart Mixers Tote – Red by Avril Loreti $29 USD on etsy
+ Designer Chairs Cocktail Napkins by Avril Loreti $52 for a set of 8
+ Many Mixers Cocktail Napkins $26 for 4, $52 for 8 at goodEGG Industries
+ Avril Loreti


Hand Stenciled Table Linens

emersonmade eat linen napkins

emersonmade eat linen napkins

I like the casual, easy living quality of the hand stenciled pure linen napkins and table runners produced by Emersonmade. They will custom print your choice of 1 to 3 upper case letters in black print.

emersonmade hand stenciled initials on linen napkins

The couple who runs Emersonmade are fun to watch through the pictures they put on their blog. We can see here posing for a Scrabble photo shot.

emersonmade table linens

+ Print Your Own Initials Table Linens $52 USD for 4


Delightful Mondays: Girlie Kitchen of Catherine Hammerton

catherine hammerton's Kitchen

catherine hammerton\'s Kitchen

You may have seen this kitchen on the April issue of Elle Decoration. The dress and the tablecloth share some design elements. You may be glad to know that the dress pattern is from Catherine Hammerton’s wallpaper collection. It has an updated classic flair.

catherine hammerton\'s kitchen :: close-up on dress and tablecloth

For her tablecloth, Catherine reinvented the same color palette on a simpler version. I like it! More photos and sneak peak on Design*Sponge.

+ photos by Brent Derby – styling by Ali Heath of Plum lifestyle for Elle Decoration


Poitras, 13 rue de l’univers Living Collection

servingware table linens by 13 de rue de l'univers by jean-claude poitras

servingware table linens by 13 de rue de l\'univers by jean-claude poitras

The first stand I visited at the SIDIM 2010 show was Poitras, 13 rue de l’univers. Jean-Claude Poitras presented at SIDIM his brand new collection of table linens, tableware, throws and home accessories. I love what I saw. And judging from the reactions of women visiting his booth, I do not think that I am alone.

This is the latest venture of Jean-Claude Poitras, a prolific designer from Quebec who started his career in the 1970’s as a fashion designer. After dressing women and men, he switched his interest to dressing our home in different ways. As I spoke to him, Poitras pointed out that home design can endure the passage of time and stay fresh. He gave me as an example the first plate he designed, in 1998, if I recalled well. He still enjoy eating in it after all these years.

glassware by poitras 13 rue de l\'univers

With his 13 rue de l’univers collection, Jean-Claude Poitras infused a cheerful element to each piece and yet the ensemble carries such a classic elegance. It’s form a whole but every piece has its own character.

server spoon by poitras 13 rue de l\'univers

The serving spoon that stays on the rim of the bowl is such a clever. I want one. A collection of candles in modern glass containers complete his home collection. He opted for casual chic table linens that are superb. These definitely feel timeless.

summer throws by poitras, 13 rue de l\'univers

The same beautiful colors and textiles that you put on your table are available in throws. My favorite ones are the chevron. If you are invited for a weekend at a cottage, make sure to bring one as a hostess gift. They will love it for cold nights, when they sit next to the fire pit.

The information is not all on his Web site but it should be there shortly. For now, selected retailers in Montreal carry the line. I hope that it will cross our borders. I do not recall the exact price but I know it is accessible. You can find his tableware collection at Les Touilleurs in Outremont, À table tout le monde on St-Paul Street West, Léo Victor (who is also at SIDIM) and Nautique International (located at the marina of the Old-Port).

+ Poitras, 13 rue de l’univers
+ SIDIM 2010 – up to May 29th, 2010


Must See: The Fog Linen Work Store in Tokyo

fog linen work store in tokyo

fog linen work store in tokyo

In less than a month, I will be traveling across Japan. I cannot wait! While shopping is not the purpose of the trip, I will visit a few design shops. One of the stores that is high on my list is Fog Linen Work. I discovered this superb raw linen collection last fall.

Even though you can buy the collections at selected retailers across the United States and Canada, it is not the same as shopping at the designer’s shop. I cannot wait to see up close the kitchen linens designed by Yumiko Sekine.

A Must-Have Magazine

around fog linen march 2010 magazine

I read on La Tartine Gourmande about the latest magazine that Fog Linen Work produced. It features creators around the world that introduce their life with fog linen. The concept is awesome. You can check out a digest to get an idea of the bilingual magazine (japanese and english).

As far as I know, each creator took the set of pictures. You will get a glimpse of the creative universe of Maria Alexandra VetteseRyan and Alissa of Horne, Julie Baine of Pod, clay artist Rae Dunn, photographer Marisa Shimamoto, photographer Jennifer Causey, photographer Jenny Hallengren, Sally Yang of DWR, textile designer and illustrator Lena Corwin, stylist Elodie Rambaud, designer Lotta Jansdotter, and food photography and stylist Beatrice Peltre.

+ Around the Fog magazine – march 2010 issue 945 yen
+ Fog Linen Work
+ other photos: La Tartine Gourmande