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Cooking with Kids: Pear Galette

pear galette

pear galette

Galettes, which are freeform rustic pies, are not meant to look perfect. This makes galettes the ideal tarts to bake with your kids. I even prefer their rustic look to the more polished pies; this is probably due to the cozy warm feeling that I get at their sight.

The best thing about the Pear Galette of Lisa Homa is that you won’t need pie plates, just parchment paper. Once it is cooked, serve the galette on a wooden cutting. Depending on how it looks when it is out of oven, you may wish to replace the parchment paper with a fresher sheet. No one can refuse a stylish food presentation that cut on cleaning at a party.

Why not introduce your kids to the joy of baking while you are cooking for your Thanksgiving or Christmas party? They will be proud to share that they did the fruit or savory galettes themselves.

You will find Lisa Homa’s Pear Galette in the Fall 2011 issue of Sweet Paul magazine on pages 40 and 41.

+  photos: Alexandra Grablewski – Fall 2011 issue of Sweet Paul magazine


2011 Food Trend: Pie

Low-carb impossible breakfast pie by sheknows

Low-carb impossible breakfast pie by sheknows

I love cupcakes as much as the next girl, but I’m not alone in thinking they reached their (sweet, fluffy) peak last year. Pie sliced through its sweet competition to top countless lists of predicted food trends for 2011, including Serious Eats, Everyday with Rachael Ray magazine, and England’s The Independent.

No surprise there: its versatility straddles the sweet and savoury divide. There’s a pie style for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert, plus it can be dished out in miniature form, a true qualifier of “it food” status.

Best of all, homemade pie almost always takes the cake compared to store-bought or restaurant-created versions, which is why I couldn’t resist rounding up a few must-try recipes.

Pie for Breakfast

A slice of leftover fruit-filled pie makes a surprisingly satisfying breakfast indulgence, but for a more traditional option pair eggs with other breakfast staples like bacon or sausage. Pair them with fruit or a smoothie for a balanced meal.

+ Low-Carb Impossible Breakfast Pie from She Knows
+ Mini Smoked-Salmon Quiches from Eat My Shots
+ Egg Pie from Kayotic Kitchen

Pie for Lunch

Pie is open for interpretation, but typically always includes an inventive filling in a flaky crust. Try these with a side salad or soup for a light lunch.

Pie recipes for lunch

Caramelized Pear and Gorgonzola Quiche from Closet Cooking
+ Tortilla and Black Bean Pie from Martha Stewart

Pie for Dinner

Pie for dinner will need to be include a substantial filling, incorporating meat, vegetables. Be sure to add a side or two to round-out your meal.

pie recipes for dinner

+ Classic Tourtière (Québec Pork Pie) from Simple Bites
+ Butternut Squash Quiche with Kale and Sausage from My Kitchen Addiction
+ Chicken Parmesan Pot Pie with Mushrooms from Modern Comfort Food

Pie for Dessert

The options for dessert pie are truly endless as almost anything tastes wonderful inside a slight salty pastry base. I looked for interesting twists on three classic pies: apple, lemon meringue and pumpkin.

dessert pie recipes

+ Mini Lemon Meringue Pies from Flaming Pot
+ Apple Caramel Cheesecake Pie from The Fig Tree
+ Deep Dish Pumpkin Pie with Walnut Crunch and Cranberries from The Meaning of Pie