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RIP Paul Newman

paul newman dancing with johanne woodward in 1958

I do not usually talk about entertainment news but I liked Paul Newman. I want to pay him a tribute.

I was raised in a small town called Trois-Rivières. We host a popular racing event for the Formula Altantic Championship. It the series Gilles Villeneuve won before graduating to Formula 1.

One year, my aunt visited the racing site and she had the chance to see Paul Newman in person. He must have been in his late fifties at the time. He was still an incredibly handsome man. I went to the race the next day but I was not as lucky.

I will not do a recap of his career or his life. I leave it to the traditional media. But I found on CBC Sports this quote that is so apropos with my blog:

“I like racing, but food and motion pictures are more thrilling,” he told the Guardian newspaper in 2001. In racing, you can be certain, to the last thousandth of a second, that someone is the best, but with a film or a recipe, there is no way of knowing how all the ingredients will work out in the end.

I like this picture of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward with whom Paul was married for 50 years. A long-lasting love relationship is something we should try to replicate. On a personal note, my desire to get old with my loving and beloved husband explained why I married him. I am glad I did. Rest in peace Paul.

+ CBC Sports
+ Image from Everett Collection as seen on New York Times – rights reserved


Shoppers will enjoy Praize’n’raze on Facebook

praized'n'raze by praized media :: facebook application

I do not often talk about applications but this Facebook application is fun and well-done. Moreover, Praize’n’raze is produced by a talented team from Montreal.

The offices of Praized Media are on the same building than my company. I know the three owners because I met them at YulBiz and we hang in the small IT events around Montreal.

The CEO of Praized Media is no stranger to the blogosphere. I am talking about Harry Wakefield of It is a small world!

Before launching their main product, Praized Media created a Facebook application. Praize’n’raze was published a few days ago. But I must warn you that Praize’n’raze is quite addictive.

How does it work?

The principle is simple: you give a thumb up (praize) or a thumb down (raze) to local merchants. You can also add comments and bookmark your most loved stores.

Partnerships with Yellowbook, Yellow Pages Group Co and Localeze in the US mean that you have access to 17 million searchable, North American business listings. So you can pass hours ranking your favorite stores.

If you are on Facebook, give a try to Praize’n’raze.


I am taking this opportunity to remind you about Status Competition. My husband and I produced Status Competition on Facebook as a quick and easy way to connect with your friends.

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Back to Normal: Loading Problem Solved


I want to apologize to all my readers for the inconvenience. You probably experienced a loading problem when visited my blog over the last week or two. I am happy to report that everything is back to normal now.

I tried to pinpoint the problem over the last few days. Eureka! I just tracked down the script from an external party causing the infinite loop.

So from now on, there will be no more just for fun external widgets on my blog. I will program only what is necessary to run my blog.

You may have noticed that I made several changes over the couple of weeks to simplify my blog layout. The category system had a facelift. I spotlighted previous stories. More changes are scheduled.

Thank you for your patience and your trust.