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Buy 1 Get 1 Free Address Label Promotion at Penny People Designs

adress labels by penny people designs

It is the right time to stock up seasonal address labels for your Christmas cards. I am fond of the Blue & Coral Damask and the Polar Bear by Penny People Designs.

At $10 a sheet, they make a special and inexpensive Christmas for your new neighbors. You can add a pack of correspondence cards and give shape to a custom gift for your girl friends.

Until November 2nd, 2007, you will get an extra sheet for free when you buy one at Penny People Designs.

Quick tips on modern addressing for Christmas

Take the time to write down the address by hand. Even if you do not write in calligraphic style, a calligraphy pen looks better. Practice a little bit before you start.

There is a surplus of mailed letters during Christmas. So it is best to follow the recognized standards by the Postal Services when writing the addresses. Your letters will be delivered faster. And in case there is a problem, you increase your chances to get back your letter sooner.

The tradition and etiquette

Etiquette states that your return envelope goes on the back of the envelope. The Postal Services want it at the top left corner on the front of the envelope. Etiquette exists to establish what the good manners are and to show respect to others. In everyday life situation, modern etiquette provides some flexibility versus the traditional etiquette rules.

For Christmas cards, birthday party invitations and so on, I feel that none of your close friends and family members should be offended if you follow the Postal Services rules. I do so out of efficiency.

But if you send a formal event invitation like a black tie ball invite or a wedding invitation, you should definitely write down your return address on the flap of the envelope. There is no question about it.

I do not know what the explanation behind this formal etiquette rule is. If you know the reasoning, I will be glad if you were kind enough to tell us.

Buy online: Buy 1 get 1 free Address label promotion at Penny People Designs – price: $10 for 30 labels
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+ Mommy and daddy calling cards


Introducing new Mom and Dad Calling Card patterns by Penny People

new Mom and Dad Calling Card patterns by Penny People

Calling Cards originated in the early part of the 19th Century but Mom & Dad calling cards are a modern day concept. Their popularity is growing constantly.

There is a good reason for that. Mom and Dad Calling cards are so handy when you are leaving your kid at a playdate. Many parents told me they wished calling cards had been around when their children were young.

A family affair

With the father taking a bigger role in the education of their children, having a card that works for both parents is often the most practical option. I was surprised to observe a lack of masculine designs on the market.

Penny People from Toronto listened to my suggestion. She emailed me yesterday about new patterns she introduced that are gender neutral. I want to spread the word.

The best models for fathers and parents

I feel that fathers and parents now have 5 gender neutral choices at Penny People. Dads and parents can choose between the latest blue or green Lulu, Jackson and the Blue Dots patterns. From the previous collection, Modern Green and So-chic Blue still look current.

Buy it for you, buy it for a friend

Calling cards can be a birthday present for a close friend or a relative who is a parent. Moms and dads will cherish their calling cards every time that hire a new babysitter or when their kids get invited to a playdate.

So why not give them a first batch? Make sure to check with the parents about allergies and birth dates. Names, address, cell phone number, child’s allergies and birth dates typically appear on the calling cards.

Buy online: Moms & Dads calling card collection at Penny People