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Reviewing the Top 2010 Food Trends According to Chick Advisor

top food trends for 2010 according to chick advisor

Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist Kate Comeau revealed her 5 food trends for 2010 on Chick Advisor. I wish that she is right about the demise of soda, reduced sodium in packaged food and restaurant food (I already do not put a lot of salt on my home cooking) and more sustainable food harvesting not just with fish but for everything that we put on our plate. Go on Chick Advisor to read her 5 trends.

Our busy lifestyle often means that we depend more and more on outside sources for cooking when we entertain and when we work late. The biggest food trend that I see right now is help in preparing our home cooked meal. I noticed a sign at the fresh fish counter when I went to Pusateri’s last month. The sign said that they can make the fish marinade the way we like it while we continue shopping. Therefore, once you arrived home, you simply have to grill your fish. This beats ordering take-out.

+ photo: Chick Advisor


Lifestyle Changes for my Eco-Friendly Tuesday


Today’s Eco-Friendly column is made of the story of actual friends. First, my friend Renee of En direct des iles is making a big change in her life. She lives part time in Montreal and part-time at Isla Mujeres in Mexico. It is easy for her to find people to take care of her cats while she is in Montreal but it is more complicated and costly to do so when she is not in Montreal. She decided that it was time for her to stop maintaining an apartment in Montreal.

What this means is that she sold, gave to friends, donated to charities and thrown away most of everything she owned in Montreal your stuff. Starting a nomad life is a big step that ultimately reduces her footprint on Earth compared to how she was living before.

As a result, I inherited her set of beautiful lemonade bottles. Recycling glass bottles instead of buying new jars is a little step. You can use it for liquids and dry foods, like she did. I am glad that she passed them along to me. I will take good care of them. As you can see, I already found a place in the spotlight for 3 of them.

After the Metrosexual Male comes the Eco-sexual

Carmen of Urban Green Girl wrote a guest post for I am that Girl about a new trend in dating. With green living becoming more and more mainstream, it is normal that you seek these values in your potential mate.

You can look for people who defined themselves as tree hugger, vegetarian or people who share your interest in animal rights, green economy, alternative energy, recycling, organic farming or endangered species. No need for enrolling in a dating services, participating in social media can help you find the right person through conversations in Twitter, joining groups in Facebook or attending Meetup.

Like Carmen said, you can always educate and convert to the green living cause your potential or current boyfriend.


IDS 08 | Imprinting a new North American lifestyle

upsizing the condo market at ids 08 : shangri-laMy husband saw a homemade flyer in front of the Royal York that was offering a $15,000 reward, no questions asked for returning a dog.

The super luxury housing market emerged over the last six months in Toronto with condo units now listed at 12 million dollars. With money comes experimentation and market differentiation.

An overview of a super luxury market in Toronto

The topic of one design talk at IDS 08 was Upsizing of the condo market: a lifestyle trend. What is happening right now is not just higher priced condominiums. The builders are offering more choices than ever to the consumers.

Some projects offer the freedom to design your unit with architects and designers before it is even built. Many builders hire a team of star architects and designers to make sure their design is well thought.

The average price of those super luxury condos are well over $1000 square feet. They come with a wide range of exclusive boutique hotel kind of services. The monthly fees for the penthouse of the Four Seasons reach about $8000. Well-known architects and designers unite to create stunning projects.

Why it is important for most of us?

Eventually what happens at the top end of the luxury market finds a way to reach a broader market over time? Innovations start at the higher end segment. But now, you can find modern stylish accessories and furniture to fit any budget.

If you know about the latest trends, you can challenge the builders so they will create more design-oriented condominium buildings.

Individual taste

If you read my article on the Top 10 design trends, the general message is that people wish to live in a space that reflects their individual style. In the past, you could only accomplish it by building your own house. That is what my parents always did.

My brother, who lives in a small town, bought a land 6 years ago, got his own plan and managed the construction of his house. All the houses on his street are build the same way. He lives in a street where every house looks different. I think it is time that we stop the super normalization of our city landscape.

Downsizing in square feet but upsizing in style

As more and more of the boomer generation continue to leave their suburban house to live in the smaller urban condominium, the market start to adapt to their demand. To have served them as an event designer, they are more diverse in style than marketers want you to think.

It was also a time when families with young children often refrain to decorate their house to their liking because of they were living with children. And let’s be frank; there were no stylish options for infant gears. This was before the emergence of several modern design baby object company that occurred over the last 5 to 6 years.

Exploring a new lifestyle

A small number of families with children (infants to teenagers) opt for urban living. I do believe that the suburban model is far from perfect. People want a backyard and a pool but it takes them two hours to get home. So they cannot really enjoy it. They cannot go a buy a bottle of milk without taking the car and you hear your neighbors mowing their grass when you want to relax. I know because it happens when I visit my friends.

The Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation published the revealing 2005 report card. It demonstrated that, on average, the urban residents are healthier and less stressed than the residents of the suburbs. With all the cool specialty stores that you find in the city and the proximity of the convenience, I prefer my urban living.

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