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Holiday Cards for Modern Design Lovers

modern holiday cards

modern holiday cards
sourcing: Hip X-mas greeting cards | Mod Homestead gift tags (mini-notes) | Biltzen (deck the antler) At Fabulous Stationery

Personalized holiday cards usually say something about you. I like it when people can guess that it is for me. This is why I adore the cool illustrations at Fabulous Stationery. Their collection would appeal to an interior design, a decor store or a design-savvy family. A nice feature is that any of the patterns can be used for gift tags. It would be more original to select illustrations that share the same theme instead of picking exactly the same.

The last two models (see bottom montage) would make party invites that people will not want to miss.

modern holiday greeting cards
sourcing: Tweet | Goody GumdropsGlam Greetings

Do you still order personalized holiday cards?


Paper Source’s Note Cubes and Pads for Spring

note cubes with spring and summer patterns

note cubes with spring and summer patterns

I have a thing for note cubes and note pads with a magnet on the back. I used them all the time. I am always on the look up for great design. Although it snows all day, I began my search for Spring patterns.

magnets and notepad with spring patterns

I am in awe with the Bicycle  and the Daisy collection at Paper Source. I so wish that they operate a Canadian store at this moment. I am afraid of the delivery fees from US due to the weight of cubes.

+ Bicycle Note Cube $16.95 USD at Paper Source
+ Daisy Note Cube $16.95 USD at Paper Source
+ Daisy Recipe Box $13.50 USD
+ Daisy Collection Magnets $15.95 USD for a set of 10
+ Bicycle Magnet Notepad $6.95 USD


Printable Wedding and Special Occasions Invites

printable press custom wedding invite

printable press custom wedding invite

One way to save on your invites is to print your own. For better results, it’s best to use a local print shop, or an online printing service. A Printable Press keeps a list of good online printing shops on their site.

Their collection is fresh and diverse. There is something for every taste. From the modern design of Picnic to the western vibe of One Night Only.

printable press picnic invite set

printable press one night only invite set

What you get is a personalized PDF document. Invitation is $70, response card with a postcard back is $50 (printed with your return address on the back), regular response card, insert card and thank you card are each $30. Save the date card is $40. You can change color, font and dimensions for a $25 extra fee per change.

+ One Night Only from the Sheer Whimsy collection
+ Picnic for the Mod Candy collection


New Cards and Notebooks by Cartolina Cards

cartolina notebooks :: white swan and blue lotus notebook

cartolina les modes notebook and happy birthday card

Fiona Richards is known for her unique style. I love what she does. Therefore, I am happy to introduce the new collection of Cartolina greeting cards and notebooks. I only selected a few. So make sure to check out her entire collection because it is exquisite.

Fashion Theme

cartolina baroque fashion cards

This time, Fiona was definitely inspired by the fashion history of France. Her variation on Baroque fashion is splendid. It allows her to display burst of colors in a refined way. It is one of the rare occasions where I will suggest that you buy a kit.

More Florals and Nature Themes

cartolina notebooks :: white swan and blue lotus drawings

If you wish to give a little something to a girl friend, you can match your card with a notebook.  You could mix the White Swan notebook and the Blue Lotus notebook to create an ensemble.

It’s OK to think outside the box when you select a greeting card. For example,the Lucky You card could be used to wish Happy Birthday! to a kid or for a Baby Shower.

In case you did not know, Cartolina produces environmentally reponsible paper products. Their recycled paper cards are printed with vegetable based inks. Their printer was named Most Environmentally Progresive Printer in Canada for the last 5 years at the Environmental Printing Awards.

+ Cartolina Notebook $5.98 USD, Card $3.49 at Modern Paper Goods
+ Store Locator for Cartolina Cards


Hostess Gifts And Home Accessories for the Cottage

cottage decor :: canoe cushions and guest book

cottage decor :: canoe cushions and guest book

With the summer well installed – it’s over 27ºC this afternoon – we all think about weekends at the cottage. I spotted outdoor items at Indigo that could either add something new to the decor of your cottage or make a nice gift to your hosts.

wasp traps in jewel tones at Indigo

I will equip our terrace with a couple of those wasp traps in jewel tones. I did not buy them right away since I was not sure on which color to get. Colored glassed wasp traps are preferable since they hide the dead bodies. The wasp traps are priced at  2 for $20 CAD, or $12.95 each.

classic lawn games and pesto set at indigo

Or you can bring classic lawn games to provide hours of fun. The Pesto Kit provides the pestle and mortar, a recipe book and basil seeds. All those are only available in stores. I really wish that Indigo would add their home and gift sections to their Web site.

+ Indigo


Inspired by Red and Blue Pencils

pretty red and blue pencils at postal press

pretty red and blue pencils at postal press

It feels great to surround us with beautiful office supplies. Take for example these pretty pencils. You can read on the red pencil “I Heart Mail” while the blue pencil says “Just a Little Note”. They inspire me to put down on paper what I wish to accomplish for 2010. Just the sight of them may be enough to release my creativity and trigger new brainstorming ideas.

+ Pretty Pencils at Postal Press $5 USD for 3


Wedding Invitations with Modern Elegance

fall wedding invitation :: good old days collection by chewing the cud

I enjoy the new breed of wedding invitations that emerged over the last decade. They are less generic. Brides and grooms now have the chance to tailor their invites to their wedding celebrations. One wedding invitation studio that I like is Chewing The Cud.

Based in San Francisco, they offered a fully custom made service and a signature line that can be personalized with illustrations, motifs, ribbons, and embellishments.

flourish fete wedding invitations by chewing the cud

Their signature invitations are suitable for any stylish event with a chic vintage flair. I can imagine using them for a big-0 birthday or an anniversary. All their invitations are letterpress printed on 100% cotton, tree free paper with soy based inks.

Two of my favorite collections for something else than a wedding are:

+ The Good Old Days would be good for a special event designed around local food or taking place in the countryside – starts at $1875 USD
+ Flourish Fête would be perfect for a milestone anniversary – starts at $2175 for 75 invitation kits

An invitation kit is the invitation card with its envelop, the RSVP card with the response envelop plus an additional card.

+ Chewing The Cud


Mod Holidays Cards by Feterie

mod holiday ornaments and wreath cards by feterie

It is that type of the year again: I love Christmas cards. To help you make your choice, I will feature my favorite cards for the next 4 weeks. After the Holiday cards for a cause, I went for mod and snowy.

+ The Mod Holiday series proposes 4 illustrations: a tree, a gift, a wreath and baubles. I like the 4 equally.

snowy theme holiday cards by feterie

+ Red Mittens
+ Snow Dude

Holiday cards at Feterie cost $24 for a set of 8 or $4 if you only buy one card.


Linda & Harriett Note Cards Giveaway

linda & harriett note card give away

Here is your chance to get a note card in exchange of sending the card to someone. This free gesture is to honor the memory of Linda, the mother of the owner of Linda & Harriett. In fact, Liz named her stationery studio after the names of her mother and of her grand-mother to acknowledge that these two women were important creative forces for her.

Liz creates freshly modern and simple note cards.

paper doll note cards designed by linda & harriett

I particularly like the letterpress paper doll note cards in in yellow and charcoal. It is feminine without being too girlie.

You can receive a note card in one of two ways:

  • Grab it in person at Blue Sky Bakery located at 53 5th Avenue in Brooklyn on Monday, October 19th, 2009 between 10am to 1pm. Liz will welcome you. The bakery is between Bergen Street and St. Marks Place.
  • Otherwise, send an email at by Monday, October 19th, 2009 at noon EST with your name and shipping address.

+ Linda & Harriett
+ paper doll note cards $14 USD for 6 cards with light gray envelops