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Sliced Bread Notebook and My Love for Notebooks

sliced bread notebook

sliced bread notebook packaging

Packaging is often used to differentiate a standardized product from its competition. And this is exactly what Burak Kaynak tried to do when they bundled 12 notebooks and packaged it as a (too short) loaf of bread. I must say that the analogy would have been more successful if the box was standing on the side, like a real bread bag.

sliced bread notebook

The pack contains 12 notebooks so that you can have one for each month of the year. The notebooks are numbered 1 to 12 to help you distinguish them.

Nonetheless, I share it because I love receiving notebooks. I buy several ones every year of different formats, lined and unlined, thin and thicks. I always carry a notebook in my purse to write down my ideas, manage projects and for making lists or simply keeping notes. Keep that and these in mind if you need to buy a gift for a friend who likes taking notes about everything.

+ Sliced Bread Notebook on sale at $39.99 USD at PUKKA/DANK
+ via @designsponge


Cold and Cough Tea Tins at DavidsTea

davidstea cold and cough tea tins

davidstea cold and cough tea tins

I can’t tell you if it makes you feel better since I did not catch a cold this winter, but I like the concept behind the Cold and Cough Collection at DavidsTea. The cute packaging grabbed my attention.

Cold 911 contains sinus-clearing eucalyptus and juniper berries, plus you get a dose of vitamin C with the orange peel and orange oil. It could make a thoughtful gift to a friend or colleague who is sick.

At the heart of Throat Soother are lemongrass, lemon myrtle and lemon balm, which are known for their antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and/or antiviral superpowers. They are combined with marshmallow root, slippery elm and stevia leaf to create a sweet, hot, healing, lemony tea that coats and soothes your throat. That would be an option instead of my warm milk with honey.

+ Cold 911 tin by DavidsTea $14.50 CAD
+ Throat Soother tin by DavidsTea $14.50 CAD


Three Packaging Ideas for Your Valentine’s Treats

valentine treats packaging ideas :: as seen on Martha Stewart

valentine treats packaging ideas :: as seen on Martha Stewart

If you are baking your own goods for Valentine’s Day to distribute to your loved ones, here are three ways to spruce up the packaging. They all come from the team of Martha Stewart.

First, I selected to showcase the glassine treat envelops sealed with a heart sticker. The  cookies on that picture looks amazing. Her modern twist on the heart-shaped box of chocolates involves candies that you store inside heart-shaped cookie cutters. GlerupRevere Packaging sells round clear candy boxes in pack of 10 or more . Simply remember to order a model without a divider or to make sure the divider is removable. Otherwise, you could use a tin box that you have at home.

cherry-heart printable gift tags

Finally, you can go wrong with the cherry-heart printable gift tags featured on the February 2011 issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine. If you are looking for recipe, have a look at her Chewy Chocolate Chunk-Cherry Cookies Recipe.


Cookie Packaging Idea: Mailing Tubes

Cookies packaged in a mailing tube

Cookies packaged in a mailing tube

If you’re planning to send a holiday sweet treat to a loved one, this idea seems so obvious and so clever. Cookies are the perfect shape to slide inside a standard mailing tube. If your baked goods are particularly delicate, consider bundling them inside a sleeve of parchment paper first.

Holiday cookies in a mailing tube

I spotted the idea via Better Homes & Gardens, but also found variations at Martha Stewart and on Idea Chic. Decorate the tube with wrapping paper, colorful tape or decorative shipping labels. If you’ll be hand-delivering them, you may even want to add a ribbon handle.

Look for cardboard mailing tubes at your local office supply and shipping stores. Be sure to use the type with plastic end caps to keep sweets safe during transport.

Holiday Cookie Tube Gift from Idea Chic
+ Delightful Christmas Cookie Gifts from Better Homes & Gardens
+ DIY Holiday Cookie Mailing Tubes from Martha Stewart


Remarkable Packaging of Sinnvolle Schokolade

sinnvolle schokolade packaging

sinnvolle schokolade packaging

I wish I could buy these German chocolate here. The concept is great. Each package is for a different flavor and refers to a particular emotion.

Trost refers to consolation (according to the Google translator). The milk chocolate block comes with the spoon. It is perfect to give to your best friend when they guy she likes does not return her call. Liebe refers to love. Glück is how I feel after eating a piece of excellent chocolate: happy!

+ Sinnvolle Schokolade Trost, Glückor Liebe 8,50 € at Design3000
+ brand web site: Sinnvolle Schokolade


Cutest DIY S’mores Kits

making your own s\'mores kits by daisy chain

Look at the beautiful execution of the holiday bake gifts done by Amber of Daisy Chain. I like her attention to details. She assembled her own s’more kits that fit into a canning jar. The kit  includes the ingredients and twigs for roasting. The biggest task is to design and print nice custom labels. It is a great idea that will please everyone. Who can resist s’mores?

+ photos: Daisy Chain


Enhance Your Holiday Packages with Festive Tapes

bird of peace decorative packing tape by tapeswell

A simple way to enhance mailing boxes or solid color bags during the Holiday is by adding a decorative tape. Envelop wrap around labels could be used as gift tags or to send your Holiday cards.

TapeSwell proposes 27 decorative packing tapes, including 7 Holiday patterns. The red and blue Pod Envelop Wrap Around tape harmoniously fit with the Bird of Peace packing tape. Also look at the Partridge of Joy Decorative Packing Tape.

blue and red pod envelop wrap around tape used as address labels

With a few tape patterns and a nice selection of ribbons, you will be able to transform kraft paper or solid gift wrapping paper you already have into fabulously wrapped Christmas gifts.

+ Holiday tapes $7 USD at TapeSwell
+ Pod Envelop Wrap Around Tape $13 USD, add $3 if you want it in a reusable canister


Scotties Introduces Umbra Designer Series

packaging design with umbra designer series for scotties

This is a first! I never imagined that a box of facial tissues would fit into the scope on my blog until I saw the print design on those boxes. It is another proof that great packaging can win customers.

It is about time that facial tissue maker acknowledged that a large number of people lives in modern home. I gave up long time ago on finding acceptable prints on facial tissue boxes. But it bothers me every time my eyes meet a box in my home.

Even though the colors do not complement my home decor, I will be looking for the Umbra designer series boxes in stores. I wish they were as cool as the patterns available for the Flip Mino HD. But it is first step in the right direction. Toronto-based designer Annie Chou created these illustrations.

This is a limited edition that Scotties did to appeal to the style-savvy people. I encourage you to get those since if they sell well it may convince Scotties and Kleenex to add good modern prints on a continuous basis.

+ Umbra designer series by Scotties


Cute and Fun Packaging for Food and Drinks

back to basic food packaging :: via roma :: green eggs

For the cream de la cream in packaging, I often refer to Lovely Package. This is the blog to discover cool packaging from around the World. Tonight, I concentrate in food and drinks.

These people with their facial expressions talk to me. The packaging conveys a message of happiness that is contagious. I want to try Via Roma. I hope they taste as good as they look.

Cool Charity

lemonaid packaging

Most of the profits from the sale of Lemonaid and ChariTea will be used for social purposes. The bottles are attractive. Both beverages are available only in Europe.

chariTea packaging

You will find more details about these creations on Lovely Package:
+ Via Roma
+ Green Eggs
+ Lemonaid and ChariTea

I believe that superior packaging helps to sell a product. These ones have a head start.


Ninutik: The Modern Side of Maple Syrup

ninutuk :: maple sugar and maple syrup in modern packaging

Canada is the premier producer of maple syrup. Although the number of producers is impressive, if there is a constant is the packaging. In fact, neither the producers or the distributors make an effort to distinguish their product through packaging.

The maple leaf is used as much as possible. Some have even developed complex bottle like a glass bottle in the shape of a maple leaf. Let’s face it. It lacks good design and elegance. This is where the founders of Studio Innova in Toronto come to play. Their intent with Ninutik is to present maple syrup through the lens of design, art and sugar-making.

The Collection in a Glimpse

They experiment with maple syrup to create new way to shape traditional maple syrup food like sweet maple sugar. They shaped the maple sugar as a perfect cube, lollipops, and round and square treat of the finest maple sugar.

After a meal, serve Marvel 35 as a mignardise with an espresso, tea, or cognac. The lollies of Bouquet 10 can be enjoyed alone, dipped in chocolate, or swirled in coffee or tea. For a special event, ask about the wood platter on which you plant the lollies.

Get an easy to use, refillable and recyclable vessel for serving the maple syrup with Squeeze 250. They add a cute black cap to the most popular bottle in Chef kitchens. The bottle holds 250 ml certified organic Canada No. 1 Light pure maple syrup.

ninutuk vitrum 100 :: maple sugar bowl

For a unique wedding gift or birthday gift, go with Vitrum 100. Artists Alissa Coe and Carly Waito hand crafted a limited-edition porcelain bowl. This gift set includes a square bowl, lid and spoon displayed in a pinstripe box. Once the 100g of Ninutik’s granulated maple sugar is finished, the bowl can be used as a refined sugar bowl. Or the happy couple can order a refill of pure granulated maple sugar online.

The online store of Ninutik ships in Canada and the United States. Stock a few since all Ninutik products make ideal gift for the hostess or any occasion.

+ Marvel 35 $16 for 8 treats: 4 round and 4 square
+ Squeeze 250 $15 CAD for
+ Bouquet 10 $16 CAD for 6 lollies
+ Vitrum 100 $100 CAD


Happy Valentine!

free valentine bag template by twig & thistle

I wish you all the love in this day. I wanted all week to show the free bag template from Twig & Thistle. Kathleen suggests baking a batch of brownies. Cut them with a heart cookie cutter.

Customize your packaging with her adorable DIY Sweetheart Brownie Valentine. This is something you can easily do this afternoon. Otherwise, keep in mind the small details like the scallop top for an upcoming party favors.

Greeting Cards

lucky hello greeting cards

Lucky Hello! produces the cutest letterpress greeting cards. Many bloggers spotlighted the I’m Nuts for You card over the last two weeks. I think it is so cute. The bubble greeting card would be of circumstance if it was not of the Happy Birthday mention.

I wish you a day filled with love for this Valentine’s Day.

+ Nuts For You by Hello Lucky! $4.50 USD
+ Bubble Bath by Hello Lucky! $4.50 USD