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Catinet by UrbanCat Design

catinet inside urban cat

catinet inside urban cat

If there’s one thing that can ruin an otherwise stylish space, it’s the sight of a litter box in the corner of the room.

European-based Urban Cat Design have developed a clean and clean-lined solution with the Catinet. This cabinet not only hides your cat’s litter box, helping to reduce litter tracking throughout the home, but provides additional storage for pet supplies. An open side entrance ensures the litter box is still accessible for your cat.

catinet inside details

Because the design company is based in Europe, the Catinet likely won’t be an affordable option for North American cat owners due to shipping costs. As an alternative, consider modifying a standard base cabinet or modular unit – available at Ikea and other home improvement stores – to create something similar for your furry friend.

+ Catinet by UrbanCat Design
+ via Moderncat


House Pillows of LeiLiLaLoo | Etsy Finds

linen house pillows designed by leililaloo

The pure linen throw-play-decorative pillows hand made by LeiLiLaLoo are adorable and feel cozy. The fourth pillow from the left is my favorite. It is called My lovely blue velvet reading chair. The second from the left, My lovely living room, won the second place. My lovely tacky dining room, which I did not show would be my third choice.

House pillow by LeiLiLaLoo $39 USD, big $49 USD
+ via poppytalk


Funky Forest Interactive Eco-System Installation

funky forest interactive eco-system installation for kids by theodore watson and emily gobeille

Two Amsterdam artists, Theodore Watson and Emily Gobeille of Zara Parade created Funky Forest in 2007. This is an interactive ecosystem where children used their body movements to influence the life of a forest and a river.

Kids can use their body or place pillow rocks and logs to divert the water flowing from the waterfall to the trees to keep them alive. It is playful and instructive since if the trees lack water, they would wither and die. Kids could press their bodies against the forest to build new trees. The shape of the tree will be influenced by the child body. When the eco-system flourishes, the kids are rewarded by the emergence of lovely flying creatures. I wish I could play!

Besides the artist value, I wish to talk about this since I see it as the future of kid parties. Imagine booking a venue with similar installation as a playroom. It would be awesome. See how much kids enjoyed the Funky Forest on this video:

+ Theodore Watson
+ Zara Parade
+ Via ArtEverywhere


A New Twist on Christmas Decorations

a new twist christmas decorations

Traditional Christmas decorations look more and more sophisticated while keeping a crafty touch. These British decoration ideas look hip.

Holiday Stockings

I feel in The Netherlands admiring the fireplace mantel. You know that I have a thing for Scandinavian theme. From Living etc. January 2009 issue. Show here are felt stockings and knitted stockings from two UK retailers.

Christmas Wall Decorations

My favorite British blogger Wee Birdy discovered this impressive wall Christmas tree. Dutch graphic designer Jane Schouter of All the Luck in the World cleverly imagined this wall tree. Jane made the tree with useless but pretty objects she collected over the years. It is time to start collecting. See more photos on Flickr.

I love this set of 3 Bevelled Mirrored Stars from Graham and Green. It looks as great for Christmas or a New Year’s party. £87.10

+ Red Felt Stocking £10 at House of Fraser
+ Intasia knitted stockings at John Lewis £8 for 2


Nicolette Brunklaus’ City of Life 2008 collection

city of life and house of anne collection by nicolette brunklaus

From her Amsterdam design studio, Nicolette Brunklaus created an even more amazing 2008 collection than her previous ones. Her products are conversation pieces.

Nicolette Brunklaus played with a housewares theme this time. The House of Anne photos, shown in the middle, bring a homey feeling.

The City of Life line is diverse as you can see. The old world pewter jars and mugs are available in 6 colors.

Where to Buy?

The line is available across Scandinavia. Mekavi has already confirmed that it carries many items from the City of Life collection.

I have no words if the Boston retailer Lekker will carry the new collection by Nicolette Brunklaus. They are still carrying the Shady Tree Collection.

+ Nicolette Brunklaus
+ Bring natural harmony to your home
Via Bloesem and Copenhagen Collage