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Make your own Happy Pills Candy favor for a Mad Scientist Halloween party

Mad Scientist DIY party favor : happy pills

I have been obsessed about the Happy Pills Candy shop since this morning.

It gave me the idea of a DIY party favor to seal trendily my Mad Scientist party. It is trivial to give candy party favors at Halloween, so be original with the containers.

What do you need for this DIY project?

  • An assortment of pharmaceutical jars. The brown ones fit better into the Mad Scientist party theme. If you cannot get a hold on pharmaceutical jars, opt for the basic spice jars and attach a dark poisonous label to look more macabre.
  • A box of printable sticker labels at the office supply store.
  • A color printer and a program to design your labels. You can also go at the art & craft store. They should have on stock lots of patterned labels. Simply handwrite the text on the decorative labels with a large black pen.

Affix warning stickers with phrases like Can be dangerous for your waistline or Can increase your visits to the dentist. When you buy the jars, select the one with a wider opening. Try to bring a sample of your jars with you when you go to the candy store to make sure everything fits together.

Those should be a hit. I am sure your guests will remember your Halloween candy party favors for years to come.

What is the experience at the real Happy Pills shop?

You enter the narrow shop to be greeted by a long wall filled with gummy candies of all varieties. You pick what size prescription bottle you want and fill the bottle up to your liking. You seal the bottle with a tamper-proof cap and add the label that best suits your mood. The labels are in Spanish or in English.

A post by MoCo Loco from this summer supplied the insights for my shopping guide at Happy Pills shop. If you take a trip to Barcelona, you will find this small shop next to the Architecture College.

Buy online: Pharmaceutical Round Plastic Jars, Pet at
Buy online: Glass Spice Jars at
Via: BCN: Happy Pills on MoCo Loco


Follow-up to my Mad Scientist party for Halloween

Awesome Dry Ice Experiments by Steve Spangler

My husband Jerome really likes the idea of a Mad Scientist party theme. So he went online to gather tips and tricks on making drinks and decorative items with dry ice. I share his best finds with you.

Awesome Dry Ice Experiment Videos by Steve Spangler

The first experiment by Steve Spangler for News9 is cool. The graduated cylinders work so well with our Mad Scientist theme. Basically what you need to do is to pour the hot water and pour 2-3 small cubes of dry ice.

Add coloring tablets to look more mysterious. Or you can drop a bent light stick into your bubbling dry ice potion for a great eerie effect.

To have a continuous flow of bubbles, just a little bit of dish soap. Make sure to put the cylinder on larger container to catch the running bubbles. If you only have time to watch one video, I suggest watching the last one on the list, the one named More Dry Ice Experiments.

How to use dry ice in drinks and punches

First, you must buy food grade dry ice. Wait until everyone shows up since the effect of the dry ice on drinks is short. Keep the unused dry ice wrapped as much as possible. You need to buy it the day of the event; you can keep it in your freezer for up to 8 hours.

Pour smaller pieces of dry ice so the drink does not get too cold. For the biggest effect, warm pop and water. Wait until the dry ice is completely gone before serving the drinks. For more about safety issues, visit

Learn more: How to Use Dry Ice in Drinks at
Learn more: How to Use Dry Ice for Halloween Effects at
Learn more: Awesome Dry Ice Experiments at Steve Spangler Science
Best video: VIDEO: More Dry Ice Experiments at Steve Spangler Science


Mad Scientist Halloween Party Theme

Mad scientist Halloween decorative items by Martha Stewart and Horchow

Halloween is the celebrations where you can invent wild looks. It is your chance to play with fear and the unnatural. So have fun and let the flow of your imagination dictate the look of your party.

If you throw a party for grownups, why not play create a theme around a mad scientist on a scary inhabited island? Decor wise, the possibilities are vast. People can wear a wide range of costumes. For a unified overall look, you could write a script for the party and give in advance anyone a role.

Concept of this Halloween Party

These decorative items by Martha Stewart and by Horchow lay out the foundation of my Halloween themed party. Then add your personal touches. Accentuate the decor with a vignette made of flasks and laboratory instruments. Dress up as a mad doctor in a lab research center.

The mood can be insane. The more daring may wish to add drawings about bad experiments. Collect insect corpses. Hang from the ceiling a few dismantled stuff animals and empty cages. I repeat, this is not a party theme for kids.

You can serve drinks in Test Tube Shooter glasses. I prefer the look of Plexiglas rack to the foam rack. Try to find some flask shape pitchers for the juices and the water.

What I found at Martha Stewart?

First, I found the set of Mad Scientist invitations, the Test Tube Favor Kit at Martha’s online store. The test tube filled with candies. The Invite kit includes slide mailers, plastic slides, bug specimen stickers, specimen labels, date/time/place stickers and 2 sheets of clear adhesive mailer seals.

You can get the Mad Scientist Beverage Labels ready-made or design your own on self-adhesive papers. If you have time, I suggest you make your own stickers. Pass by the scrapbooking section to stock up a few decorative items and the supplies to make your invites.

Finally, for the centerpieces and decorations around the room, get inspired by the Creepy Creature Decorations and the Skulls & Bones Decorations. This is partially a DIY project to obtain the shown finishes. You need to add eerie sparkle to the plastic bones or creepy creature decorations with the Halloween Glitter Set 1.

What I found at Horchow?

I am amazed with the unique selection of Horchow. They take the time to style their product pictures. They carry a lot of creepy stuff for this season. I selected battery-operated the Halloween Tea-Light Skulls and the life-size mummies.

Putting the Halloween newlywed couple on their cage near the entrance will set the tone for the night. Staging the unlucky folks that felt victims of the mad doctor says Beware!

Thank you note

Sarah Ridgley Letterpress creates beautiful letterpress stationery. After such a great party, every mad scientist host can exhibit good manners. Send this thank you Note by an Outlaw to his / her guests.

No party is a success without the participation of the guests. People do not always realize that a remarkable party is the sum of a two way process. So it it a good habit to properly thank your guests for participating.

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Buy online: Mad Scientist Invite kit available at Martha Stewart – price: $12.99 USD for 6
Buy online: Test Tube Favor Kit available at Martha Stewart – price: $7.99 USD for 8
Buy online: Mad Scientist Beverage Labels available at Martha Stewart – price: $3.99 for 9
Buy online: Skulls & Bones Decorations available at Martha Stewart – price: $14.99 USD
Buy online: Halloween Mummies available at Horchow – starts at $120 USD
Buy online: Halloween Tea-Light Skulls available at Horchow – set of 2 for $88 USD
Buy online: Halloween Couple available at Horchow – price: $95 USD
Buy online: Note from an Outlaw by Sarah Ridgley Letterpress – set of 4 for $10 USD

+ Dry ice decorations for Halloween
+ Candy Favors for the Mad Scientist party