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Five Fun Home Office Accessories

feminine desk accessories

I want my small home office to feel prettier. My quest for modern home office continues with five desk accessories that have nothing in common with what you see in a corporate office. I will start by replacing my old and bulky desk phone by a nice desk tidy. The retro camera sharpener could be the start of a collection of items that I would display on a picture rail over my desk.

feminine desk accessories
sourcing: Porcelain desk organizer $29.90 USD by Black+Blum | Retro Camera Pencil Sharpener $16.50 CAD at Indigo | Gus Modern Picture rails $115-$165 at Bobby Berk Home

This sculptural desk organizer reminds me of a model totem. As long as you limit the number of paper pieces in it, it would look amazing.

dark oak desk tidy
sourcing: Dark Oak Desk Tidy £44.90 at Cow & Co

I present the next set as a gift idea for a man. The square trays could be used to organize a drawer.

desk blocks
sourcing: Desk Blocks £52 at Cow & Co

I would probably use the Jonathan Alder’s bright pens more as a decorative element than for writing.

jonathan alder ink pen
sourcing: Jonathan Alder Ink Pen on sale at $8.90 USD at Horchow


Ribbon Holder: A DIY Project and Storage Tips

diy ribbon organizer shelf

diy ribbon organizer shelf

We’re always on the hunt for clever craft supply storage options. This simple DIY shared by Paula Biggs of Frog Prince Paperie on the Craft magazine blog points to one common culprit standing in the way of pretty, organized collection of ribbon: most ribbon organizers use a dowel or rod to keep spools in place.

As Paula points out, sometimes the dowel isn’t strong enough to hold the weight of the ribbon, spools can easily become unravelled, and it can be a pain removing all of the spools when you only need to replace one empty roll.

Her quick and easy skinny wall shelves solve all of these problems, yet still keep ribbon accessible for gift-wrapping or other projects. Plus, they use vertical space – rather than taking up valuable desk or table space you may need for projects – and can be made on the cheap with supplies found in any hardware or home improvement store.

For slighty smaller spools, or if you’re not interested in the DIY project, a similar option is this inexpensive shelf from Ikea, which is intended to be used as a spice rack. Be sure to take a spool with you to the store to ensure the dimensions will work for your collection.

Tell us: what solutions do you use to keep your ribbon organized?

+ DIY Ribbon Organizer on Craft
BEKVÄM Spice Rack, Ikea, $6.99


Ribbon Storage Solutions from the Kitchen

ribbon storage paper towel holder straw dispenser real simple

ribbon storage paper towel holder straw dispenser real simple

I never get tired of seeing kitchen tools re-purposed as creative storage solutions. These two counter-top clutter busters do just that without sacrificing any style.

Spools of ribbon stay wrangled inside the straw dispenser, and they’re easy accessible when stacked on a paper towel roll holder. Best of all, both options offer plenty of colourful eye candy for your crafty corner.

+ Ribbon-Filled Straw Dispenser, All People Quilt (via How About Orange)
+ Paper Towel Holder as Ribbon Organizer, Real Simple


Kitchen Planning Like A Pro

kitchen storage planning drawer organizing

kitchen storage planning drawer organizing

If you’re going to all the work of renovating a kitchen, you might as well make it worth the effort – even if your custom kitchen dreams don’t have a dream budget to match.

Though they may only be visible behind closed doors and drawers, a few well-planned extras can add a layer of luxury to basic big box cabinets.

Over at The Farm Chicks, Serena turned double-decker drawer space into a chopping block with a built-in garbage shoot for scraps (the drawer underneath houses a compost bin).

Better Homes & Gardens has no shortage of custom-kitchen-on-a-budget ideas, but this one stood out for its organizational simplicity. Not only does it offer double the storage of a typical cutlery drawer organizer, you can size the slots to fit other culinary accoutrements too. Check out more ideas here.

What special “just for me” feature would you add to your kitchen if you could?

+ Chopping Block Drawer at The Farm Chicks
+ Silverware Organizer at Better Homes & Gardens


New Uses for Old Things | Loaf Pan Organizers

bread pan loaf organizer kitchen

bread pan loaf organizer kitchen

A couple of weeks ago we shared a few creative container garden ideas – including one that made use of old muffin tins. Tin loaf pans would work well as makeshift garden planters too, but they look just as lovely hung in a row on a bright kitchen wall.

These rustic tins look fresh when filled with colourful kitchen linens, shiny silverware and cheap-and-chic citrus fruits, but they’re easy to imagine in other corners of your home too.

Try them in the office to organize paperwork and stationery supplies; in a garden shed to keep seed packs, twine and garden gloves within reach; or in a crafty corner filled with scissors, ribbon spools and a stack of fabric fat quarters. No matter where you find a place for this DIY, it adds a touch of upcycled, old-meets-new charm.

It’s easy to see why this simple, versatile project made ReadyMade Magazine’s list of 100 best projects of the year. (Check out the complete list for more clever, reader-submitted projects!)

+ DIY Loaf Pan Storage from ReadyMade
+ Photos: ReadyMade


Simple Ribbon Storage Ideas

wall hooks and wire baskets used to store ribbons

wall hooks and wire baskets used to store ribbons

The latest catalogue of Doctor House DK proposes a few clever ways to store ribbons. The first idea is to install a metal wall hook on a door. The key is to make sure that the hooks are long enough. You could reproduce the look and feel with long nails on a piece of wood.

Another solution is to neatly place them on a basket. The advantage of a wire basket over a solid one is that you can find more easily a ribbon suitable for your project.

ribbon storage ideas

Lastly, you could use a wall wooden bookcase or a wall. The rustic feel will add charm to your display. When you get tired to see a ribbon, you can always repurpose it as a candle holder.

ribbons stored in a metal pail

Finally, you could use metal pails as shown on the blog of Candice Stringham photography. Her solution works best with thin ribbon rolls.

+ Doctor House DK
Office/studio/art supply closet of Candice Stringham Photography


Catinet by UrbanCat Design

catinet inside urban cat

catinet inside urban cat

If there’s one thing that can ruin an otherwise stylish space, it’s the sight of a litter box in the corner of the room.

European-based Urban Cat Design have developed a clean and clean-lined solution with the Catinet. This cabinet not only hides your cat’s litter box, helping to reduce litter tracking throughout the home, but provides additional storage for pet supplies. An open side entrance ensures the litter box is still accessible for your cat.

catinet inside details

Because the design company is based in Europe, the Catinet likely won’t be an affordable option for North American cat owners due to shipping costs. As an alternative, consider modifying a standard base cabinet or modular unit – available at Ikea and other home improvement stores – to create something similar for your furry friend.

+ Catinet by UrbanCat Design
+ via Moderncat


Industrial Office Small Storage Solutions

wall office storage

wall office storage

Wall office storage saves space and keep everything at reach. But you need a system if you do not want to look messy. You can either buy a ready-to-install wall storage system or create your own from everyday items. Like I said on on my blog column last month, wire-frame baskets are popular right now.

Look at what photographer Candice Stringham assembled a practical wall storage with baskets she found at Pedlars and white bins from IKEA that she enhanced with font stickers. I do not think that IKEA still carries them. The larger ASKER container might be an option or look for similar bins at a local shop.

industrial wall storage used in the kitchen

I like the look of the Industrial wall storage by the Danish company House Doctor. It is made of aluminum. It can also be practical in the kitchen.

Unusual Pen Holders

pen holders from every day objects

Another worthy idea is to repurpose vintage every day items as pen holders. What seems to be a wire-framed industrial light protector becomes a great support for pencils. This is also by House Doctor DK. Finally, Three Potato Four suggested to reclaim a Mexican wooden sugar cone mold to store your pens, pencils, scissors, and other office supplies.

+ Office/studio/art supply closet of Candice Stringham Photography – via PoppyTalk
Industrial wall storage by House Doctor DK £169.99 at Bodie andFou
+ Small Mexican Sugar Cane Mold $26 USD at Three Potato Four
+ Large Mexican Sugar Cane Mold $42 USD


DIY Chalkboard Paper Calendar

chalkboard contact paper calendar diy

chalkboard contact paper calendar diy

If you love the functionality of chalkboard paint, but aren’t willing to commit to an entire wall, chalkboard contact paper is an inexpensive and versatile alternative. Just peel off the backing, or use sticky tack, to adhere it to the wall.

Over at, the contact paper was cut into squares and cleverly arranged as a calendar. It’s a perfect solution to keep your schedule in sight.

chalkboard contact paper calendar

More Ideas

Have a busy family you’re trying to keep tabs on? Use the contact paper to create a message center. Trace a silhouette of each family member to give everyone a personalized place to exchange messages, weekly activities and to-do lists.

You can also cut out simple shapes and mount them in your child’s room. They’ll do double-duty as wall decor and a creativity station.

+ DIY: Chalkboard Wall Calendar tutorial at
+ Chalkboard Contact Paper $13.99 USD at [affiliate link]


Paper Source’s Note Cubes and Pads for Spring

note cubes with spring and summer patterns

note cubes with spring and summer patterns

I have a thing for note cubes and note pads with a magnet on the back. I used them all the time. I am always on the look up for great design. Although it snows all day, I began my search for Spring patterns.

magnets and notepad with spring patterns

I am in awe with the Bicycle  and the Daisy collection at Paper Source. I so wish that they operate a Canadian store at this moment. I am afraid of the delivery fees from US due to the weight of cubes.

+ Bicycle Note Cube $16.95 USD at Paper Source
+ Daisy Note Cube $16.95 USD at Paper Source
+ Daisy Recipe Box $13.50 USD
+ Daisy Collection Magnets $15.95 USD for a set of 10
+ Bicycle Magnet Notepad $6.95 USD


Chalkboard Calendar Wall Decals

diy weekly calendar by pinch design

diy weekly calendar by pinch design

Having a calendar always open in front of you with your to-do list helps you better manage your time. Because we are talking about things to do, you need a method to easy reassign your priorities. This is why I like the idea of mixing a chalkboard with post-it paper.

People wither keep nearby a weekly or monthly calendar. You could write on a post-it the things that can be reallocated to another day since moving a post-it is easy. Write in chalk what you must do by a specific date. At the end of the month or week, plan the next one.

Using chalkboard wall decals or art work allows you to reuse the same support over and over. I particularly like this DIY weekly calendar featured on Ohdeedoh last year (top picture).

chalkboard calendar decals by scribble on everything

Scribble on Everything makes a weekly chalkboard decal set that is available in 2 sizes. It comes with a pack of dustless chalk and an extra space for taking notes.

ferm living's chalkboard calendar stickers

Ferm Living makes a perpetual monthly Calendar Wall Sticker set. Their set comes with post-it. The day numbers are written on the stickers. Instead of moving around the day number, you could write what day it is. The mural measures 39 inch (100 cm) in width.

+ DIY Weekly Calendar on Ohdeedoh
+ Weekly chalkboard decal set by Scribble on Everything – small $36, large $65 USD
+ Ferm Living’s Calendar Wall Sticker $125 USD