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A Few Summer Entertaining Ideas

gift packets by simply seleta

homemade raspberry basil ice pops by la famiglia

I stopped doing quick links post and instead, I put more links on my Facebook page or share links on Twitter. I will continue to do it but I think that I should highlight some of the top stories on my editorial page (i.e. my blog). Let’s see how it goes before I declare the revival of that column. For now, I wish to share three design ideas that you could use this summer for entertaining.

+ Since the thermometer raises today to a new high, it seems like a good idea to make your own ice pops. Monica of La Famiglia was inspired by the artisanal pops in NY and LA when she decided to make her own Raspberry-Basil Ice Pops. I want some!

gift packets by simply seleta

+ Selena of Simply Selena assembled those gift packets for Teacher Appreciation week. They are awesome. It would be easy to repurpose her concept by changing a few items to convert it either into a way to serve beverage and utensils at a picnic or to become a country picnic favor that your guests could savor on their way back home. The possibilities are endless. Via Party Perfect

make your own martini bar station designed sunday suppers

+ It may be too warm today for having the classic martini but when you see something that good, you need to pass the information along. Sunday Suppers designed a stylish make your own Martini bar station for a rustic Italian event. As always, they shared the best places in New York city to reproduce their signature look. You can apply the same principle to serve a more summery drink like a margarita or a Tom Collins.


Hand Held Julienne Slicer

julienne slicer :: elena pantry

You know how I like kitchen gadgets that simplify my life and are easy to clean. I pick my big mandolin slicer when I need julienne strips but I would prefer a hand held option for when I only need to slice one carrot. I found this julienne slicer that seems to do a good job on Elena Pantry.

Another option is the Kuhn Rikon Julienne Peeler with Blade Protector, which costs less ($15 USD vs. $22.99).

+ Via Elena Pantry


Origami Tea Concept by Natalia Ponomareva

origami tea bag concept by Natalia Ponomareva

Russian designer Natalia Ponomareva invented the cutest tea bag on Earth. I like the refinement of the triangular cloth tea bags but her origami tea bags are second to none. Sadly, this is only a prototype. Her tea bags received good press from many bloggers around the World.

I wish I will be able to serve those to my friends pretty soon. Imagine the Wow factor at the dining table when they see the bird gradually taking shape as they infuse their tea.

I discovered it originally on Inspire Inspire, the awesome blog of a London girl called Naomi. It is not the last time you hear me referring to her finds.

+ Natalia Ponomareva
+ Via Inspire Inspire, Sub-studio design blog, Packaging UQAM


Weekend Picnic Inspired by Roland Bello

picnic in the forest pictures by roland bello

It is unusual to bring flea market furniture and old TV sets in a wild forest for a picnic. This is part of the charm. Do not be afraid to put objects in an unexpected context. It can be as simple as that to spice up a party theme. These fabulous pictures were taken by photographer Roland Bello. You can see more inspiring food and lifestyle pictures on his Web site.

+ photos by Roland Bello
+ via English Muse


Semiannual Sale at DWR

dwr semiannual sale

If you want to get new furniture at Design Within Reach, now is the time. The DWR semiannual sale is running until October 13th, 2009. You can save 15% on many items. Plus all orders of $1000 or more gets free shipping across continental United States. The Farm Table (on sale at $1615) sits 8 comfortably. Families will appreciate the 2 convenient drawers for storage of utensils, linens or cookbooks.

+ Via DWR

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Fruits and Passion’s Sale Alert

free cucina scent with sale alert from fruits and passion

Fruits and Passion is having a sale in Canada and the United States. A range of customer’s favorite products is reduced to $15, until quantities last. Plus, you will receive Cucina Fragrant Kitchen Spray 100 ml Sanguinelli Orange and Fennel free with purchase of $45 ($60 if shopping in USA) or more before taxes. About the free Cucina Fragrant Spray, their sale alert email mentioned two more scents. Inquiry since I do not know which offer is valid.

+ Images from Fruits and Passion


Porcelain Tableware by Linda Bloomfield

porcelain cake stands and tableware by linda bloomfield

UK potter Linda Bloomfield creates simple shapes with tactile satin mat glazes and subtly colored interiors. I like her style. Her tableware collection is sold through many art galleries and retailers across Britain. Lucky for us, the US-based retailer Hygge & West, which ships to Canada in top of the Unites States, carries her line.

+ Images via Linda Bloomfield