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Three Festive Platters and a Tray for Summer Entertaining

platters for outdoor entertaining

There is nothing like great patterned platters to cheerful an outdoor table. Two of of three would make a cute Father’s Day gift that the kids could give to their dad.

platters for outdoor entertaining
Kärringen mot Strömmen Tray
$32 USD at Huset | French Bull Multiplaid Platter $18 USD | Striped Carnival Tray $9.99 USD at World Market

As a bonus, I suggest BÄRBAR, a cute birdie tray by IKEA. I received it at an event earlier this year and love it. BÄRBAR won’t break too much the bank of the kids.
barbar tray


A Provencal Outdoor Table

Provence Melamine Dinnerware

Provence Melamine Dinnerware

When I first laid my eyes on this Provencal style dinnerware, I never imagined that it was made of melamine. The design is more refined than what we are used to when we talk about melamine plates and bowls. I love it! The Provence Melamine Dinnerware Collection includes dining plates, salad bowls and plates plus a serving bowl. Keep it in mind for wedding gifts.

floral boutis tablecloth

You can either opt for placemats or for what a French hostess will put on her outdoor table, a nice tablecloth. For a nautical look, go with the Coral Embroidered Placemats. Or stay true to the Provencal style with the Floral Boutis table linen available in yellow or blue. I prefer the yellow motif.

+ Provence Melamine Dinnerware Collection from $39.95 to $59.95 USD at Williams-Sonoma
+ Coral Embroidered Placemats $49 USD for set of 4
+ Yellow Floral Boutis Tablecloth from $59 to $69 USD
+ Blue Floral Boutis Napkins $28 for set of 4


More Melamine Dinnerware for Outdoor Dining

ikea fargrik trolsk bowls and plates

ikea fargrik trolsk bowls and plates

I can believed that I bought more melamine dinnerware for outdoor dining. When I saw the Färgrik Trolsk bowls, I could not resist because they pair well with my Crate & Barrel rice bowls. I resist buying the plates but I bought the red Trolsk serving bowl because it can come handy to serve nachos or grilled vegetables.

ikea fargrik trolsk plates and bowls in yellow, white and blue

The yellow, white and blue composition feels cheerful. It is one if their most successful looks.

+ Färgrik Trolsk bowls $5.99 CAD for 2 assorted bowls
+ Trolsk serving bowl $12.99 CAD


Thomas Paul Sea Life Melamine Tableware

Thomas Paul melamine :: sea-life dinner plates and side plates

Thomas Paul melamine :: sea-life dinner plates and side plates

I could not resist the Thomas Paul Sea-Life Melamine dinner plates and side plates when I stopped by Lekker Home last Thursday. It says a lot about how appealing they were nicely displayed on the table since I typically do not buy melamine for eating outside. The only melamine plates I own are the ones on my picnic sets.

new summer dinnerware

I knew that I would stop by Crate & Barrel to buy the contemporary rice bowls and square dishes after Lekker Home. That has something to do with my decision. The Thomas Paul Melamine collections do not include bowls. Look at how the two collections complement each others. It is one of these instances where you fashion a calculated eclectic look.

More Mix-and-Match

Thomas Paul melamine :: whale server plate

I opted for the whale server plate (called the Scrimshaw Tray) instead of the turtle tray because an oval tray is more handy to serve a wide variety of dishes. This way, my table would not be too matching. Scrimshaw was an art practiced by sailors on whaling ships out at sea. With his Scrimshaw melamine collection, Thomas Paul recaptured, in his own way, the feeling of this art form.

+ Thomas Paul Sea Life dinner plates $40 USD for 4 assorted plates at Lekker Home
+ Thomas Paul Sea Life side plates $30 for 4 assorted
+ Thomas Paul Scrimshaw Tray $30


Lapper Dining Trays with Anti-Slip Mats

lapper dining trays with anti-slip mats

What do we want in a dining tray is one that is easy to clean and on which we can carry the food without spills.

Ashley Hatcher created the Lapper with these functions in mind. In fact, she was even more demanding. She dreamed of a tray that keeps dishes in place, allows for safe dishwashing, can easily be stored and has comfortable handles. The secret weapon of her tray are silicone anti-slip inserts. All parts of the melamine tray are dishwasher safe. It seems like an improved version of the dining tray.

Lapper Multi-Functional Dining Tray $24.50 USD
+ Lapper trays with University Sport Logo


Summer Entertaining Products At Costco

Three good buys that I spot at Costco 2 weeks ago. They will come handy this summer when you host a garden party or a BBQ.

recycled glass tuscan beverage jar at costco

+ Tuscan Beverage Jar made of recycled glass $27.99 CAD

melamine mixing bowls :: salad spinner costco

+ Colorful Melamine Mixing Bowls can be used to serve nachos, chips, green salads and fruit salads $18.99 CAD for 4 bowls
+ Fratelli Salad Spinner from Guzzini that I introduced last week $21.99 CAD


Love the Kay Dinnerware Collection by Working Class Studio

Kay outdoor dining collection by working class studio

If you are looking for fun and modern melamine dinnerware for your next picnic or barbecue that you can use all year long for cocktail parties, take a look at the Kay collection from the Working Class Studio.

Kay Wolfersperger designed a complete outdoor dining collection with salad plates, dinner plates, charger plates, bowls and tumbler glasses. Each element features their own geometric patterns. I enjoy the fact that you customize the look by opting to get all the pieces in one color or in an array of colors. There is an infinite way, matter of speaking, that you could  mix and match them. This unisex and cheerful collection is dishwasher safe but do not put it on the microwave.

Working Class Studio is the product development arm of the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). SCAD created this division to give students real world experience designing and marketing home accessories and lifestyle products. Getting these products is a way to encourage young talents to flourish more.

+ Working Class Studio Kay Collection Bowl $8 each at Velocity Art and Design
+ Working Class Studio Kay Collection Salad Plates $8 each
+ Working Class Studio Kay Collection Charger $14 each
+ Kay Collection Tumbler $4 each


Tea Towels and Serving Trays by Atelier LZC

Tea Towels and Serving Trays by Atelier LZC :: bunny waxwell

The French designers master the art of creating fun yet stylish textile patterns. And Atelier LZC continues to prove it.

We all need a few extraordinary sets to supplement our everyday tea towels. When placed on the right display, tea towels add visual interest to a simple room design. Tea towels often replace placemats and cooking mitts in the kitchen.

Entertaining Accessories

Why not put a tea towel instead a hand towel in your powder room when you entertain? Their latest Japon (Japan) and Souvenirs (Memories) models would compliment nicely an Asian party theme.

Bunny Maxwell sells a few items from Atelier LZC in the United States. They do ship internationally but you must call them to get the rates and timeframe.

The Parisian Gold Tray and the Nocturne Tray will add a definite French flair to your party. The trays are made from melamine.

My next post will be about a vintage hostess bridal party. I found the initial inspiration on Bunny Maxwell.

>>> Sourcing:
Buy online: Les Petits Plats Tea Towels at Bunny Maxwell – price: $38 USD for set of 2
Buy online: Folklore Tea Towels at Bunny Maxwell – price: $38 USD for set of 2
Buy online: Parisian Gold Tray at Bunny Maxwell – price $45 USD
Buy online: Nocturne Melamine Tray at Bunny Maxwell – price $45 USD
Via: Atelier LZC: Creative Service [Hostess with the Mostess]


Grandma is Late for Dinner at Anthropologie

crocheted food cover :: fresh-squeezed juicer :: garden pitcher :: late for dinner plates at anthropologie

With Mother’s Day in less than two weeks, I spot more gift ideas for moms who enjoy hosting outdoor entertaining for her family and friends.

My first suggestion is Late for Dinner, a new melamine collection at Anthropology.

My encounter with these pop-art flora plates on Hostess with the Mostess started the ball. For there, I looked for outdoor tableware that I can harmonize with Late for Dinner patterns.

My search brought me to the grandma macramé look of these Crocheted Food Cover shown here in Yellow and dark green. At the same time of the pop-art trend, the crocheted look was hip. The look reminds me of grandma, because we should not forget grandmothers on Mother’s Day.

The morning-bright flora of the Fresh-Squeezed Juicer and the Painted Garden Pitcher complete the communal look.

As you can see from the pictures, you can mix those with many solids and patterns.

>>> Sourcing:
Buy online: Late for Dinner melamine plates at Anthropologie – price: $25.26 CAD – $24 USD set of 4
Buy online: Crocheted Food Cover at Anthropologie – price: $18.95 CAD – $18 USD
Buy online: Fresh-Squeezed Juicer at Anthropologie – price: $25.26 CAD – $24 USD
Buy online: Painted Garden Pitcher at Anthropologie – price: $18.95 CAD – $18 USD
Via: Retro-Mod Melamine [Hostess with the Mostess]


Party Theme for a Graduation Party – take 2


I was inspired by too many objects when I was writing my Dotted Theme for a Girl Graduation Party post, that I created a second mood board.

This one is an exercise in pattern arrangements. See how a traditional pattern can take a new life when it is harmonized with hip patterns.

My Design

You can leave the top open of the Teeny Green Dots Lunch Box to use them to store vintage mil bottle filled with non alcoholic cocktails or juices. Next to a buffet table, use them as a container for the napkins. Below is the Chain Link pattern from the MacBeth Collection. Chain Link is offer in Pool (blue) and Apple (green).

The Party Girls invites by Inviting Company are suitable whether you are preparing a Sweet 16 birthday for a girl, a graduation party or a girl night out. You can send them to your girl friends if you want to throw a Before Movie Cocktail the premiere of the Sex and The City movie. Add $50 for printed invites by thermography, lithography or value printing (I do not know what this means)

Pop Ink makes the retro style heavy-duty melamine plates. Their plate illustrations range from the whimsical with a touch of kitsch to lovable drawings. Each set of four plates are packaged in a jewel-like acrylic display box. The designs by Pop Ink are sure to inspire to throw more parties. I select a botanical design called Plant Food.

Buy online: Metal Lunch Box at The MacBeth Collection – price: $48 USD, $35 for the mini
Buy online: Party Girls invitation cards at Paper Affairs – price: $13 for 10 unprinted invites
Buy online: Pop Ink Plant Food Melamine Plate Set at Velocity Art & Design – price: $36 USD for 4 dinner plates


Pure Norwegian Design will be at 100% Design in London

100 percent norway at 100 percent design in london

When we are taking about Scandinavian, we talked mostly about products from Finland and Sweden. In fact, I think I spoke more often about Danish products than Norwegian creations.

The government of Norway with the industry has launched an offensive a few years ago to raise awareness about what they produce. They identify UK as an important platform for their marketing campaign.

Again this year, the visitors of UK’s leading contemporary interiors event will be able to see and touch the best of Norwegian design. The trade show 100% Design is scheduled for September 18 to 21, 2008 at Earls Court in London.

100% Norway viewed over the years

It was announced that 100% Norway 2008 will be once again curated by Henrietta Thompson. The upcoming stand has tripled over the size of last year. In 2006, 100% Norway stand was colossal. The 2006 stand exhibited cutting edge Norwegian architecture including a view at fashion, furniture and city bikes. From macro, the stand went micro as 100% Norway 2007 zoomed in to the creativity found in glass, porcelain and textile design. The theme for 2008 is not yet public. I will keep you posted.

Where to shop for Norwegian design?

One of the glass pieces showcased at 100% Norway 2007 is this beautiful Blue Wing Butterfly vase by Catherine Maske. The artist made a statement since her vase immortalized a national butterfly that is close to extinction. For more outstanding glass ware, check out the 100% Norway: Glass summary on Norway: the official site in the UK.

The desire to draw more attention to Norwegian design does not only come from the government. Two citizens, Marianne Lien and Lasse Altern Halvorsen, opened a store full of Norwegian products called Pur Norsk. My board let you admire the inside of Pur Norsk brick and mortar store in Oslo. Pur Norsk also cater to foreigners through their international online store.

Scandinavian Surface specializes in patterns for any surface: fabrics, wallpaper, building facades, interior decoration details, kitchenware, barware and more. They manufacture ProPiece, a line of coated polyester wall-to-wall decorations. ProPiece looks like a mix between wall decals and wall papers. I like even more their collection of coasters, serving trays, plates and cushions.

I particularly like from Scandinavian Surface their Bread Coasters which are side plate made of laminated melamine. You use them for bread rolls or snack meal. Every one of the six patterns are cool and cheerful. The bread coasters are sold in pair.

I will keep you posted on the development of 100% Design, London as more news arises.

Learn more: 100% Design and 100% Light in London
Buy online: Pur Norsk
Learn more: Coasters and plates by Scandinavian Surface – price: 32 ? for the pair at Pur Norsk