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My 2008 Posts in Review: March

As a blogger, I think it is a good exercise to take the time to go over what you accomplished over the last 12 months. Here are my favorite posts from what I talked about in March 2008.

bold colors :: siphon coffee in san francisco :: google zurich office

+ As I talked about color trends, I was delighted to showcase elegant way to put vibrant, happy colors on your walls.

+ The best ever coffee I ever tasted was at San Francisco. It comes from the siphon bar at the Blue Bottle Coffee on Mint Street. I took a video of how they make their famous siphon coffee.

+ The Zurich Google Office gave me ideas for party décor. The least we can say is that it is an imaginative workplace. This is a popular post.

c. quoi brunch tableware and serve ware

+ My best find in March was C. Quoi. It provides exceptional elements for a brunch table. I wish we were able to get in North America the products from this amazing French design studio.


My 2008 Posts in Review: February

I traveled a lot last February. I went to Toronto for the IDS show, Boston, Vancouver, New York and San Francisco.

how to select a centerpiece

+ I am proud of the good tips I gave on How to select your centerpieces

uncluttering your home :: meeting bea of La Tartine Gourmande :: Gold Floor at Copley Plaza

+ Last February, I wrote that I secretly dream of a clutter free home. Last fall, my husband and I removed the stuff we did not want or need anymore. It feels so great being in the house now.

+ I had the chance to have brunch with Béa of La Tartine Gourmande at Upstairs on the Square in Cambridge. You can watch a performance by a singing chorale from Harvard. If you did not read the good news, Béa gave birth to a cute little girl December 25.

+ I had the pleasure to stay at the Gold Floor of the Copley Plaza while we were in Boston. Fairmont Gold Supervisor Nicholas Apostolides gave us in the tour. Watch the videos to discover the well-stocked kitchen and the library room.


My 2008 Posts in Review: January

I will spotlight 3 or 4 posts that affectionate for every month. I selected them for what they mean to me. January 2008 marked the start of traveling every weekend for 2 to 4 days. It as exhausting but also a lot of fun. You will be surprised that I selected one post from my weekend getaways.

favorite posts of january 2008

+ The authentic taste of the Mexican food and the margarita at Taqueria Canonita were divine. Watch my reaction when I take the first sip of my margarita on The Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian in Las Vegas.

+ The Egg candle holders by Michelle Mason were one of my best finds of 2008.

+ Igloofest 2008 was a success last year at the Quays of Montreal Old Port. Even if it was -25C outside in Montreal the night I went with a group of friends, we all enjoyed Dancing under the stars.

books from my best of  january 2008

+ Because I believe we should teach at a young age how fun it is to make your own food, I invite you to read again Ideas for Baking with Kids.