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FoodtoEat is a Platform for Street Food Vendors and their Customers

foodtoeat online platform for street food vendors and restaurants

This is not another post on food trucks. Instead it is a look at how a 25 year old woman founder has launched an online ordering platform for restaurants with delivery services and street food vendors. Currently serving New York city, is one more online service that wishes to make it easier for their consumers to find and buy take-out food. Two things from their offering grabbed my attention. What I like about their business approach is what I will discuss here. Continue Reading


Decorating a Terrace with Tulip Lamps

tulip lamp for myyour

A quick look at my logo is all you need to understand why I share this amusing outdoor lamp. Available in a small format and an extra large format, Tulip lamp comes with or without a light. The small version is designed as a signal light or courtesy table lamp. I don’t care about the table version. What grabbed my attention is this row of illuminated 5-foot tall tulip lamps. Continue Reading


A Black and White Tabletop for a New Year Dinner

tabletop ideas for new year eve

If you prefer a clean look to glitters for your New Year celebrations, this modern black and white tabletop concept is for you. Assemble a bouquet and pick a stylish, festive tablecloth to polish the look. You could replace the flowers with four numbers on a stick that read 2013.

1. Small drop vase at CB2

2. Iittala Artik Cutlery Serving Set at Greener Grass Design

3. Contemporary Ice Bucket at William Ashley

4. Tasting plate at Uncommon Goods

5. Champagne Glass and Top Hat Silver Centerpiece at

6. Nero tableware collection at Arabia Finland

I hope this mood board gives you ideas on how to set up your New Year’s table. Have fun tonight! But first, don’t forget to check out my bubbly cocktail suggestions here and there.


Symbol Audio’s Retro Modern, All-in-one Record Console

modern retro console symbol audio

modern retro console symbol audio
photo: Modern Record Console  

If the man in your life loves music, here is something that will please your design style and give him all the bells and whistles that he is craving for. New-York based Symbol Audio handcrafts modern audio HIFI consoles and vinyl LP storage cabinets in the tradition of fine furniture. If you like its 1950s look, start to save for his Christmas gift because I read on Core 77 that the Modern Record Console will run you about $15,000.

Symbol Audio produces three products, all designed by Blake Tovin and Matt Richmond. The Modern Record Console is an all-in-one American walnut unit that mixes the old technology with the new. You can play vinyl records or switch the selector from turntable to WiFi and stream from any digital source through the built-in wireless router and control music selections from your iPhone, iPod, iPad or computer.

lp storage cabinet by symbol audio

For LP collectors, the LP storage cabinet is available in 2 sizes storing either 320 or 640 LPs. The top can hold your turnable and audio components. Price ranges from $2,750 to $5,250.


Happy New Year 2012 with a Delicious Chocolate Caffè Latte

my chocolate latte

my chocolate latte

Who can resist a good cup of hot chocolate this time of the year? Not me! I found the next best thing, after a true hot chocolate made from melted dark chocolate is the dark chocolate Variation 2011 coffee from Nespresso. I usually dislike flavored coffee. Now, I am in love. It makes a latte that almost tastes like my favorite hot chocolate. I wish that we bought more capsules since we are running low.

I quietly celebrated New Year’s Eve at home this year. But it suited me. I hope that you had fun with your celebrations. I wish you all the best for 2012: health, peace, love, success and happiness. What are your resolutions? I do not take resolutions per se. Instead, I set overall goals.

With the birth of my son last spring, 2011 was a big year both emotionally and physically. I needed a break, which is why I blogged less over the last two months. I took this time to rest, but also to analyze what I did so far, how to balance life/work and to explore what I want to accomplish next. I still have to figure out the details, but I have a better idea of what’s next for me on a professional level. And it involves blogging, curating and inspiring people. Let’s chat more often in 2012! In the meantime, enjoy what’s left of the Holiday season with your loved on. This is what I will be doing.



Clever Bamboo Tray by Domestic Aesthetic

bamboo tray

bamboo tray

The topographic surface of this bamboo sushi tray delivers a structural space to hold the soy sauce, the wasabi and the ginger. It does not stop there. You can use the unusual surface to display jams and jellies on your cheese tray. You can also check what I said about other cool serving ware products by Brooklyn-based Domestic Aesthetic.

+ Domestic Aesthetic Bamboo Sushi Tray $45 USD at  Nimli


Dining on a NYC Subway Car

formal dining in a subway car

stylish lunch on a subway car

This story demonstrates that you can improvise a formal dining table almost everywhere as long as you can sit people. These are pictures taken at a formal luncheon for a dozen people that was staged aboard the Brooklyn-bound L train. It must have been fun to do as an adventure.

luncheon on a subway car

As you can see, the food was fancy. They even serve a soup. The key was to use plates and bowls that limit the chance of a spill. The table trays also have a hole to keep the glass in place while the train was moving.

The set up is a concept that is worth stealing from. It would not be too hard to make your own table trays for when you invite more people that your dining table can sit. What you need are ready-made tablets cut to fit your space and to figure out how they will be held in place. The solution depends on where you will hang them or if you prefer to use legs.

+ Aboard the L-train, Luncheon is served – photos by Yana Paskova for The New York Times


Feather Lamps of ABYU Lighting

black cyclone lamp by abyu lighting

black cyclone lamp by abyu lighting

The couture lighting studio And Bob’s Your Uncle Lighting (ABYU Lighting) produces superb feather table lamps and pendants that come in all shapes. Until now, ABYU Lighting concentrates on custom lighting projects. But now, it will be easier to acquire their creations since ABYU Lighting has paired up with BNOdesign to sell their lamps online.

abyu lamps at bnodesign

The $6,600 price tag of the sublime Black Cyclone fixture (top photo) or the $9,000 Pattern Nimbus are too expensive for most of us. But it would be easier to splurge on a table lamp like Twister which is ornate with white feathers and has acrylic base. Little Buff would look adorable in a little girl’s nursery.

nimbus abyu lighting

The details of the Nimbus pendant lamp are remarkable. It looks sophisticated and at the same time, it feels young and fresh.

+ Black Cyclone $6,600 USD at BNOdesign
+ Pattern Black Nimbus $9,000
+ Twister table lamp $950
+ Big Puff $900 – Little Puff $600