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Shwowp will put the Wow into Shopping


Shwowp is a project launched by two extremely talented persons: my husband Jérôme Paradis and Tara Hunt (@missrogue). As a consumer and a blogger, I am very excited by what they wish to accomplish with Shwowp. I cannot reveal you more at this point but I know that it will interest you. But I wish to invite you to sign up to be the first to learn how they will put the Wow into online shopping.

Little Bit More about Tara Hunt

the whuffie factor by tara hunt

In case you do not know, Tara Hunt published a wonderful book about the power social media earlier this year. Her book is titled The Whuffie Factor. I encourage you to read it. Tara tells us why and how to build social capital through our actions and the conversations we have in social networks. It is a marketing book that can be useful whether you are building a startup, you own a small business or you work for a large corporation. It would make a wonderful affordable Christmas gift.

+ More details on Shwowp
+ The Whuffie Factor by Tara Hunt $16.50 USD


Restaurants are Embracing Twitter to Reach their Customers

Boston restaurants on twitter

I told you on my other blog that Twitter can be an efficient marketing vehicle for businesses. One type of business that benefits well from the free marketing platform that Twitter provides are local restaurants.

What I like is that I decide which local stores and restaurants I want to follow on Twitter. This way, I can learn in advance what is on today’s menu and when they host special events.

Cheap and On the Spot Survey

The benefits for small businesses do not stop there. Twitter is great to survey the opinions of customers. You can directly ask questions. Or you can set up a Twitter poll in less than a minute. I recommend twtpoll.

Myers + Chang‘s chef and co-owner Joanne Chang used this method to validate a request from a customer. She tweeted: “Should cilantro be listed on menu item when it’s an ingredient?” Four hours later, she received enough answers to be convinced that plenty of customers would like to know which dish has cilantro in it. She went further and decided to give the option to have the dishes without cilantro.

Twitter allows businesses to quickly find information, features and services valued by their customers and to react accordingly. In a competitive market, it is an opportunity that small businesses cannot afford to miss.It costs almost nothing to tweet a few times a day. You can tweet with any smart phone. It does not require a computer or any technical knowledge. Your account can be up and running in less than a minute. Unlike a blog, it could take only a few minutes a day to maintain.

I now follow a few Boston restaurants and restaurant reviews accounts on Twitter. I will be in the know when I will go there next August. You could also explore the Alfresco dining options in Boston for some clues on where to eat.

+ Restaurants using Twitter for cheap, effective marketing by Devra J. First for The Boston Globe
+ Pictures: L’espalier on Twitter and Myers + Chang on Twitter


Put it on the BlackBerry

Red BlackBerry Curve 8310 Smartphone

I did not post yesterday night because I had enough of my cell phone. My Motorola RAZR might have been pretty in pink (fuchsia) but it was not fit for an active member of the social media community.

A full QWERTY keyboard became a must since I started using Twitter or to write several Facebook Status Updates a day to stay on top of Status Competition – a little bit of self-promotion (if you do not know, my husband and I created the Status Competition on Facebook as a social experiment). Being able to send and receive emails all the time is pretty handy.

A smart phone for a stylish girl

So what phone a stylish Canadian girl goes for: the next best thing besides an iPhone. For my non Canadian readers, the iPhone has not officially arrived in Canada. Apple and the aspirant wireless service provider cannot reach an agreement. I was tired of waiting and decided to act.

So I bought a Red BlackBerry Curve 8310 Smartphone instead. Mine is a rich burgundy red so it looks less corporate. It is the smallest and lightest BlackBerry to offer a full QWERTY keyboard, Web browsing, GPS, 2.0 megapixel camera with digital zoom and flash. There is a MP3, but I do not care because I always carry my iPod Touch.

After going for a drink with some friends, I went shopping, ate dinner and started the learning process. My husband set everything up for me. This is definitely the biggest advantage to be married to a cute geek. As I woke up this morning, I read my twitter on my Blackberry.

My Red BlackBerry Curve may not be as cool as the iPhone but once you learned how the basics, it is pretty easy to maneuver. If I can only find a great ring tone, I will be all set.

Where to buy: Store listing for the BlackBerry Curve 8310 Smartphone