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I’m Redecorating my Entryway

mood board for my entryway

My entryway is already functional. I have a basic landing strip. I already have a doormat and an umbrella holder outside. Inside, a nice mirror with a matching catch-all drawer adds style to the room. What I’m looking to upgrade are our hooks, plus the storage for shoes, hats, scarves and gloves.

Like for many urban dwellers, my entryway is a tight space. My space is even harder to decorate since it is a 4 feet wide L-shaped corridor. To keep the room airy, I ruled out a bench. Continue Reading


Orange and Green Halloween Tabletops

green and black tabletop for Halloween

modern orange hues halloween tabletop ideas

My first idea was to create a mood board for modern black and orange Halloween table. To do so, I incorporated elements that are not typical Halloween decorations. I decided to play with orange shades to see if it will add a new dimension to the classic theme. Stacking a bunch of Asian bowls create a unique centerpiece. And the best part is that you will get to reuse the bowls the rest of year.

Green for Halloween

green and black tabletop for Halloween

But not everyone wishes for the traditional orange and black tabletop. So, I started to experiment with green and black. The awesome mummy vases add a playful touch. They go so well with mummy wrapped cookies and “Mummy Veggie Dip” tray featured on Phyllis Hoffman Celebrate Halloween magazine.

mummy vegetable dip tray and mummy wrapped cookies for Halloween

In both cases, I suggest to put a spider web tablecloth on top of a solid tablecloth. I pair that with a modern style black and white dinnerware and black stemware. I would finish the look with white cotton or linen napkins.

+ Spiderweb Tablecloth Halloween $34.99 at [affiliate link]
+ Tradition Wine Glass Set $25 USD / $26.25 CAD for set of 6 at Potiron
+ Milano Dinnerware Set $65 USD / $68.25 CAD for 4 place settings
+ Wilt-Proof Centerpieces at Martha Stewart
+ Mummy Vases and Mommy Food from Phyllis Hoffman Celebrate Halloween – via Hostess with the Mostess


Easter Mood Board

easter mood board in muted pastel colors

easter mood board in spring muted colors

Muted Spring colors may be the starting point for your Easter tabletop. I first discovered the invite, which seems to dictate a classic elegant look. But I prefer to create an unexpected design. The washi tape decorated vases crafted by Elizabeth Goodman of To be Charmed bring the simple, modern touch that I was aiming for.

Do not be afraid to throw an unexpected punch of colors. Here, the saturated Easter eggs take center stage. They were done using a different technique than the food coloring dyed Easter eggs. Pam of Gingerbread Snowflakes dyed her Easter eggs with Kool-Aid. She explained on her blog the dos and don’ts of using Kool-Aid to dye your Easter eggs. Expect best results with orange, lime, berry and strawberry flavors and a few misses.

Useful and Beautiful

gourmet tea tins as party favors

Look for elegant tea tins as a way to enhance your table design. You could display them in a long row as a part of your centerpiece vignette. It feels more special than the classic tea box.

+ Decorated Eggs invite on Evite
+ Counting Bunny Clock $30 USD by Decoylab on etsy
+ Color Easter eggs with Kool-Aid on Gingerbread Snowflakes
+ Vases with Japanese washi tapes on To be Charmed
+ Harvey & Sons Gourmet Tea Tins $30 for 4 boxes
+ Favor Tin with a Personalized Side Label with Polka Dots $20.30 for 10


Ladybug First Birthday Party Theme

ladybug first birthday party mood board

Angel Brave of Because Life’s Eventful contacted me a few weeks ago because she needed help in figuring out details for the first birthday of her little girl. Angel decided on a ladybug theme and she aims for a refined look. A sophisticated ladybug theme is more challenging than it seems. Doing sophisticated giraffe, owl, bird, elephant, and even monkey is easier because many modern designers have embraced those animals.

The key with any theme is to think outside the box. So instead of just looking for items with a ladybug motif, I searched for dot pattern dinnerware, I worked not only with red and black but also with green and white. The green comes from the fact that ladybugs are often used by farmers to eat insect that could destroyed their crops. I taught about a summer garden even if the party is happening during winter.

You also need to be practical for a first birthday. Therefore, I selected acrylic tumblers to not worry about the little kids breaking a glass.

+ Invitations: Printable Little Ladybug Invitation – DIY by The TomKat Studio $14 USD on etsy – the party circles are sold separately
+ Adult Dinnerware: Circle Chic Pattern by Mikasa – Black dinnerware mixed with red serving ware $39.99 USD for 4-piece plate setting
+ Glassware: Green Gingham Acrylic Tumblers on sale at $9.98 for 12 – 6 tall, 6 short

Dessert table Collage

I added more colors for the dessert table. After all, it is a kid birthday. I am sad that I did not found who made the ladybug cake. I found that Alana Hodgson made a similar cake.  I like to splurge of a memorable cake and there are awesome cake maker these days.

ladybug cake and dessert table for first birthday party

+ Kid plates: Felix salad plates by French Bull $8 for 4
+ Chocolate: John & Kira’s Ladybug & Chocolate Gift Tower $49.50 USD
+ Candy: Hammond’s Red Apple Cinnamon Lolli $14.95 USD for 4
+ Birthday Cake: photo of Ladybug Cake via Cake Central

As you can see, I elaborated a deconstructed ladybug by mixing modern patterns, colors and moods. Best of all, you will be able to reuse many items for other occasions. And if you need more inspirations, check out the Little Ladybug Birthday Party featured on the blog of The Tom Kat Studio.


3 Iterations for an Housewarming Party Theme

housewarming party theme #1The migration of the birds inspires me to create an autumnal housewarming party theme. As I assembled my montages, I could not decide which one I like the best.

I composed three mood boards for the tabletop. They all reuse the same main components. I want to know which one you prefer? Before you post your vote, let me tell you about the components.

Main Components

My starting point were the two PopMat Paper Placemats by Publique Living. The Natural Kraft seems a better choice for a 100% recycled paper. It feels warmer than white. My idea is to alternate the Mailbox pattern and the Birdcage pattern as you set up your dining table.

The pop up graphics designed by Lian Ng double as a name card but I prefer it without any writing. I read on Hostess with the Mostess that Publique Living launched three new patterns in time for the Holidays: Reindeer, Fireplace and Banquet.

housewarming party theme #2

Serving tab water is more eco-friendly. Now you can get the look at the plastic water bottle in glass. Italian design house Seletti brings you these glass water bottles in 4 different designs.

Housewarming Gift Ideas

The Lovebirds Pillow by Ferm Living, the Nest Lumen by Adam Frank and the Areaware Bird Box designed by Fredrikson Stallard would make two luxurious gifts. Lumen is an oil lamp that can project a large shadow on the wall. The symbolic act of giving a bird house to someone who move into a new nest is cute.

If you are looking for a gift under $30, go for Rae Dunn’s Ceramic Birdhouses. It comes in 3 shapes, each with their own words. The models are names Home, Chirp, or Nest.


housewarming party theme #3

I selected Mud Australia for in #1 and #3. Simply used a different pictures. I like the modern shape of the Mud Australia collection. And I adore the fact that they come in a dozen colors. I could color coordinate it with the and Jason Miller’s Seconds Dinner Plate Set.

I wished a splash of color so I used the adorable Royal Copenhagen Mega Pattern. The Blue Fluted MEGA‘s hand painted drawings are enlargements of a timeless design originally created in 1775. The royal blue nicely opposes the kraft paper placemat.

Finally, the Gold Tree Branch Place Card Holders finish the tablescape. If the color of your table do not match well with the theme, place a table cloth beneath the pop up placemats.

Cast your vote? Which board do you prefer between the three?

+ Publique Living PopMat Paper Placemat at Velocity – price: $24 USD
+ Glass Bottle Collection at Lekker– price: $24 USD
+ Lovebirds Pillow by Ferm Living at Lekker – price: $110 USD
+ Areaware Bird Box at Velocity – price: $145 USD
+ Nest Lumen by Adam Frank – price: $48 USD
+ Mud Australia collection at Unica – price: $14-$161 USD
+ Jason Miller Seconds Dinner Plate Set – price: $132 USD, set of 4
+ Ceramic Birdhouses by Rae Dunn at Pure Modern – price: $29 USD/each
+ Gold Tree Branch Place Card Holders at Weddings Things – price: $30 USD for 6


Orange and Teal Party Theme

orange teal party theme :: etsy invites and bracelet

The hardest thing for many people is to find a theme for their party. For everyday entertaining, the key is to find a connection, a directing line for your décor.

Why not get inspired by a color scheme for your next party? Looking at the handpicked items picked by Efratom, you can feel the festive vibe.

I particularly like these for a bunch with the girls:

Invitations: Set the mood with by sending the good morning buttercups by lncgreetings – price: $4.50 USD

Decor: Tie on the votive holders a few Betty by the Pool…fabric covered bead bracelet by AnnieandOlive – price: $15 USD

Tablescape: Lay down an orange polka dot piece of fabric for your tablecloth. Or you can frame the Pass the Orange Spotted Coffee picture by weberphoto – price: $10 USD

Centrepiece: Go simple like a bouquet of lovely orange Ranunculus or a grouping displaying a single bloom. The Rhode Island photograph dsbrennan produced this Ranunculus 8×8 print – price: $30 USD

Party favors: Go green with this coin purse made of salvaged banner by birdversusbird, Russell Coin Purse – price: $8 USD

The Bobby Flay Turquoise Dinnerware at Kohls fits well with our theme. Unfortunately, only the oatmeal bowl is still in stock.

The next time you need to find some inspirations for your party, you can browse through my site :-), but you can also look in your closet or flip the page of a home decor magazine to find a pattern from which to derive all the party elements.


Party Theme for a Graduation Party – take 2


I was inspired by too many objects when I was writing my Dotted Theme for a Girl Graduation Party post, that I created a second mood board.

This one is an exercise in pattern arrangements. See how a traditional pattern can take a new life when it is harmonized with hip patterns.

My Design

You can leave the top open of the Teeny Green Dots Lunch Box to use them to store vintage mil bottle filled with non alcoholic cocktails or juices. Next to a buffet table, use them as a container for the napkins. Below is the Chain Link pattern from the MacBeth Collection. Chain Link is offer in Pool (blue) and Apple (green).

The Party Girls invites by Inviting Company are suitable whether you are preparing a Sweet 16 birthday for a girl, a graduation party or a girl night out. You can send them to your girl friends if you want to throw a Before Movie Cocktail the premiere of the Sex and The City movie. Add $50 for printed invites by thermography, lithography or value printing (I do not know what this means)

Pop Ink makes the retro style heavy-duty melamine plates. Their plate illustrations range from the whimsical with a touch of kitsch to lovable drawings. Each set of four plates are packaged in a jewel-like acrylic display box. The designs by Pop Ink are sure to inspire to throw more parties. I select a botanical design called Plant Food.

Buy online: Metal Lunch Box at The MacBeth Collection – price: $48 USD, $35 for the mini
Buy online: Party Girls invitation cards at Paper Affairs – price: $13 for 10 unprinted invites
Buy online: Pop Ink Plant Food Melamine Plate Set at Velocity Art & Design – price: $36 USD for 4 dinner plates

ENTERTAINING PAPER goods PARTY ideas + decor

Dotted Theme for a Girl Graduation Party


A mother wrote to me because she is looking for fun unique ideas for the graduation party of her daughters in May. They want polka dots for a theme with lots of bright spring colors!

I expanded on the polka dots theme for a trendier look. I went instead with fresh, bold patterns where dots are omnipresent. The final look is amusing and young.

Sharing Memories

The mother told me that the girls do not want the boring photo albums. A graduation party is a time to remember where you have been. So I will show you other ways to share memories.

For starter, I suggest spread across the room a series of notebooks with colored pens for people to write their thoughts and memories. An unlined notebook works the best for a party since people can draw or write their messages. Small notebooks are more practical because they are easier to carry around. Select a model that does not require a writing surface. As the girls will get older, they will be happy to have memorabilia of their graduation.

I chose recycled paper notebooks from a small Canadian design studio. The products of ecojot are widely available through retailers across Canada, the United States and in a few international stores. The illustrations I selected clearly convey spring and happiness.

Taking about memories, why not take the time to reflect of the past years without disrupting the path of the party. For that goes with a continuous playing slideshow on the TV during the party or install a screen with a projector. Let me explain the beauty of it.

I suggest a continuous play because your guests look at it when it pleases them. A set projection time always breaks the flow of a party. Trust me, it is a lot of more fun and it generates more interactions between the guests that way.

How to Make a Slideshow

Create a slideshow with the pictures that best illustrates their time at the school. It is more interesting to develop a story based on theme / interest instead of making a time based story. Include pictures from their friends.

Unless you make a DVD copy for their friends, do not bother about the music since it would interfere with the great music playing at the party. Create a slideshow that lasts 5 to 10 minutes. Typically, I leave 15 to 20 seconds between photos. Keep the transitions simple and use the same transition (two to the max).

My Design

Graduations, even from high schools, are a bridge between childhood and adulthood. The items I selected reflected that fact. I really like the Fun Dots Pink and Green Invitation.

The funky GroBal Pot designed by Karim Rashid keeps your house plants lush, green, and looking sharp. I suggest you make long rows. You can mix the small (baby) and the regular sizes. I like to thank Nicole Lecht of freshly Blended that introduced these modern iconic egg-like pots to me.

The fantasia disposable tableware set looks stunning. This modern kaleidoscope of color was designed by for Jackie Shapiro for French Bull. I would suggest using certain pieces but not all of them at once. You can go for a fuchsia tablecloth. You can make you own placemat with fuchsia paper sheets.

You can insert Teeny Dot buckets from The MacBeth Collection. Their pattern collections are very impressive. What is great with The MacBeth Collection is that you can add your girls’ initials and customize the patterns.

The buckets are great for the bar station. Get several sizes to serve large quantity of citrus fruits and smaller one for the cherries, olives, etc. Since these buckets are not designed for food consumption, insert either a glass jar or a parchment paper to serve any sliced fruits and vegetables. You can use the buckets to distribute candies or the party favors.

Buy online: Fun Dots Pink and Green Invitation at The Stationery Studio – price: $90 USD for 25 flat 6″ x 9″ invitations
Buy online: Karim Rashid: GroBal at Velocity Art & Design – price: $24 USD
Buy online: Karim Rashid: GroBal Baby – price: $15 USD
Learn more: 3 x4″ notebooks by ecojot – see their retailer listing
Buy online: French Bull Fantasia paper dessert plates at Plum Party – price: $4.75 USD for 8
Buy online: Buckets at The MacBeth Collection – starting at $25 for the bitsy, $35 for the midi
Via: freshly Blended

ENTERTAINING HOLIDAY entertaining PARTY ideas + decor

Reinventing Valentine’s Day


If you wish to escape seasonal hearts and the red rose overloaded displays, I devised a solution to celebrate Valentine’s Day in style. You can celebrate Valentine’s Day without taking the predictive road.

What I did is to go back to the root of this festive day which is celebrating love. And I asked myself: How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day if you are in a long term relationship? I have been married for thirteen years. So my husband and I do not celebrate Valentine’s Day like we did in our first year of romance.

Be a part of your love story

I believe that sharing happy memories brings strength to a couple. Therefore, I composed a scheme around reminiscences. Looking back at old photos bring back wonderful memories. I suggest that you challenge your partner to find the top 20 photographs of happiness together.

At the beginning of the night, hang your selected photos up on the footfalls multi designed by Umbra. After eating a wonderful home cooked dinner, look at the photographs and relive these wonderful moments. I am sure it will spark things up.

You should also make new amazing memories that day. So why not take some time off and enjoy the conversion in a park or in front of a lake. If you live in the right climate, organize a romantic picnic with champagne. Trip Trap is foldable wood veneer bench. Pretty and

For a beautiful tablecloth, nothing looks more amazing and festive that the fabrics designed by Amy Butler. Bella is the first line of fabrics Amy designed for Rowan. I selected the Okra / Kashmir but I heisted a minute since I am fond of my going out purse made with the Duck egg / French wallpaper fabric.

For dessert, I suggest you bake either a molten chocolate cake or a lavender crème brûlée. These cute Crème Brûlée Dishes costs only $3.50 at Crate & Barrel. They are big enough for you to share one dish. How romantic! For the breakfast the morning after, bring out the coffee on this very affordable, modern veneer tray.

Buy online: Cassie Leather Jewelry Box at Pottery Barn – price:$49 USD
Buy online: fotofalls multi designed by Tom Vincent for Umbra – price:$42 CAD
Learn more: Trip Trap by Nyheder
Buy online: Belle fabric collection by Amy Butler
Buy online: Willow Wood Tray at Crate & Barrel – price: $19.95 USD
Buy online: Crème Brûlée Dish at Crate & Barrel – price: $3.50 USD
Via: The LEAN sitting machine on Yanko Design


Mood board for the 2008 Super Bowl party

super bowl tablescape idea

With less than 2 weeks before the big game, it is time to finalize your design. You know me; I am going for a stylish look. So I compiled a mood board to get you started.

My best advice is to stay away from the easy and expected props to celebrate the Super Bowl. The trick is to find an inspiration and to harmonize the rest.

Vintage meets modern

My design kicked in with these cute vintage football plates. A glass set completes the series inspired by classic 1940s artwork. A new addition to the Williams-Sonoma catalogue, each set shows a quarterback, a cheerleader, a punter and a running back.

Some of your guests may be die-hard fans. A kicker can be to serve walnuts as a snack during the game. The dark wooden bowl is a two in one serving ware piece: the bowl integrates the nutcracker. I suggest you get an extra nutcracker so no one fight for one.

You can serve nuts in a carafe like I have seen at Westin Casuarina in Las Vegas. Very hygienic, the shape pours easily the nuts in your hand without touching the nuts.

It is also a great time to serve Almond Croccante and Peanut Brittle. Read my Homemade tricks and treats post for the recipes.

Football field Invitation and Centerpiece

This water color invitation by Oddballs sets the tone of your Super Bowl event. The same idea is translated into a playing field made of flats of wheatgrass covered with miniature plastic football players.

I took this Super Bowl theme centerpiece from the In Style Parties book. Instead of wheatgrass available at the florist, you could stop by the garden center for a sample of turf. Or even, use artificial turf as a reference to what they installed in most stadiums.

Each Football Guys package at Kaskey Kids includes 26 players, one referee and two goalposts. There is no need to over pack your wheatgrass field; use just enough players to look great. The washable felt field can become a thematic tablecloth. You may find a similar kit at a hobby store near you.

About the presentation

Have a signature drinks. I am in my margarita phase sine I went to Vegas. Drop ice cubes into the tube insert to keep your drinks cool with watering it.

For dessert, serve long tubular cupcakes. With a cap, cupcakes look more stylish. For details on how to make them, see my muffin presentation. Use raffia ribbons of the color of the opposing teams. The square cake stand carries on this most modern look.

I hope you get fun participating in this national pastime event.

Buy online: Super Bowl party invitations by Oddballs at Fine Stationery – price:$83.90 for 30 custom prints, $33.90 as blank stock
Buy online: Vintage Football Plates at Williams-Sonoma – price:$29.99 for a set of 4
Buy online: Vintage Football Glasses at Williams-Sonoma – price:$24 for a set of 4
Buy online: Nut Bowl & Cracker at Williams-Sonoma – price:$75
Buy online: Football Guys at Kaskey Kids – price: $25.99
Buy online: Icing Pitcher at Williams-Sonama – price: $18
Buy online: Square Cakestand at William-Sonoma – price: small $48, large $65
Buy online: In Style Parties at

FOOD + DRINK FOOD presentation

Pink and chocolate inspirations | 3 blogs and a mood board 2008.01.08 edition

oh joy! : garden rooms : yanko designThe unified element for my weekly blog spotlight is simply brilliant design. As a bonus, you can recycle the color scheme. Even if there is a lot of pink, the result does not feel too girly.

After the holiday break, there were a lot of posts to choose from. Considering that must produce a unified board, I feel that Oh Joy!, Garden Rooms and Yanko Design published the most interesting posts from a stylish living and entertaining point of view. Enjoy!

1 | Oh Joy!

You can resist these verrine desserts from Spanish baker Bubo, they are simply amazing. It is certainly not me a dessert lover like me. Hey honey, when do we visit Barcelona?

From left to right, these delicacies are:

  • Rhubarb glass: a strawberry cream, a cheese mousse, a rhubarb compote and strawberry gelatin topped with a tiny strawberry french macaron
  • Hawaii glass: a bittersweet chocolate cream, a lime gel, a macadamia nut streusel and a praline mousse
  • Litchi glass: a light litchi cream and brilliance of strawberry and raspberry a la vanilla

I second Oh Joy! taste and declare them the tiniest perfections.

2 | Garden Rooms

On her Fresh Flowers post, Robyn of Garden Rooms showcased simple modern flower arrangements from Vogue Living. The latest trend seems to immerge your flowers completely inside the clear glass vase. Take note, it is so easy to reproduce. Soft pinks, oranges and yellows make a stunning combination.

3 | Yanko Design

I spot on Yanko Design this unique concept for a takeout drink tray. Designed by Sonyun Kang, the idea behind Bundle Box is that you easily carry two drinks and napkins with one hand. Better yet, this drink carrier takes less storage space that the standard tray currently used by the food industry.

I was unable to find more on the materials used. If we can roll on the Bundle Box when not in use, I could see myself carrying one on my day purse. The ultimate green solution is a reusable solution. Nonetheless, I feel that Bundle Box answers a need on the market. Definitely a clever design!

Learn more: Bubo