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Lucirmas Upcycles the Wine Bottle into a Table Set

pure bottle

pure bottle

Sometimes, you simply need to adapt the shapes of everyday objects to create new ones. If we omit the handmade process of the making, this is basically the visual approach of Lucirmas, a Barcelona-based glass studio. Lucirmas uses 100% recycled glass to create tableware.  Take for example, the Pure Bottle. Lucia Bruni imagined a cleverly designed 3-piece table set that is made from a single recycled wine bottle.

pure bottle 3 piece table set

After five steps (cutting, hand polishing, fusing, thermal tempering and sandblasting) what you get is a glass, a lantern and the most unusual spoon that I ever saw. I especially enjoy the look of the lantern.

The spoon is sure to be a conversation piece. But I feel that it could be awkward to eat with it. Is it just me? I guess that it is one of these things that you need to try before you are convinced.

recycled glass toothpick holder

On the end, they did a good job with their toothpick holder. It’s a fun, simple design!

For the moment, a small numbers of European retailers carry their products. But if you don’t mind the shipping fees, Lucirmas operates an international online store.

+ Pure Bottle €41 at Lucirmas
+ Toothpick €13 at Lucirmas
+ via MOCO LOCO on Facebook


Outstanding Mingling Plates: Puzzleboard by Oooms and Out of Work

puzzleboard by oooms let you mingle, drink and eat tapas with one free hand

puzzleboard by oooms let you mingle, drink and eat tapas with one free hand

You know my fascination with mingling plates. I am always on the lookout for more. I spotted the Puzzleboard by Oooms earlier. It was always depicted as a service tray or an interlocked cutting board. I thought it was a fun design. Now, I think that the Puzzleboard is brilliant! I discovered that each jigsaw puzzle piece  is also a mingling plate. The multi-purpose characteristic makes it a good buy. Oooms ships worldwide for a flat fee of  7.50 euro per order.

Most mingling plates are built to support a wine glass. I mentioned before the Social plates, which fit different glass types and a soda can. But the bare essential look of the Social Plates is not suitable for a hip cocktail party.

What if you prefer a glass of beer

out of work :: outside of work mingling plate for beer drinkers

I discovered on Design-Milk two Spanish designers who found a stylish solution for a beer and tapas night. Giovanna de Ávila and Joan Sunyol collaborated to create  Out of Work (also named Outside of work), a mingling plate that comes with a handmade blown glass beer glass. O.O.W.’s hand made ceramic plate is stackable.

O.O.W. was exhibited for the first time at Designboom’s Mart 2010 at Stockholm’s Furniture Fair. As far as I know, it is not available in stores, at least for the moment. I suggest that you contact Giovanna de Ávila, if you are interested by these artisan mingling plates.

+ Puzzleboard by Oooms 19.50 euro / $27.15 USD
+ Out of Work on Giovanna de Ávila‘s Web site
+ O.O.W. photos: News about Giovanna de Ávilas

HOME + GARDEN MODERN architecture

Sea Sight Prefab House in Cedeira, Spain

forest wall of a modern prefab house in cedeira designed by mycc

forest wall of a modern prefab house in cedeira designed by mycc

I adore the forest wall of this modern prefabricated house located in Spain. Some portions of the wall are stutter doors.

prefab house in cedeira, spain designed by the architect studio mycc

Unfortunately, I do not have more details about this house designed the architect studio MYCC. But before you go, look at the breath-taking view of the Atlantic Ocean.

sea sight view of a prefab house designed by mycc

I discovered MYCC by looking at the beautiful pictures on Kateopolis. She showed another house designed by MYCC. That one has a lawn roof. I discovered Kateopolis on Twitter thanks to Lindsay of Ounodesign.

+ photos: MYCC


Elevating the Plastic Bottles into an Easy-Pour Pitcher

gr lab aqua jar

Since the handle of a jug helps us when we pour liquid, the Spanish design studio GR Lab created a attachment that perfectly fits the universal coil of any plastic bottle. Plus it adds a touch of color to your table. I like the fact that it is a simple way to reuse the plastic bottles. When we think about it, we could reuse plastic bottles to serve fresh lemonade or ice tea.

I read on Inhabitat that the Aqua Jar for Balvi was launched at last month’s Valencia Design Week. It is not yet on the Web site of Balvi. The Web site of GR Lab is more than sparse on information. This is all the information I could find of this new product.

+ Via Inhabitat


MYdrap Delivers Single-Use Cloth Placemats and Napkins on Rolls

mydrap single-use and reusable cloth placemats and napkins

MYdrap is a Spanish concept of table linens that is quite unique. For the first time, you can get the efficiency of single-use napkins and placemats without letting go the elegance of your table. There is more. MYdrap are the first cloth serviettes, available in roll or pre-cut, that offer double the possibilities: for single use or to be washed and used again.

mydrap home and hospitality ranges

MYdrap is a range of reusable, washable, biodegradable and recyclable cotton or linen placemats and napkins. I really like the roll idea. There is a line designed for home usage and an hospitality range targeting restaurants, catering companies and airlines.

MYdrap is available in 17 colors. The neutrals are made with linen. The brighter colors are made with cotton. The napkins are available in cocktail napkins, lunch napkins and dinner napkins. RollPack UK is the distributor in United Kingdom while Virages introduced the collection in France this summer. At this point, MYdrap seems to have no intention to cross the Atlantic. I would have like to try them.

+ MYdrap


Three Nifty Kitchen Gadgets by Lékué for my Organizing Monday

silicone kitchenware by lekue :: new products for 2009

I admit that I am a fan of Lékué. Their premium silicone cooking tools are fun, practical and imaginative. On the green side, this company finds permanent solutions to techniques that typically nourish our trash can. Their innovative products make the best of the possibilities offered by silicone kitchenware.

I told you before that I think Lékué produces the best collapsible silicone strainers. I am very pleased with mine. Here are some new products that I wish to add to my collection.

1. Cooking Mesh

The Cooking Mesh has many uses. First, it is perfect to boil mussels or vegetable in a pot. Use two mesh bags and boil two vegetables to perfection in a single pot. The Cooking Mesh makes it easier to blanch tomatoes, broccoli, green beans, peas or any other vegetables before putting them in the freezer. You transfer all your vegetables in a bowl icy cold water to stop the cooking in one step. Recall my story on tips for not wasting food and save time in the kitchen.

It also works on small tasks. The Cooking Mesh can replace cheesecloth when you need a bouquet garni for a soup or a stew.

2. Steam Case with Tray

The designers committee of Trends 2009  selected the steam case at Ambiente Frankfurt. I introduced the Steam Case one year ago. Lékué added a model with a tray to drain the liquids of accumulated during cooking, preservation or defrosting. So depending on the recipe you prepare, you can enjoy tasty and healthy food with Steam Case with tray.

3. Stretch Tops

This would greatly eliminate our consumption of clear food film. The stretch top creates a vacuum seal that prolongs the freshness of food in the refrigerator easily and hygienically. It is especially useful with leftovers stored in metal, glass or plastic. Plus no more search for the cover. The stretch tops come in two diameters to fit a wide range of containers. It is not just for containers; use it to keep fresh your halved citrus fruits.

+ Cooking Mesh
+ Steam Case with tray
+ Stretch Tops 8.5cm – 3 units
+ Stretch Tops 11.5cm – 2 units (green / orange) or orange and white or green and white