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Sea Sight Prefab House in Cedeira, Spain

forest wall of a modern prefab house in cedeira designed by mycc

forest wall of a modern prefab house in cedeira designed by mycc

I adore the forest wall of this modern prefabricated house located in Spain. Some portions of the wall are stutter doors.

prefab house in cedeira, spain designed by the architect studio mycc

Unfortunately, I do not have more details about this house designed the architect studio MYCC. But before you go, look at the breath-taking view of the Atlantic Ocean.

sea sight view of a prefab house designed by mycc

I discovered MYCC by looking at the beautiful pictures on Kateopolis. She showed another house designed by MYCC. That one has a lawn roof. I discovered Kateopolis on Twitter thanks to Lindsay of Ounodesign.

+ photos: MYCC

HOME + GARDEN MODERN architecture

Skyline Series by Marmol Radziner is Fitted for Urban Dwellers

prefab modern dwell homes collection :: skyline series by marmol radziner

Now a part of Dwell Homes Collection, the Skyline Series designed by Marmol Radziner is a mix and match system of four floor plans. Overall, it creates six unique homes suitable for typical urban lots. You can choose one story home with two bedrooms up to a two story home with six bedrooms.

About the Plan

The floor plans are designed to fit the width of typical urban lots. The house runs to the back of your lot. The outdoor living spaces are located on the sides. Tree edges and fencing can preserve your privacy. The indoor/outdoor living experience is well thought. The great room next to the terrace calls for having guests over for a dinner party. It should be great to relax there.

I am telling you right away. This prefab modern houses with green elements are not cheap. It falls into the sustainable, good design, high end market. The smaller house is a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom house that starts at $550,000 ($313 per square feet). The sustainable design elements include responsible woods, recycled materials, low VOC paint, insulated glass, optional grid-connected solar panels, and energy efficient appliances.

Will it sell?

Besides the typical advantages of prefab construction over on-site construction, modern prefab construction solve typical problems when it comes to modern architecture housing. In many cities, you will have a hard time finding many architects with a huge portfolio of modern architecture houses. Moreover, finding a construction crew with hand-on experience building modern architecture houses is probably harder. The craftsmanship on a modern architecture house is more demanding. It is about straight lines with no ornamentation to hide the imperfections. This is why I think it is easier to get the required level of precision on a manufacturing line.

But to succeed, the prefab movement will have to go over the stigma of low housing. These are high end prefab construction. I welcome them but I am not convinced that the market is ready for it. I hope the buyers will welcome them.

+ Skyline Series by Marmol Radziner

HOME + GARDEN MODERN architecture

Small is Beautiful with Modern Prefab Houses

prefabricated house v2flat by v2 world

When it comes to a second house I feel that small is beautiful. You often own this place to relax. The best way to do it is with a low maintenance house. A smaller house means less time is passed on regular cleaning.

It should not be too small. Make sure to analyze correctly your needs and their frequencies. Challenges your preconceptions. Not having the right furniture for a place or not maximizing the usage with double-duty furniture is one reason a small house may feel crowded. Look at you can nicely entertain for a cocktail in a 16 x 24 feet house plan.

small yet fit to entertainin many people at a cocktail

As a fan of the prefabricated modern house movement, these pictures speak to me. The modules can measure between 12 to 24 feet with the size growing  by 4 feet increment. You can put modules side by side or one module over another to suit your lot.

dwell on design 2009

The V2 flat house was featured on a previous Dwell On Design Conference in Los Angeles. I wish I could go to Dwell on Design this year but we elected to go to San Francisco a few days before instead. There are too many conferences. It will be for another time. If you are interested in assisting the Dwell On Design Conference, read this to see all the ticket options.

+ V2 World – July 8th, 2009 update: there is a problem with the link

HOME + GARDEN MODERN architecture

Two Modern Houses and A Cabin in Denmark

house n :: wooden house and guest quarter by planhaus :: summer cabin in denmark

I told you before that I dream of having someday a modern cabin at the top of hill facing a lake. Materialicious is a blog filled with modern architecture houses from across the globe.

Justin Anthony, a New Yorker currently residing in Phoenix, Arizona is the founding editor of Materialicious. He describes his blog as eye candy, pure and simple residential architecture and design.

House N

Located in Japan, House N is house within a house designed by Sou Fujimoto Architects. The concept is very cool. Looking at all the pictures, especially the interior spaces, enables us to understand the genius behind the house space planning.

I would like to visit the House N to see if the magic continues in the real world. Photos by Iwan Bann (rights reserved)

Wooden House and Guest Quarter

One thing that I would like is a small guest house semi-detached from our cabin. I say, semi-detached in case we wish to use the cabin during the winter months.

Here a project done by a Architect firm in Vienna called planhaus . Looking at the picture taken during the construction, I do not grasp how this house is a prefab house as mentioned by Materialicious. But I am not an architect. Photos by Wolf Leeb (rights reserved)

Summer Cabin in Denmark

When you think about it, a small house can provide everything you need for a simple weekend getaway. I examined the floor plan of this cabin. If you can live with the super tiny bedrooms, Christensen & Co Arkitekter designed the perfect no-frills summer cabin. Photos by Adam Mørk (rights reserved)

+ Materialicious: House N, Planhaus prefab house and guest quarters, Summer Cabin in Denmark
+ Below the Clouds


Modern Green Prefab Housing with Method Homes

method homes cabin :: prefab modern architecture by balance associates architects

One day, my husband and I wish to build our own modern cottage on a hill facing a lake. We are not ready yet but we are looking at options; it is better to be prepared.

With all the snows we get down here, this warm modern architecture, cantilevered roof prefabricated house may be our solution.

Designed by Balance associates architects from Seattle, the Modern Homes cabin has a pleasing design. Three lines of prefabricated cabins are available to meet your needs. The cabin can be one or two storey high. The plans are neither too big nor too small.

Completed in 3 months

The advantage of a prefabricated home is that it reduces the total construction time. Building on a lake is more complicated than building in the city. You do not have access to the stores if you are short on materials and you may need to bring specialized workers. Therefore, having a lot of factory-build components simplifies things.

Space Planning to Fit Your Lifestyle

My wish list includes a main section for the public spaces and two wings: a guest wing and our private area wing for the master bedroom, bathroom and home office. As a blogger and a host, this floor plan would fit my lifestyle.

The bridge that separates the guest rooms from the rest of the house is on my wish list. Having a guest wing has several advantages for you and your guests. It provides privacy to your guests, especially if they come with children. For you, it reduces the traffic and cleansing needs since it is inside to the main house. You can save on energy by reducing the temperature of the guest wing during winter.

Families will use the wing for the kid bedrooms, assuming the kids are old enough. You can design a wider bridge and place two single bedrooms for extra sleeping quarters.

Green House

All Method Homes models will target LEED for Homes 2.0 gold or higher. Visit their Method Homes for the list of sustainable materials and practices.

+ Method Homes
+ Rental info: Mount Baker Brand New Contemporary Cabin “The Method Cabin” – price: $250 USD/Night, $1500/Week
+ Via: Method Homes prefab [Dwell blog]