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Mood board for the 2008 Super Bowl party

super bowl tablescape idea

With less than 2 weeks before the big game, it is time to finalize your design. You know me; I am going for a stylish look. So I compiled a mood board to get you started.

My best advice is to stay away from the easy and expected props to celebrate the Super Bowl. The trick is to find an inspiration and to harmonize the rest.

Vintage meets modern

My design kicked in with these cute vintage football plates. A glass set completes the series inspired by classic 1940s artwork. A new addition to the Williams-Sonoma catalogue, each set shows a quarterback, a cheerleader, a punter and a running back.

Some of your guests may be die-hard fans. A kicker can be to serve walnuts as a snack during the game. The dark wooden bowl is a two in one serving ware piece: the bowl integrates the nutcracker. I suggest you get an extra nutcracker so no one fight for one.

You can serve nuts in a carafe like I have seen at Westin Casuarina in Las Vegas. Very hygienic, the shape pours easily the nuts in your hand without touching the nuts.

It is also a great time to serve Almond Croccante and Peanut Brittle. Read my Homemade tricks and treats post for the recipes.

Football field Invitation and Centerpiece

This water color invitation by Oddballs sets the tone of your Super Bowl event. The same idea is translated into a playing field made of flats of wheatgrass covered with miniature plastic football players.

I took this Super Bowl theme centerpiece from the In Style Parties book. Instead of wheatgrass available at the florist, you could stop by the garden center for a sample of turf. Or even, use artificial turf as a reference to what they installed in most stadiums.

Each Football Guys package at Kaskey Kids includes 26 players, one referee and two goalposts. There is no need to over pack your wheatgrass field; use just enough players to look great. The washable felt field can become a thematic tablecloth. You may find a similar kit at a hobby store near you.

About the presentation

Have a signature drinks. I am in my margarita phase sine I went to Vegas. Drop ice cubes into the tube insert to keep your drinks cool with watering it.

For dessert, serve long tubular cupcakes. With a cap, cupcakes look more stylish. For details on how to make them, see my muffin presentation. Use raffia ribbons of the color of the opposing teams. The square cake stand carries on this most modern look.

I hope you get fun participating in this national pastime event.

Buy online: Super Bowl party invitations by Oddballs at Fine Stationery – price:$83.90 for 30 custom prints, $33.90 as blank stock
Buy online: Vintage Football Plates at Williams-Sonoma – price:$29.99 for a set of 4
Buy online: Vintage Football Glasses at Williams-Sonoma – price:$24 for a set of 4
Buy online: Nut Bowl & Cracker at Williams-Sonoma – price:$75
Buy online: Football Guys at Kaskey Kids – price: $25.99
Buy online: Icing Pitcher at Williams-Sonama – price: $18
Buy online: Square Cakestand at William-Sonoma – price: small $48, large $65
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Homemade tricks and treats

almond croccante by david rocco

Go nuts with home cooked treats for your own Halloween party. All night long you will pass candies to the kids ringing at your door. But what about your family?

I compiled a list of 3 treats that are easy to make the day of the event. Beware, your family will ask you to cook it again during the Holidays. All recipes are from Food TV Canada.

1 | Almond Croccante

This is a recipe by the attractive David Rocco. You only need sugar, water and almonds to make this treat. The recipe takes about 3 minutes to make plus 20 minutes to let it cool.

On top of the written recipe, there is a video online where you can see how is is done. So you have no excuses to not make the Almost Croccante.

2 | Peanut Brittle

peanut brittle by anna olson

I got two recipes for you. Both seem delicious.

The first one is by the pastry chef Anna Olson. She and her husband are the owners of Olson Food + Bakery in Port Dalhousie, Ontario. Serving it in the jar like Anna Olson’s Peanut Brittle did on the picture shows originality.

The second Peanut Brittle recipe is by the cheerful Michael Smith. On his Halloween Tricks and Treats episode of Chef at Home, it cooked more treat recipes and he explained the principles behind candy making.

This episode of Chef at Home will aired twice on October 31, 2007. You can watch it Wednesday at 10:30 AM EST or 7:30 PM EST on Food Network Canada.

3 | Almond Nougat

almond nougat by anna olson

Nougat is fancier so I got to include it. And this Almond Nougat recipe by Anna Olson does not seem too hard to bake.

Just make sure you got a candy thermometer that works properly. To succeed when making candies, you must carefully follow the instructions and do everything at the right temperature. One degree can make a difference.

Have fun and go nuts with sugar this Halloween.

Recipe: Almond Croccante by David Rocco on
Recipe: Peanut Brittle by Anna Olson on
Recipe: Peanut Brittle by Michael Smith on
Recipe: Almond Nougat by Anna Olson on