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Introducing the new Birth Photo Announcement Cards at Penny People Designs

pbirth photo announcement cards at penny people designs

New parents can save until April 18th, 2008 with the Buy 1 Get 1 free event on their new Birth Photo Announcement Cards. From their design studio in Toronto, Penny People Designs ships worldwide.

Penny People will double the ordered quantity of any Birth Photo Announcement cards if you answer Eupdate to the question “How did you hear from us?” during the checkout process. Offer valid until April 18th, 2008.

The design of the Penny People cards can be changed to suit your taste. So do not worry if you do not like the shown colors, the fonts or the fact that the picture is in black and white. As far as I understand, these design changes cost nothing.

Added Attention

Because Penny People knows that you will be quite busy after the birth of your infant, parents-to-be can receive the envelopes early for an additional $3.00 mailing fee. Therefore, it makes senses to order the birth announcements prior to the arrival of your baby.

Remember that you can order party favor gift boxes with a personalized stickers that match your invites.

Buy online: Birth Photo Announcement at Penny People Designs – price $2.75 each
Buy online: Personalized Candy Box 2″ x 2″ Box & Sticker – price: $1.25 each CAD
Buy online: Personalized Candy Box 2.5″ x 3.5″ Rectangle with Sticker – price: $1.60 each
Learn more: Blog of Penny People Designs


Introducing new Mom and Dad Calling Card patterns by Penny People

new Mom and Dad Calling Card patterns by Penny People

Calling Cards originated in the early part of the 19th Century but Mom & Dad calling cards are a modern day concept. Their popularity is growing constantly.

There is a good reason for that. Mom and Dad Calling cards are so handy when you are leaving your kid at a playdate. Many parents told me they wished calling cards had been around when their children were young.

A family affair

With the father taking a bigger role in the education of their children, having a card that works for both parents is often the most practical option. I was surprised to observe a lack of masculine designs on the market.

Penny People from Toronto listened to my suggestion. She emailed me yesterday about new patterns she introduced that are gender neutral. I want to spread the word.

The best models for fathers and parents

I feel that fathers and parents now have 5 gender neutral choices at Penny People. Dads and parents can choose between the latest blue or green Lulu, Jackson and the Blue Dots patterns. From the previous collection, Modern Green and So-chic Blue still look current.

Buy it for you, buy it for a friend

Calling cards can be a birthday present for a close friend or a relative who is a parent. Moms and dads will cherish their calling cards every time that hire a new babysitter or when their kids get invited to a playdate.

So why not give them a first batch? Make sure to check with the parents about allergies and birth dates. Names, address, cell phone number, child’s allergies and birth dates typically appear on the calling cards.

Buy online: Moms & Dads calling card collection at Penny People


Men-only Baby shower + Father’s Day Gift Idea: Dad Diaper Bags

Dude Shoulder Diaper Bag

The newest trends towards men-only baby shower party and the even more popular parent baby shower party has contributed to the popularity of the dad diaper bag in the wish list.

Modern dads take care of their babies. But& men do not want to be seen with a female design diaper bag. So why not give a truly masculine diaper bag to the father to be.

I came across these dad diaper bags that are on sale. Available in camouflage or black color, this stylish shoulder diaper bag comes with a super comfy strap that goes across the chest with a padded back for extra comfort.

A padded changing pad, two handy clips for keys and a cell phone holder adds practicality to this bag. The Dude Shoulder Diaper Bag is currently on sale at for $39.95, a $20 savings.

A Brand from Two Dads

If you are looking for something even better, then check out the DadGear product lines. DadGear is born out of the mind of two dads to be who realized that the diaper bag market felt short of father expectations.

DadGear worked hard to ensure that their products don’t look like diaper bags because this is not what men want. Their collection looks like normal backpacks, messenger bags and sport bags on the inside. The difference is in the inside. The bag interior is cleverly made for carrying around all the baby gear with lots of easy access features.

DadGear messenger diaper bags

I found a video on that let’s you experience the fantastic features of DadGear messenger bags. Take a look; you will see what is so great about these man diaper bags. The Billboard messenger bag series is eco-friendly too. Recycled highway billboards become the bag material so each one is unique.

Women looking for the DadGear clever design diaper bags can find a female line at; so we do not have to be jealous. The line is more of hard core styles than on the pretty side. When you are wearing cool jeans or going to meet your snowboard buddies, these are the kind of diaper bags, a mother should bring.

Going back to the Father’s Day gift ideas, the most innovative products are certainly the DadGear Diaper Vest and the Cargo Jacket. Take all of the functionality of their diaper bags and incorporate them into a stylish fleece piece of clothing and these are what you get. The Vest and Cargo Jacket are perfect for the short trip and for older babies.

I am just starting the gifts section on my blog. I will give you more gifts ideas for the celebrated person, the hostess and the party favors. So come back to see what I dig up.

Link: Dude Shoulder Diaper Bag at
Link: Store listing for the DadGear collection – click on International for Canadian listing
Link: Video on the Billboard messenger diaper bag on
Link: Web site of DaisyGear – the female side of DadGear