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Home Decor Trend: Mauve, Lilac and Berry Tones

mauve lilac and berry tones :: fall 2010 home trend

mauve lilac and berry tones :: fall 2010 home trend

I wrote a fall trend report for Style Sheet by where grellow was the center of the attention. Another trend that is worth noting is the mauve, lilac and berry tones trend. I touched it on my fall 2010 trends for HGTV with a few accessories. Let’s explore it further.

Furniture, pendant lamps, art prints and paint colors enable you to let in those nice red-blueish tones. I prefer the mauve and lilac to last year’s purple. I feel that it is easier to coordinate. I am fond of the glass pendant lighting collection by Niche Modern. It has a unique, industrial yet sophisticated design, especially in that rich tone. We see a lot of black or grey used as accent color with this color palette.

Traditional Style

plum trend used with traditional style furniture

Plum, mauve and lilac are not reserved for the modern style. It applies as well with traditional style decor. On the October 2010 issue of Living etc., they show the crocus Zephirine wallpaper next to a stunning blue sofa. The result is awesome.

+ EVRT Studio – Atlas Oats Print $120 to $160 USD at 2Modern
+ Niche Modern’s Plum Pendant Lighting $440 to $1,195
Inhabit Plankton Pillow $60 – $68
+ Moire Tibet Pendant by Shine Labs $350
+ Suzanne Lounge Seating for Kids $1,726 – $4,064
+ Designers Guild’s Zephirine Wallcoverings – color: crocus – photo by Damien Russell for Living etc.
Fox Point Armchair $615 painted in Martha Stewart Living Paint in Blueberry Pie $ 25 a gallon


My Lilac-Blue Mashed Potato Recipe

blue mashed potatoes prepared with fresh herbs and served with bison

I cooked that meal last night for dinner. I am showing you because I used a type of potatoes I never seen before. You probably noticed that grocery stores are carrying more and more types of potatoes. With 4000 types of potatoes, it seems appropriate that we explore new ones.

One of the gourmet potatoes is the All Blue potatoes. In Finland, they serve it mashed with sour cream. The purple-blue flesh has a mild, slightly sweet flavor with a subtle hazelnut taste. This potato is versatile since it is very good mashed, steamed and boiled. The minute I saw it, I thought that the All Blue potatoes could be a special addition at the Christmas table of anyone who embraces the lilac trend (winter) this Holiday season.

My Mashed Potato Recipe

No need to find this specific potato, you can use any potato fit to be mashed with my recipe. I transformed my mother’s recipe over the years to include my love of bay leaves and fresh herbs. You get pleasing texture if you heat your milk.

  • You cook the peeled potatoes on salted boiling water with 1 to 3 bay leaves – it depends of your taste.
  • In the meantime, warm a cup of milk – you may pour a little less in your potatoes but I prefer to be ready. Once the milk is hot, drop 3 whole bay leaves, put a cover and infuse for 15 minutes. Then, filter the milk with a fine strainer.
  • I dry the drained potatoes with a tea towel before putting them back in the pot
  • Add the warm milk slowly as you manually mash the potatoes. I believe that you get the best results with a potato masher. I use a strong wire potato masher.
  • Cut about 3 ounces (100 grams) of salted butter in small pieces. Spread over the potatoes, put freshly ground pepper to taste. Mix well. Adjust the seasoning.
  • I add 1 to 2 tablespoon of freshly cut herbs that I finely chopped. Which herbs I use depends on my main dish.

Grilled bison medallions were the main dish. Therefore, I select fresh marjoram because it goes well with red meats.


A Glimpse at Winter 2008-2009 True Blue Collection by Koziol

true blue collection for winter 2008-2009 by koziol

I already told you about purple and blue being the color of the moment earlier this year. The trend continues this winter. For Koziol, passionate purple and mysterious midnight blue are setting the tone.

I am happy to get a scoop and introduce Koziol’s Winter 2008-2009 True Blue collection. My preference goes to the five items I am showing you.


Forged in a single piece, CAMILLA can be a watering can, a vase or a bag. It depends on how you feel and what you need.

Serving ware

LEAF-IT enables you to serve hors d’oeuvres, sushi, antipasti or tapas in style. It is available in a transparent violet and blue material.

ANEMONE looks like a one-of-a-kind piece but in fact the unique shape can be manufactured due to cutting-edge technology. If you are looking for a conversation piece to store your fruits, the Anemone bowl fits the bill.


COCOON is a trendy cup for hot and cold drinks. It is normal since it was designed for the club scene. This cup was created to fit the décor of the Cocoon Club in Frankfurt by the design atelier 3deluxe.

The PURE series will be available in midnight blue. I showed you the PURE carafe, cups, bottle cooler and tray in a summer shade of green last month.

Purple and blue are the hottest colors in Europe. Looking at these pictures, I understand the appeal. What are your thoughts about the True Blue collection?

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Purple, Khaki Green and Yellow Green | More Color Trends of 2008

living room and storage by habitat :: purple khaki yellow green of 2008

These pictures from Habitat illustrate well the trends I saw at the Interior Design Show (IDS) Toronto 2008 last month. It also demonstrates that a little color goes a long way.

Deep Dark Luxury

The purples, chocolate browns, deep blues and khaki greens of 2008 are colors that you do not have to be afraid to commit. Darker hues feel luxurious. In fact, most of the luxury market favors the darker tones right now.

You will see purples mixed yellow greens, gold and lilac in 2008. Whenever you select a color for your home, choose the tint in function of the type of room, the time of the day where you use it and the lighting. For example, the purples of the casual outdoor room are of medium values because they sit outside.

Punch Colors

I feel that the most interesting lesson that you can learned from these fabulously styled rooms by Habitat was is that the big expensive pieces can stay pretty neutral. The top picture is the perfect example that you do not need a huge investment to follow the trends.

Khaki green is perfect for a family room. Yellow green feels fresh in the kitchen. If you live in an open concept kitchen/ dining room / living room, you can mix the two colors but always give more importance to one or the other in each room.

Defining Your Open Space

Even though you want to create a cohesive look in a concept space, you need to clearly define each space. Otherwise, your house will lack dimensions. For that reason, I do not recommend to carry around the same, identical color palette over the entire open space.

As I told you in my review of 10 years of design, successfully decorated rooms mix several trends. It is the end of the package theme. You sculpt your design by playing with the shapes, the finishes, the textures, the contrast, the lighting, the symmetry and the styles of what everything that fits into the room. The goal is to create dimensions in an eclectic but harmonious way.

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