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Delightful Mondays | Sunflowers at the Farmers Market

sunflowers at the farmers market

sunflowers at the farmers market

Last Friday, I had lunch at the Copley Square Farmers Market in Boston. It’s a great place for an impromptu picnic. Gorgeous sunflowers were everywhere.


It was fun to see the diversity of the species. I wish that I carried with me my good camera to make better pictures.


At home, you can display them in tall glass flower vase. Neatly gather them with a Silver Aluminum Florist Wire to bring a modern flair to your simple arrangements.

sunflowers in tall glass vases


Delightful Mondays | Pictures from the Farmers Market

yellow carrots at the farmers market

yellow carrots at the farmers market

Today for my Delightful Mondays I simply wish to share some pictures I took this weekend at the Farmers market. It is such a treat to eat fresh, local produce. I hope that you are taking the time to visit your Farmers market at least once a week.

radish at the farmers market

Another advantage of the Farmers Market is that you find fruit and vegetable varieties that you cannot find at the grocery store.

french breakfast radish at the farmers market

I discovered the French Breakfast radish, an elongated radish with a white splash at the root end. They are milder than the regular radishes. I like it! You have to eat them quickly since they won’t stay fresh as long as the regular kind. When I arrive home, I cut their ends, put them in a jar of cold water, and store them in the fridge.

tomato varieties at the farmers market

I made a tasty tomato, cucumber, green onion, radish, and buffalo mozzarella salad tonight. The dressing was simply 1.5 tablespoons of white vinegar, 4 tablespoons of olive oil and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. I seasoned the dressing with parsley, fleur de sel and freshly ground pepper. The taste was refreshing. Sorry, I forgot to take a picture.


Nishiki Market in Kyoto

nishiki market seafood

nishiki market shop

This is a typical shopping street in Japan. What makes those special is that the street is covered. Therefore, you can shop even when it rains. In fact, that what we did a very rainy day in Kyoto last week. We went to the Nishiki market with more than one hundred shops all related to food.

The Nishiki market has been at the center at the Kyoto residents for a long, long time. It started several centuries ago with many stores that have been operated by the same families for generations.

nishiki food market in kyoto

Vendors use baskets, wood barrels, big bamboo bowls and trays to present their produce. You can recycle this idea when you set a buffet table. The key is repetition. So stick to one or two containers for the entire table.

nishiki market seafood

You find all types of shops from the ones that sells upscale food in nice packaging, sweets to the fishmonger and more exotic item like this quail egg inside an octopus head.

nishiki market exotic food

Do not worry, you find plenty of more accessible food. For lunch, you can buy ready-to-eat food from vendors like meat on skewers or grilled fish. You can also sit at a table in one of few Japanese restaurants. That is what we did. We ate at a delicious udon place.

ready to eat food - grilled fish at nishiki market in kyoto

And it is at the Nishiki market that I bought my personalized Aritsugu cooking knives.


A Visit at the Farmer’s Market

fresly picked vegetables at atwater market

It was such a treat to see all these rows of local grown vegetables that I could not resisted taking some pictures. I bought everything we ate tonight. My husband and I cooked us a delicious and healthy meal. It is easy to find a parking spot on a weekday afternoon. My visit convinced me that I must stop by the Atwater Market more often. Enjoy the views.

small blueberries from Abitibi

For dessert, I bought a small basket of wild blueberries from Abitibi. Lac Saint-Jean also produced amazing wild blueberries. Everything here knows that the wild blueberries are the best. It is hasd to see on my photos that they are about of third of the size of the commercialy grown blueberries. I am leaving me because my half is waiting for me on the table.

Atwater Market p 514-937-7754
138 avenue Atwater, Montreal, Quebec H4C 2H6, Canada
Find directions


The Charm of Vintage Serveware for a Summer Party

vintage party decor :: wood soda cases :: buoys :: coca-cola cooler

Seeing this old Coca-Cola cooler last week at Finnegan’s market brought back childhood memories.  My parents owned a lot on a small lake 45 minutes from my home. Every nice Sunday during the summer, my parents, friends and family members used to meet there. We crossed the lake by swimming, played games of horseshoe and sat at night at the fire pit. It was fun!

A visit at the flea market can be the occasion to design a party decor. Think about ho you can integrate old items in an unexpected way. Here, the stylist at Pottery Barn decorate a pole with vintage buoys. I remembered seeing a few vintage wood soda crates stacked in a corner of my father’s business when I was young. I wish he had kept them. These crates can be used to bring the dishes in and out of the house or to gather bottles and glasses next to your buffet. This look calls for dishtowel napkins.

vintage farm signs and garden seeds storage

Other items to look for our farm stand signs and seeds storage. Transform seed metal boxes into the vase for a centerpieces or to distribute the cutlery wrapped in cotton napkins.

+ Found Soda Crate $15 USD
+ Dishtowel Stripe Napkins, Set of 6 on sale at $27 USD
+ Amish Farm Produce Roadside Stand Signs $65 USD
+ Seeds Metal Boxes – available at Comme on Aime in France

The vintage buoys are not anymore available online; maybe you may get lucky at a store near you but I would not count on it.


The Simple Pleasure of Eating Breakfast Outside

breakfast outside on a sunny morning

It is easy to forget that simple pleasure brings us happiness. Setting up a nice table for breakfast on the patio is one of these divine moments where you can relax and enjoy the company of your family. It only takes a few minutes to add details using craft supplies and accessories that you keep in the house. The idea is to improvise to make the breakfast feels a little bit special.

breakfast with apple bread and zucchini bread

Last Saturday, my friend Nathalie asked me if I wanted to visit the Finnegan’s Market in Hudson. We went and took advantage that you can buy home made treats. I bought delicious apple strudel from Tutti Gourmet. I also bought two breads from the Ethiopian woman. I forgot to ask her card. She is a regular so you should not have trouble finding her stand if you go. Her breads are delicious.

I brought home her apple bread and her zuicchini bread. We ate them with the less sugar, more fruit jam and jelly of Treasa Kenny of We-b-jammin. I bought several kinds. I started with her Strawberry Lavender Spread. My husband opted for the Cherry Pie Jelly.