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My Simple Tips: Get Waterproof Eye Makeup Off More Easily

waterproof mascara remover tips

Any amount of wind makes my eyes cry which why I wear waterproof mascara and long-lasting crayons. But my love affair with waterproof make up products sometimes turn to hate when comes the time to take my makeup off late at night.

Last week, I needed to replenish my waterproof eye make up remover. I was asking the beauty expert about the product performance when she reminded me of a simple tip that makes all the difference. You need to let the remover soak on your eyelashes for at least 10-15 seconds. Then, everything will get off easily. She was right! I found this little break relaxing. Try it and see for yourself how much it makes a difference.

Above are the two waterproof make-up removers that I used more often. What are your favorite ones?

+ photo credits: Sens’Eyes by Make up Forever $24| Instant Eye Make-Up Remover by Clarins $26.50 at Sephora



Extravagant Halloween Makeups of M·A·C Halloween Face-Off

exotic bird halloween makeup by fatima :: mac halloween face-off

exotic bird halloween makeup by fatima :: mac halloween face-off

You can not reproduce these Halloween makeups at home since it took 3 hours to professional makeup artists to complete these amazing looks. They realized their Halloween makeup transformations using their skills and creative minds, their extensive makeup kits, a mischievous mix of hair-raising hardware, wacky wigs and other perilous props.

futuristic solarization makeup by jenn :: mac halloween face-off

Still, looking at them can inspire you for an Halloween look. The exotic bird created by Fatima is stunning. But for some reasons, I would prefer to dress up as the futuristic girl with a twist on solarization and toxic colors.

joey's opulent halloween makeup :: winner of mac halloween face-off

M·A·C Halloween Face-Off was a promotional online competition held on Facebook and You Tube where three M·A·C Artists must improvise a look on a model. Watch the making of these makeups here. The winner of the M·A·C Halloween Face-Off was Joey. The public preferred his opulent face. What is your favorite one?

Halloween Makeups That You Can Do

stylish clown halloween makeups

For makeup ideas that can reproduce, look at my preferred MAC Halloween looks from 3 years ago and at these stylish clown and doll makeups. Sadly, M·A·C removed the instructions from their Web site.

+ photos: MAC Halloween Face-Off: Episode 2


My Makeup Tower

makeup tower for Color Sensational lipstick sponsored feature on ChickLit

I am part of StyleCollective, a select group of Canadian indie fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog and new-media sites that decided to join forces to attract big advertisers to our sites. We are trying different social media promotions. One initiative is the Colour Sensational Kisses series published on ChickLit. As a part of the interview, I was asked to show my makeup stash. I went a little overboard and decided to treat them as dessert.

I invite you to read my interview on ChickLit. You will learn a few things about me that I never told you before.


More Halloween Makeups from M.A.C Cosmetics

halloween artistry make ups for 2008 by M.A.C cosmetics

If you plan to go to a Halloween party tonight and you are still looking for a costume, why not start with an artistic make up?

I admit that these make ups are elaborate and are not for the novice. If you know a makeup artist or if you have a steady hand, they are worth a try.

You will find some tips and the complete range of color products you need to reproduce the look. I particularly like Colour Spill, Play the Fool, and She’s a Doll.

tribal halloween make up by m.a.c cosmetics

For a guy, try Tribal. Plus, do not miss my last year Halloween makeup suggestions, also from MAC.

+ 2007 Halloween makeup artistries by M·A·C – Sadly, M·A·C removed the instructions from their Web site.


Revealing my Beauty Secrets Tag Challenge

chanel sinkcare and foundation : m.a.c. makeup : clarins skin care

Two friends Muriel Ide of MI2  and Nathalie of Gustav & Nat voyagent tagged me. I am glad!

This tagging exercise gives me the chance to talk about a topic that is dear to my heart. I never spoke about it on my blog. I am talking about makeup and beauty products.

My mother taught me that a woman never goes out without makeup. She is a feminine, business woman. She taught me how to properly cleanup my skin and apply a skin cream when I was 13 years old. I cannot be absolutely sure that I have fewer wrinkles because of my daily skincare routine but it does hurt for sure. So why take the chance?

My Skincare and Makeup Favorites

My Foundation: Chanel, without hesitation. You do not feel it and your skin looks perfect. I mixed two: Mat Lumiere on my nose (a darker shade during spring to fall) and Vitalumiere anywhere else. In the middle of summer, I switch to Mat Lumiere only. I always apply my makeup with a brush. It gives a more natural finish and it is more ecological than the triangles that you throw away.

My Mascara: I still not have found the ideal one for me. I use lengthening mascara.

Day Cream: Always from Clarins. I alternate which one I use from the Clarins line to fit the season and my skin needs. I always put a morning lifting eye gel (a gel is better under the makeup) and an anti-wrinkle evening eye cream. Protecting the eyes and the neck is crucial to maintain a young appearance.

My Beauty Product Brand: Clarins. Runner-up: Chanel for their cleaning products

My Essential Beauty Product: bi-phase eye makeup remover. I alternate between Precision’s Gentle Biphase Eye Makeup Remover by Chanel or Instant Eye Make-Up Remover by Clarins. I think the Chanel remove more, faster.

My Favorite Makeup Product: M.A.C. for the colorful wide arrays of eye shadows. It stays wonderful on my eyes. Lately, my eyes stand out with the Phone Number Eye Kohl liner and the Blackground Paint Pot. Eye shadows cannot exist without the liners.

My Perfume: Prada Eau de Parfum during winter. During fall and spring: Prada Eau de Parfum Tendre. For summer: Dior Addict 2. The Limited Edition Dior Addict 2 Sparkle in Pink is divine for a night out.

Three Products to bring on a Deserted Island (besides solar) : Dove soap bars, Aveeno moisturizing cream, a duo: Precision’s Radiance Cleaning Foam + Soothing Toner by Chanel. I know the count is 4. So imagine how I must be clever to pack everything with the new air travel regulations.

Woman I admire for her beauty: Right now, I do not have a particular one. More than a decade ago, Isabella Rossellini was on the top of my list. She will be a brunette for sure.

Woman with the Best Sense of Style: I do not have anyone that I fit the bill lately. The only name that comes to my mind is Audrey Hepburn (I do not copied on Murielle). Audrey Hepburn was stylish, cheerful and beautiful. I watched Breakfast in Tiffany Saturday night.

My Ultimate Dream (but I do not believe in selling my soul to the devil for it): A modern architecture house masterpiece sitting on the top of a hill in California or in Europe

How Do I Define Womanhood: Grace with a sense of style.

My Favorite Fashion Publication: I do not have any because I feel disconnected with that the magazines are showcasing us lately. So I stop buying them.

If you like designer jewelry, Muriel Ide is very talented. She creates jewelry in her spare time. MI2 is where you can admire her latest creations.

Next challengers

I figure out that 3 is not enough, 7 is too much. I am tagging 5 girls from my blogging circle:
Eden of Bargainista
Janick of Fonetik – sadly I found out that she does not wear makeup
Lara of Ready 2 Spark
Lynne of Swishlist
Sarah of Toast and Tables
April 22nd, Update: Kelly of Design Crush liked the idea. I inspired her to reveal her beauty secrets. She is a Lancome fan.


Extraordinary Halloween makeup artistries by M·A·C

halloween special effect makeup by MAC

If you are invited to a Halloween party, you need a costume. You can rent one but the look is clichéd. If you opt for a special effect makeup, you will get a unique look.

With a strong makeup disguise, you can be subtle with the clothing. But you still need to find the right apparel. When it comes to special effect makeup, the artists at M·A·C are there to help you.

Absinthe Minded, Zombie Chic, Rising Sun and Machineman are my favorites out of the 25 looks shown on M·A·C’s Web site. (Sadly, M·A·C removed them from their Web site.)

How to proceed?

Taking an appointment is a must. When you call, tell the person that you want a special effect make up for Halloween as not everyone on their team are qualified to do this.

Some M·A·C counters have a private makeup room; La Maison Ogilvy has one in Montreal. I have been told to plan for at least 1 hour and a half. Budget $110 for a normal private session. If you want something similar done in the comfort of your home by a talented special effect makeup artist, it will cost you at least $200 + tips in Montreal.

Typically when you book a makeup appointment with M·A·C ($45 at the counter, $110 for a private session), you can buy cosmetics for at least that amount and get the makeup free. I do not know if that works with for special effect appointments.

I have been told to ask for Joan or Vanessa at the M·A·C counter of La Maison Ogilvy. The M·A·C store on Saint-Laurent Street may also be able to help you. I saw them create incredible body paintings a couple years ago during the Formula 1 Grand Prix celebrations.

+ Halloween looks by MAC Cosmetics – Sadly, M·A·C removed the instructions from their Web site.
Store locator of MAC Cosmetics
+ M·A·C boutique at La Maison Ogilvy

+ Creepy treats and drinks for Halloween
+ Victorian Gothic feast for Halloween
+ Mad Scientist Halloween party