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A one-of-a-kind bedtime book for kids who like space

Each time my son sees his book, he says with a proud and happy face: “This is the book that my mom made for me”.  There is nothing more joyful to hear for a parent (or a grand-parent).

When the PR team of the London-based start-up Lost my Name approached me to review one of their books, their second title The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home instantly grabbed my attention. I knew that this lost in space story would speak to my 5-year-old son. What I didn’t know is how advanced was the way they personalize this space odyssey. Continue Reading


Personalized Favor Bags for a Kids Party

personalized favor bags

personalized favor bags

Bridgett Edwards founded Perideau Designs in 2009. She is a mom who designs beautiful personalized stationery and party supplies. I particularly like the cute silhouettes on her muslin favor bags. Kids love them to see their name of it. Other moms will appreciate that they can reuse the favor bags to carry crayons or small toys. They are available in pack of 6.

personalized favor bags for kids

Beside her standard collection, you could get a custom made design to fit your party theme if you buy 30 bags. The little ants are so cute.

mini trick or treat bags

For this Halloween, Bridgett created a collection of mini trick or treat bags. You also offer personalized Halloween treat bags at $2.50 each.

+ Favor Bags $15 USD for 6 bags at Perideau Designs
+ Custom design Favor Bags $75 for 30 bags
+ Mini Halloween Treat bags $13 USD for 10 bags (5 illustrations in total)


Nursery Posters | Etsy Finds

Custom Baby Birth Posters by chaiv on etsy

Custom Baby Birth Posters by chaiv on etsy

It is sweet to incorporate details about the baby’s birth in a nursery. One fun and elegant way to do that is through personalized art prints. Etsy is the place to find great posters, typically made by graphic designer moms. My heart is torn between two sellers as I cannot decide which one I prefer the most between the art prints of Penny People and the posters by Chaiv. They both played with typography to create remarkable custom-made posters.


Chaiv developed a unique design concept where birth details with the baby name are nicely layout on a custom made poster. Although there are plenty of information for a small piece of paper, the result looks great. You get to choose between two styles, available in two the color palettes of your choice.

custom baby birth poster and nursery poster by chaiv on etsy

Chaiv’s poster size is 11″ x 14″. They also make nice generic number posters and cute Dizzie Chick alphabet posters. They mix well with the custom baby birth poster, if you stay in the same color palette.

Penny People

Penny People found a clever way to write a baby name. I bought one for a friend who got a baby last year. Her alphabet print displays all the 26 letters of the alphabet in a personalized way. You get to choose between 7 colors for the baby name.

nursery posters custom alphabet print and number print by penny people

I also like her Number print. They are available in 8 x 10 and 13 x 19 formats. You won’t have any problems finding a frame since they fit in an Ikea Ribba Frame.

+ Custom Baby Birth Poster Style 2 by Chaiv $40
+ Dizzie Chickie On Alphabet Hill Poster PINK $28
8×10 Alphabet Print, 7 colour choices for names $15 – 13×19 Alphabet Print $25
+ 8×10 Number Print by Penny People $15 – 13 x 19 Number Print $25


Brume’s Decorative Frosting Films

decorative window films:: kiss the cook :: utensils : door number and bathroom doors

Decorative frosting films are a practical option when you need privacy but do not wish to block the light with curtains or blinds.

I like this collection by Brume of natural foliage, kitchen and laundry themes, bathroom doors, letters and numbers. Kiss the Cook and the utensils look great over the sink window.

decorative frosting window films for bathrooms and laundry rooms

UK-based, Brume produces any of their design pre-cut to your exact specifications, so you can apply them as soon as they arrive with no mess or fuss. You specify if the film will be installed inside or outside your home. I think that they ship outside United Kingdom but I could find it for sure.

+ Brume – price varies per dimension and if for indoor and outdoor usage