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Outdoor Valentine’s Day Decoration: Ice Hearts from Poppytalk

poppytalk diy winter valentine's day heart

poppytalk diy winter valentine's day heart

We may not think of decorating our outdoor spaces for Valentine’s Day, but this uncomplicated idea by Poppytalk contributor Margie Oomen of Resurrection Fern has us reconsidering our options.

The combination of colorful natural elements frozen in heart-shaped ice is a beautiful contrast to what can be a rather gray month overall.

poppytalk diy winter outdoor decoration heart

Make a few to hang in spots where they’re sure to surprise and delight. We love them strung along a clothesline (shown above), but they’d look just as lovely as a winter wreath alternative on your front door or on barren tree branches in your backyard or neighbourhood park.

It’s a quick, simple project kids will love too. Check out Poppytalk for full instructions.

+ Hearts of Ice DIY on Poppytalk


Eco-friendly Baja BBQ Firepack

baja bbq firepack by Mike and Maaike for lazarri :: wood chipsI just read on Moco Loco about a new eco-friendly product. We used propane BBQ at home. But I crave for the real BBQ charcoal taste. Last year I almost gave in but after checking the negative effects on the environment, I decided against it.

But now I have a solution that will leave me with great taste and a clear conscience. Baja is an eco-friendly instant charcoal packaging developed by Mike and Maaike for design annex / Lazzari.

Baja renders your barbecue experience simple, clean and chemical free. It is simple to cook on the BBQ since Baja heats the natural lump charcoal to the right temperature without the aid of chemicals or lighter fluid. The coals are ready to cook within 15 to 20 minutes from lighting.

When you go at home or if you go at the friend house for a Bring your Own Food outdoor party, Baja is much better than regular charcoals for you and your neighbors.

What are the advantages of mesquite charcoal?

  1. Captures the delicious flavor of natural wood smoke
  2. Searing at high cooking temperature retains natural juices, aroma and succulence.
  3. Burns hotter and lasts longer
  4. 100% natural product

About Lazzari

Located in San Francisco, Lazzari is the largest, oldest and original producer and distributor of premium mesquite charcoal in the USA.

Add wood chips for additional flavors. Wood chips work well with charcoal or gas grills.

>>> Sourcing:
Learn more: Baja BBQ Firepack designed by Mike and Maaike
Learn more: 100% Natural Lazzari Mesquite Charcoal
Via: Baja BBQ Firepack [Moco Loco]


Canadian birch and birds for a natured-inspired Canada Day Tabletop Theme

Canadian birch bark set at small stump :  Heartbird napkins at LU PrintsNature is something that really defines the Canadian way of life. So why not let nature be the star of your Canada Day Party? Especially that birch tree, old wood stump and faux bois are so hot right now in the design world.

All winter, I was eager to buy the birch candles. The problem is that I did not have anything else to go with that theme. That is until now.

When I saw the genuine Canadian birch bark set at small stump, I could not resist anymore. Look at them; they can be used in so many ways for entertaining. The birch bark tube display kit at small stump. You can see that they nicely pack up their orders.

Besides the obvious cachepot, the birch bark cylinders can dress up a buffet table. Use them to hide Mason jars filled with jams, relishes, pickles or utensils.

Ideas for designing your centerpieces

You can make your centerpieces around this birch bark set. Fill them with flowers and spread them on your table. Herbs look great too. The variations in heights will create interest on your table. Play with that.

Vary the heights of the plants. Do not restrict yourself in putting high plants in higher birch tree cylinder like shown on the picture. Whenever possible, put the highest plants or herbs in the lowest cylinders and put the low flowers on the highest one.

You may have to raise the vase containing the low flowers so it fits in a higher cachepot. Hot glue is your best friend when it comes to glue together the bottom of glass container or terracotta pots.

How to set up your tabletop?

Where there are trees, you see birds. The delightful Heartbird napkins by BC-based LU Prints are just perfect. They share that same authenticity in style and materials. For this theme to work, look for hand crafted items. You want to create a genuine natural feeling. A set of 4 Heartbird napkins costs $25 CAD on LU Prints online store.

If you opt for the Heartbird napkins, I suggest you restrain the flower palette to different shades of greens. In any case, I think a single color flower arrangement looks more sophisticated. A bold or multicolor pattern will just deter too much from the natural feeling we try to achieve.

For the tablecloth, I suggest a 100% linen cloth. Ideally, select a natural cream or beige color table cloth. I am biased to the white or celadon dishes designed by Sophie Conran for this theme. Her dinnerware will look great on a table surrounded by birch tree centerpieces. Do not be afraid to serve it outside, the porcelain tableware of Sophie Conran for Portmeirion is made for casual entertaining with kids.

Put the finishing touch with Faux Bois Tableware

Faux Bois Tableware at Room Service Home

While I was looking for faux bois products, I found this shot on inredningsbloggen, a Swedish blog. Even though, I cannot read anything on this blog I like to visit this wonderful blog for inspirations.

Going back to this photo shot, it has all the elements to bring my nature theme to the next level. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, this simplifies my writing job.

If you wish to push more the birch trees and birds theme, take a look at this wonderful Faux-Bois tableware collection. The baby blue color creates a soothing color combination with our greens.

Available at Room Service Home, Faux-bois Tableware is hand-glazed ceramic stoneware. Its charm comes from its limb and tree lookalike design. Just as twigs and branches are never alike, Faux-Bois hand-glazed ceramics are unique. A mix of nest and bird sketches is draw at the center of the plates.

Have fun on Canada Day. This post concludes my series on Canada Day Party. I hope that I inspired you to celebrate Canada Day in style.

About small stump

small stump is the art and craft collaboration of Lia and Jill, two creative friends who share a love for the handmade. They are based in Northern California.

+ genuine birch bark tube display kit at small stump online store
+ Heartbird Print on Grass Napkins (set of 4) at LU Prints online store
+ Sophie’s Conran Dinnerware Collection at Muffet and Louisa
+ Faux Bois Tableware at Room Service Home (RSH)
+ Via Dukning ute i det fria published on inredningsbloggen