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High and Low | Cake Stands and Glass Domes

To achieve a refined look, nothing beats the cake stands. Whatever your budget, you can find one that matches your style. Pastry domes and cake stands are a worthy investment if you like to host parties.

Upscale Versions

juliska Ursula Tea Cake Dome and Pedestal Set :: Isabella Medium Cake Dome and Pedestal Set

Add elegance with any of Juliska’s glass domes and cake stands. Juliska is renowned for its craftsmanship glassware. For a casual chic dinner to a formal dinner, opt for either Ursula Tea Cake Dome and Pedestal Set or the Isabella Medium Cake Dome and Pedestal Set.

On A Budget

cake Stand and glass Dome

The Michelangelo Masterpiece Footed Cake Plate with Cover by Luigi Bormioli is a small indulgence.

For the Thanksgiving brunch, use glass domes to cover pastries, croissants and cheese. Glass domes also have their places in everyday life. To my dislike, my cats still jump on the kitchen surfaces. Clear plastic sheets do not resist the feline curiosity. Therefore, a pair of glass domes is on my Christmas wish list.

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+ Ursula Tea Cake Dome/Ped. Set by Juliska – $298 USD, dome alone $148, pedestal $150
+ Isabella Md. Cake Dome/Ped. Set by Juliska – $398 USD, dome alone $198, pedestal $200
+ Luigi Bormioli’s Michelangelo Masterpiece Footed Cake Plate with Cover at – $44 USD
+ Glass Domes at Pottery Barn – small $19 USD, medium $29 USD


Add glamour to your table with pastry domes

Decorative pastry stands with glass domes

Nothing can beat the traditional glass pastry domes for creating the ultimate dessert serving ware. I always have a fascination for these tall structures. They add more drama than the typical cake pedestals.

Pastry domes bring a touch of nostalgia to your dinner party. Most people associate them with formal dining settings but the rustic charm of many models make them suitable for casual dinner events. Think about it like the little black dress in your wardrobe, you can always dress it up or down.

Slick glassware models are popular but I prefer the mix of materials and finishes. Pastry domes with a wood base or a metallic base look very European. I guess that is one of the appeals for me. I found you three retailers on the Web at different price ranges and styles.

Airy and modern clear glassware

The top row is about clear glassware. For this reason, they look airy and modern. The 9 inches tall Domed Pastry Stand is sold for only $18 USD at The Gardener. The 13 inches costs $20. At these prices, they are no reason to not hide one or two in your party cupboard. You can fit one small cake or 3 to 5 pantries in each stand.

Gold glass pastry domes

The most stylish dessert stands are from Horchow. This is a store with amazing products. I am presenting you a collection made of pale gold glass with gold-leaf finished stems.

There is just enough gold glows to be stylish and make the pieces look special. This is a luxury you can afford. The price is only $30 for a 12 inches tall pastry dome, $35 for the 16 inches and $40 for the 20 inches.

Having a trio makes the best presentation. Use them to nicely display mouth-watering desserts and fruits on a dessert station or on a console next by the dinner table. Seeing them all nights will tease your guests. You will need to be a little patient since two dimensions are back ordered until October 1st, 2007.

Exquisite adjustable nickel plated brass stands

Perfect as a wedding gift, the next two domed stands are an indulgence that any chic hostess will die for. Made of nickel-plated brass stands with adjustable heights, these fine etched glass pastry domes are magnificent. The diameter sizes are just right at 8.25 and 11 inches. They start at $145 USD for the small Adjustable Dessert Stand. Since they fit with my home décor, they are destined to be mine. This last comment is a clue to my immediate family :).

Decorative wood stands with glass domes

At Giani’s, I found a set of three Decorative Dome Pastry Stands with black wooden stems for $52.95 USD. They look great. Since the plate diameter is only 7 inches, they work best for cheeses, fruits, cupcakes, small cakes and individual pastries. This set is cool because you can divide it in three presents. So next time you bring the dessert to a casual dinner party, slip in a pastry dome for an outstanding hostess gift. You are sure to be invited again.

The last two vintage domes display a cleaner classical look that the dome pastry stands at Giani’s. If you want to own two stylish domed stands and you do not want to spend too much money, these ones are your best buy. Like I said before having two diameter sizes is a plus. Horchow sells the Short Cake Stand for $40 USD and the Tall Cake Stand for $65.

When you serve your dessert in a domed pastry stand, your table is almost done. If you are in a hurry, just by themselves they create an interesting table setting. So they are the perfect equipment for easy entertaining.

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