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Easter Egg Decorating and Crafting Ideas

easter egg hunt prizes

easter egg hunt prizes

At only a few weeks ago from Easter, it is more than time to plan your Easter Egg activities. Hiding special eggs adds cheer and joy to your Easter Egg hunt. I like to include eggs that the kids can keep after the party. The wood hen sized eggs would be a nice addition to any market pretend shop. They have been painted in all natural non-toxic soy paint. You could use the plastic egg string lights to delimit the start and end line of the race.

I found two adorable crafting projects that transform your eggs into other animals. First, you could make an owl Easter Egg designed by Donna Bush. Or  do like Martha Stewart and create your own crepe surprise bunny eggs. Imagine those for your Easter tablescape.

Egg Decorating Kit Premiere Moisson

Lastly, why not paint chocolate eggs during your Easter celebrations? Premiere Moisson sells an egg-decorating kit at their store. The kit includes 3 chocolate eggs (two milk chocolate and one white chocolate), 3 jars of food paints and 3 brushes. If you like what your children’s creations, submit them to the “Fais-toi beau mon coco!” Facebook contest.

+ Plastic Easter Egg String Lights $9.99 USD at Target
+ Owl Easter Egg DIY project designed by Donna Bush and published at Michaels
+ Crepe Paper Surprise Bunny Eggs by Martha Stewart
+ 12 Rainbow Wood Eggs by Applenanos $32 USD on Etsy
+ Chocolate Egg Decorating Kit $19.95 CAD at Première Moisson


Striped Paper Straws in Canada

striped paper straws

striped paper straws

We all  are familiar with these adorable striped paper straws. They have been a must-have of baby showers and kids birthdays over the last few years. But if you Live in Canada, you know that they are almost impossible to find this side of the border. This is why I am glad to report that Omiyage now carries 9 shades of striped paper straws, 3 shades of dotted paper straws and one red heart paper straw. These straws are compostable, biodegradable, and made with food safe ink.

You might remember that we talked about Omiyage earlier this year for the great washi tapes.

+ Stripped Paper Straws at Omiyage $4.50 CAD for a pack of 25


Party Supplies from Acme Party Box Company

acme party box cottage floral tablescape

acme party box cottage floral tablescape

Parties are all fun and games until it comes time for clean up. Worse still is the pang of guilt when you see how much garbage your small yet sociable gathering generates. After all, it’s easy to get carried away in decor and menu planning without a thought toward hosting an eco-responsible party.

Enter Acme Party Box Company, an online shop specializing in eco-responsible tableware, favours and party decorations – all created to be reused and enjoyed over and over again. This doesn’t mean rough recycled paper napkins and colourless decor though. Acme design their wares with modern colourways and charming themes with both adults and kids in mind.

If you need to plan a party – and plan it fast – opt for a “Party Box”. Each box includes custom letterpress invitations; table linens (fabric napkins, bunting, favour bags and a table runner!); favours; bamboo tableware and utensils; and centrepiece standbys like candlesticks and vases.

acme party box bunting favor bags

My favourite is the ultra-feminine Cottage Floral theme. It would be perfect for an outdoor bridal/baby shower, or for a sophisticated little girl’s birthday party. Just need a few extra essentials? You can also purchase items individually to freshen your existing supplies. I’ll definitely be adding a few of these super cute glass drinking jars for warm weather gatherings.

acme party box glass drinking jars

Want a little party planning guidance? Acme also has a free, downloadable instruction sheet and planning checklist to help your soirée on its way.

Are you planning any parties this spring? Will you follow a theme or stick to the basics?

+ Acme Party Boxes, from $290 USD
+ Glass Drinking Jars (Box of 12), $36 USD
+ Free Party Planning Guides
+ Photos: Acme Party Box


The 2011 Edition of Oscar Bingo by How About Orange

how about orange oscar bingo

how about orange oscar bingo

With the Academy Awards just over a week away, another award’s season is winding down. Whether you’re planning a full-on bash to rival Oscar after-parties or just hosting a few film fanatic friends, be sure to include this free, printable Oscar Bingo card designed by Jessica Jones of How About Orange.

This classic game gets a hilarious upgrade with categories like “Orchestra cuts off winner’s speech” and “Winner attempts to exit stage in wrong direction”. It’s sure to keep your guests entertained through the show’s less-than-award-worthy segments.

For other Oscar party ideas, including food and favor suggestions, check out Kim’s round-up.

+ Printable Oscar Bingo card from How About Orange


Two DIY Party Projects

cookies in sewed glassine bags :: party favors

cookies in sewed glassine bags :: party favors

I saw those two DIY projects created by Jessica from Modern Moments. They are easy and would definitely make a statement. The best part is that these DIY projects can be adapted to fit many occasions.

First, take this idea from a first birthday’s party for a little boy. The mother sewed a cookie in a glassine bag for serving. It makes an awesome presentation and your guests can easily take home a few cookies at the end of the party.

diy mini cupcake stand

For the same party, this mom made these single cupcake stands for roughly $1 each. It’s an idea I bookmarked for my next tea party.

+ Your not so typical Office Party First Birthday by Modern Moments
+ Mini Cupcake Stand DIY Tutorial by Modern Moments
+ Glassine bag at Garnish, from $0.10 to $0.20 each, depending of the size


Adorable Party Supplies at Shop Sweet Lulu

8 oz, round bottles for milk, limonade or other beverages

8 oz. round bottles for milk, chocolate milk lemonade or other beverages

If you wonder where to get these adorable small bottles that are so popular at baby showers and weddings, have a look at Shop Sweet Lulu on Etsy. They also carry the traditional French square bottles.

french square glass bottles and wooden taster spoons for ice cream

Shop Sweet Lulu also sells wooden ice cream spoons, dots and stripes birthday candles, nice striped straws, polka dot party cones and baking cups with cute festive patterns that you can use to serve candies, ice cream as well as cupcakes.

polka dot candy cups

If you need a large number, you may be better to buy your beverage bottles in bulk. I found the square bottles in different formats at SKS Bottle & Packaging.

+ 8 oz. Round Bottles, $12 USD for 4 at Shop Sweet Lulu
+ 8 oz. French Square Bottles with a black plastic cap, $16 USD for 4 at Shop Sweet Lulu
+ 8 oz. French Square Bottles without caps, $66.36 USD for 84 at SKS Bottle  & Packaging
+ Flat Wooden Ice Cream Taster Spoons $2 for 20 at Shop Sweet Lulu
+ Polka Dot Candy Cups $4 for 20 at Shop Sweet Lulu


Wedzu: A Marketplace for Indie and Handmade Weddings

wedding photo props

dirty laudry guest book kit

I love Etsy but let’s face it, it is so huge now that it could be time-consuming to find what you are looking for.  This is why we see an emergence of curated marketplaces. The latest addition is Wedzu, a marketplace for indie and handmade weddings. Some items would add fun to a baby shower, a birthday party or a club reunion.

I picked some of my favorite handmade items to make your party more memorable.

Photo Props

wedding photo props

Photo shoots require props. The mustache and lips photo shoot has become a trend. The sexy red lips and bold English handlebar mustaches are available in sets of 2 or sets of 5. I featured before vintage silverware recycled as garden and herbs markers. Monkeys Always Look transformed them into wedding photo props. It comes in a set of 3 spoons with the words: I Love You, XOXO and Kiss Me.

Favor Boxes

cake slice favor boxes

Each cake favor box is tied by a pretty ribbon on the side. I also like it for baby and bridal showers.

please deliver to stamp

If you ship your invite in a box, you might like to get one of these Please Deliver To Wooden Stamp to print on your shipping labels.

Funny Guest Book

clothesline guest book

The Dirty Laundry Guest Book Kit provides a creative twist. Guests can write their funny stories or wishes on note cards cut as t-shirts, tank tops, pants and skirts. The kit includes mini wooden clothespins, clothesline and a coordinating label that encourages guest’s to write notes to affix on a detergent bottle.

+ The Sassy Couple Photo Props by Whisker Works $20 for set of 2
+ Wedding Photo Prop Stamped Silverware Markers by Monkeys Always Look $17 for 3 assorted spoons
+ Chocolate Cake with Blue Flowers Favor Boxes by Imeon Design $32 for 12
+ Red Paper Fortune Cookie by Imeon Design $3
+ Please Deliver To Wooden Stamp by Paper Pastries $25
+ Dirty Laundry Guest Book Kit by Mélangerie Inc. $35


Sweet Lucie’s Organic Ice Cream Cart

sweet lucie's vintage ice cream cart

sweet lucie's vintage ice cream cart

Sweet Lucie’s is another cute story born from the desire of parents-to-be to eat organic food. The idea emerged from the ice cream craving of Geri. This explained why owners Geri and Mike Czako named business after their little girl.

I was sold when I first laid my eyes on their charming 1950’s ice cream truck and their vintage ice cream cart. From the reviews I read online, their organic ice cream is supposed to be divine. I say “Bravo!” for developing such a superb concept.

Serving Southern California

sweet lucie's organic ice cream vintage cart and truck

If I was hosting a wedding, a birthday party, a bar/bat mitzvah or a special private party in the Southern California area, I would give them a call. Sweet Lucie’s can cater up to 600 guests per event but you do not have to host a huge party like that go with this party rental service. I know that they were hired for a 40th birthday party, kids birthdays, weddings and a golf tournament. Sweet Lucie’s will work with you to tailor the ice cream flavors to your taste and party theme. They can also serve a sunday bar.

sweet lucie's mint lemonade sorbet recipe

As far as I know they did not start yet, but they should bring their ice cream to the streets of Southern California in a near future. For the rest of us who live too far to enjoy their tasty ice cream, we can prepare their Simple At-Home Organic Mint Lemonade Sorbet Recipe.

+ Sweet Lucie’s
+ Sweet Lucie’s at The Knot event – photo by Duke Photography Inc.
+ Simple At-Home Organic Mint Lemonade Sorbet Recipe on Tastespotting’s blog


Edible Prints and Cake Decorations by Lucks

edible printed cake decoration by lucks food decorating company

Lucks Food Decorating makes it easy for anyone to start decorating their cakes. Lucks manufacture edible print decorations, molded sugar decorations, royal icing roses and food colors. Beside taking courses, this would help you make a lasting impression when you are baking your own cake for a party.

When placed on food, edible images absorb moisture and become soft, blending in seamlessly with your culinary creation. Their cake decorating strips are a fun and easy way to decorate buttercream, fondant, gum paste, chocolate, whipped toppings, fudge and ice cream cakes.

The website of Lucks provides instructions to create elaborate cakes with their Edible Image Designer Prints collection. They are organized by theme or occasion. They are ideas for all levels of cake decorators. I am showing you simpler versions. You can also watch an entire series of instructional videos on to get you started. Check out the Lucks Decorating Ideas PDF to have a list of everything you need to reproduce your own.

+ Lucks Food Decorating Company
+ Available at starts at $43.19 USD for 36 strips


Draw your Own Scenes NYC Walls Notebook + a Kid Picnic Idea

new york city walls notebook by sherwood forlee for drawing and writing

Sherwood Forlee designed a drawing and writing notebook that will please artists of all ages. Stock a few to give to teenagers and you will be the aunt with the coolest gift.

nyc walls notebook by sherwood forlee for drawing and writing

You even imagine what you could see if you were visiting New York City. The notebook contains 80 untouched NYC walls for playing street artists or recording ideas. Or if you go to New York, use the notebook to record live what you have done, glued travel pictures, etc.

Sherwood Forlee is photographer and design engineer living in New York City. He learned art by studying fluid dynamics and partial differential equations.

Anti-Theft Lunch Bags

anti-theft sandwich bags by sherwood forlee :: joke at a picnic

Sherwood  came up with unique and whimsical design including the Anti-Theft Lunch Bags, which are sandwich bags with green splotches printed on both sides to give the illusion that your freshly prepared lunch is spoiled. If you wish to make a joke at a kid picnic party or a camping trip with friends, these sandwich bags are a good start.

+ Official Web site of Walls Notebook
+ Walls Notebook $11.53 USD
+ Anti-Theft Lunch Bags $10 for 25 bags
+ Via Swissmiss’ tweet