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Decorating a Terrace with Tulip Lamps

tulip lamp for myyour

A quick look at my logo is all you need to understand why I share this amusing outdoor lamp. Available in a small format and an extra large format, Tulip lamp comes with or without a light. The small version is designed as a signal light or courtesy table lamp. I don’t care about the table version. What grabbed my attention is this row of illuminated 5-foot tall tulip lamps. Continue Reading


Floating Lamps by Angela Jansen and Ger Jansen

light light silhouette lamp by crealev

light light silhouette lamp by crealev

It took the brains of designer Angela Jansen and the mechanical and electrical engineer Ger Jansen to create the lamps of the future. They really mix the old with the new. The old comes from the classic lamp shapes. The new emerges from the technology used and displayed.

Crealev eclipse floating lamp

If you pay close attention to these table lamps, you will notice that their top is floating. Yes, you read correctly: the top part levitates due to a special technology that they developed. If you are looking for a true conversation piece to add to your living room or your home office desk, these two lamps will do it.

The standard universal power adaptor has a EU two pins power plug, but you can order an US power adaptor. You will find more details about their LED floating lamp collection here.

+ Silhouette or Eclipse Lamp by Crealev €882 (shown price includes a 10% discount)
+ via Moco Loco



My Favorite Things at SIDIM 2011

tall grass in the prairies wallpaper murals

I went to the 2011 edition of the SIDIM (Montreal International Interior Design Show) yesterday. Here are what I found to be the most interesting stuff. Know that I kept a few items for individual posts. The first thing that caught my eye is the mood of the Tall Grass in the prairies wallpaper mural. It is based on an original painting from Ruth Baker.

Nestor Modular Table

nestor modular table by eric giraud

This is a prototype from a design student called Eric Giraud. His concept is perfect for entertaining. The table is made of 4 elements: two caddies and two eating surfaces.

nestor caddy by eric giraud


wood pendant fixtures by atelier cocotte

The wood pendants by Atelier Cocotte are interesting. The collection features several shapes. My favorites ones are Gladys, Tina and Noisettes.

tina pendant light by atelier cocotte

They should be available in selected stores soon; see their Web site for more information.

nest by louis poulsen

For the exterior, I like the feeling of the Nest light for Louis Poulsen. I imagine a few to illuminate a path. I would place small trees between them.

Party at Domison

curling side table by samare studio

Domison continues to promote good design in Montreal but hosting a party at their retail stores. They invited several designers to showcase a piece for a one-night exhibit. Two creations caught my attention. First, the Curling side table by Samare Studio. They repurposed competition curling stones in a beautiful side table.

fence coat rack by 6.1 designers

The second item is the white picket Fence, a coat rack from 6.1 designers. It is a simple idea that is well executed and practical. There is a small shelf to put your mail, a book or a few magazines. As you can see from my pictures, you can hang your umbrellas in two ways. Fence is suitable for any room in your home.

See more photos on my Facebook page.

sidim 2011 photo album

Show Me More Spaces

As with any interior design shows that I attended this year, you really have to dig to find outstanding elements. Although my visit was pleasant, I was disappointed that I could not identity a design trend after my visit. I feel that the SIDIM organizer could do a better job to insure that the visitors are inspired. Home decor blogs and magazines clearly understand that what people are looking for are inspirations. On that point, I feel that the IDS does a great job with their designer spaces. I do not want them to copycat what IDS does but I would like the SIDIM to present us designed rooms, not just vendors.

You can visit SIDIM today (Saturday) from 10 A.M. to 6 P.M at Place Bonaventure. General admission is $15 CAD.




Obus Outdoor Rechargeable Light

obus indoor/outdoor rechargeable light

obus indoor/outdoor rechargeable light

I like the soothing flow that Obus creates. It is perfect for al fresco dining. The Obus is not your average outdoor light. It is an ambient light when placed on a flat surface that transitions to a direct light when held in hand. And you won’t have to be worried about losing light in the middle of dinner since the charge of its rechargeable battery can last up to 25 hours. The actual lifetime of a battery charge depends on the light intensity level you selected.

obus direct light usage

Obus comes from a JOBY | Peter Stathis Venture Collaboration. Their first collection will launch at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York (May 14-17, 2011). Sadly, you will not be able to enjoy Obus this summer since it is scheduled to hit the stores in August 2011. The suggested retail price of Obus is $250 USD.

+ Obus Outdoor Light by JOBY | Peter Stathis


Feather Lamps of ABYU Lighting

black cyclone lamp by abyu lighting

black cyclone lamp by abyu lighting

The couture lighting studio And Bob’s Your Uncle Lighting (ABYU Lighting) produces superb feather table lamps and pendants that come in all shapes. Until now, ABYU Lighting concentrates on custom lighting projects. But now, it will be easier to acquire their creations since ABYU Lighting has paired up with BNOdesign to sell their lamps online.

abyu lamps at bnodesign

The $6,600 price tag of the sublime Black Cyclone fixture (top photo) or the $9,000 Pattern Nimbus are too expensive for most of us. But it would be easier to splurge on a table lamp like Twister which is ornate with white feathers and has acrylic base. Little Buff would look adorable in a little girl’s nursery.

nimbus abyu lighting

The details of the Nimbus pendant lamp are remarkable. It looks sophisticated and at the same time, it feels young and fresh.

+ Black Cyclone $6,600 USD at BNOdesign
+ Pattern Black Nimbus $9,000
+ Twister table lamp $950
+ Big Puff $900 – Little Puff $600


Home Decor Trend: Mauve, Lilac and Berry Tones

mauve lilac and berry tones :: fall 2010 home trend

mauve lilac and berry tones :: fall 2010 home trend

I wrote a fall trend report for Style Sheet by where grellow was the center of the attention. Another trend that is worth noting is the mauve, lilac and berry tones trend. I touched it on my fall 2010 trends for HGTV with a few accessories. Let’s explore it further.

Furniture, pendant lamps, art prints and paint colors enable you to let in those nice red-blueish tones. I prefer the mauve and lilac to last year’s purple. I feel that it is easier to coordinate. I am fond of the glass pendant lighting collection by Niche Modern. It has a unique, industrial yet sophisticated design, especially in that rich tone. We see a lot of black or grey used as accent color with this color palette.

Traditional Style

plum trend used with traditional style furniture

Plum, mauve and lilac are not reserved for the modern style. It applies as well with traditional style decor. On the October 2010 issue of Living etc., they show the crocus Zephirine wallpaper next to a stunning blue sofa. The result is awesome.

+ EVRT Studio – Atlas Oats Print $120 to $160 USD at 2Modern
+ Niche Modern’s Plum Pendant Lighting $440 to $1,195
Inhabit Plankton Pillow $60 – $68
+ Moire Tibet Pendant by Shine Labs $350
+ Suzanne Lounge Seating for Kids $1,726 – $4,064
+ Designers Guild’s Zephirine Wallcoverings – color: crocus – photo by Damien Russell for Living etc.
Fox Point Armchair $615 painted in Martha Stewart Living Paint in Blueberry Pie $ 25 a gallon


Vintage Style Lamps by The Owls Are Hunting

Vintage style Lamps by The Owls Are Hunting

Vintage style Lamps by The Owls Are Hunting

Holly of Decor8 introduced these gorgeous lamps this morning. I love them. They are the creations of a British girl called Jo who now lives in Canberra, Australia.

Jo chronicles her work on a blog. Her company is named The Owls are Hunting. She specializes in handmade, vintage inspired lamps and lampshades. They ship worldwide on request, if you are interested.

+ The Owls are Hunting’s online shop $80-$120


Cool Cozy Luxury Interior with PH5 Pendant Lamps

cool cozy luxury open concept dining and living room :: photo from rum december 2009

This picture captured the best of an inviting home for me. It is perfect for entertaining and living. You get plenty of comfortable sitting spread around the table. I imagine the kitchen to be in front of the purple sofa (but I am not clues). Luckily for me, I should it to my husband and he loves it. I bookmarked it for our next home.

Louis Poulsen Fixtures

The PH5 and PH50 designed by Poul Henningsen for Louis Poulsen are not only superb pendant lamps, they produced a beautiful glare free illumination. The cones and the legs were carefully studied to produce a warm tone of light. The visible reflectors direct light both vertically and horizontally.

Remark that the fact there is 3 pendants over the dining table assures that they are no shadow on the table surface. I never tried it, but I feel that taking pictures in a dining room with PH5 fixtures will create better results than if you have a chandelier over your dining table.

Another element to consider when you are buying light fixtures for your dining room is the tone of light produced by the lamp. In any room where you entertain, favoring a warm tone of light ensures that people look better on photos. Plus, a warm tone creates a more inviting and intimate ambiance.

PH snowball designed by Poul Henningsen at muzede changa restaurant in Istanbul

Paul Henningsen also designed PH Snowball pendant for Louis Poulsen, which is another stunning light that produces gare free and even illumination. You can see it in the beautiful modern interior of Müzede Changa, a restaurant in Istanbul, Turkey.

I wish to thank the excellent kitchen designer Susan Serra for sharing on Facebook the cool cozy luxury open space dining and lounging room.

+ H5 Pendant Light $698 USD
+ PH Snowball Pendant $2200 USD
+ PH5 and PH50 designed by Poul Henningsen, manufactured by Louis Poulsen
+ photo: RUM Magazine december 2009
+ photos: Müzede Changa restaurant


Holiday Card Display Ideas

hanging christmas cards on the wakefield chandelier at pottery barn

Hanging Holiday cards looks better than putting them on a shelf. It allow you to be more creative. You could install clothesline against the  wall, hang your cards on a handrail, transform a pot rack or use a paper chandelier.

Pottery Barn added to their catalog the Wakefield Chandelier. It is a three tiered iron chandelier with 35 clips. Although it comes with preprinted paper clips, I prefer it when people hang postcards and memorabilia that mean something to them.

+ Wakefield Chandelier $ 299 USD


Grace Bonney’s 10 Favorite Designs on June 2009 Canadian House and Home

grace bonney of design sponge :: canadian house and home june2009

I met and chatted a little with Grace of Design*Sponge last February when she sat on the Design Bloggers panel at IDS 09. She is a sweet girl.

Canadian House and Home wrote a two-page story on her. Grace told us to check the work produced by contemporary Australian and Mexican artists. She loves the way contemporary artists of both countries are informed by their indigenous culture. It results in vibrant color art pieces that feel fresh.

Canadian House and Home also asked Grace to select her favorite products and homes of the moment. You can admire 10 rooms that inspired her.  Grace is into vintage wallpapers. She shown us the vintage floral wallpaper she selected as the place setting for her wedding. I share her love for Thomaspaul pendants and lamps.

easy to live with green

Grace currently favors Sherwin-Williams Verdant 6713. I included a picture of a green that is an easy to live with. When selecting a wall color, check what it looks like under the lighting conditions of your room. Select a color that could cheer you up during the day and be sophisticated at night for your dining and living rooms.

+ Thomaspaul – Trees 3-Shade Pendant Lamp $550 – $595 USD
+ Vintage Wallpaper nr 64 50 € at
+ Grace Bonney’s 10 Favourite Homes
+ June 2009 Canadian House and Home magazine