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Things that Work: The Fatboy Original for a Child Bedroom

play area in toddler's bedroom

One Sunday morning, my husband suggested that we went shopping for a Fatboy for our son. At the time, Zack was 1 and a half years old. I initially wanted to get him a Fatboy Junior but when we arrived at the store, I saw that I could get a free Point (the footrest/stool) with any purchase of the Original. That promotion sold me since I was dreaming of a footrest every time I need to comfort him late at night. Continue Reading


DIY Dollhouse with Ikea Expedit

diy modern dollhouse ikea expedit

diy modern dollhouse ikea expedit

They may have fallen somewhat out of fashion, but dollhouses are one of those sweet vintage-y children’s toys that always look at home in a little girl’s room. Unfortunately, old-fashioned dollhouses tend to be large and, when kids outgrow them, a pain to store and even pass on to others.

We loved this easy DIY version spotted on the Dutch blog 101 Woonideeen, which uses a small Ikea Expedit unit and wallpaper to create a modern version that doesn’t sacrifice charm. Not only is the unit sized perfectly for play, you can customize the look to coordinate with the décor in your child’s room with a vibrant wallpaper, removable decals or even just a different shade of paint on the wall. Best of all, the unit easily returns to its original purpose as a bookshelf or storage unit once your wee one outgrows her dollhouse.

The full instructions are written in Dutch, but the project is so straightforward you probably won’t need them. As we posted this, I noticed that their Website doesn’t respond today. It is good that you couldn’t read the instructions anyway. Let’s hope that their site will be back soon.

+ DIY Modern Dollhouse from 101 Woonideeen
+ Ikea Expedit Unit, $39.99 USD/$49.99 CAD


La Chaise Étiquette: a foldable chair inspired by a shipping tag

label chair :: chaise etiquette

label chair :: chaise etiquette

Félix Guyon for Montreal-based La Firme designed a foldable chair that you would not mind to hand on your wall. When the chair is folded, nobody will suspect that it is a chair. Even if some of the customized graphic design elements may be lost when the chair is open, I admire the concept of the Chaise Étiquette (meaning Label or Tag chair).

playful kid storage furniture

La Firme seems to enjoy designing furniture with unusual shapes. This kid storage unit provides surfaces to play and space to store toys. It was a special order.

+ Chaise Étiquette by La Firme
+ Mobilier Puel
+ via MoCo Loco


Revolving Bookcase

revolving bookcase

revolving bookcase

The unique design of this revolving bookcase provides a lot of storage for teen girls to display their favorite things. It is also a space saver. It only comes in white. You can find it at Pottery Barn Teen.

+  Revolving Bookcase $699 USD


Three Art Tables for Young Kids

deluxe art table for kids

art activity table for young kids

Drawing is a favorite activity amongst kids. And you can encourage even more their creativity by providing your kids with a cute and practical art table. One of the big advantages is lots of space to store their art and craft materials.

If you are looking for more features than the very affordable Ikea’s MÅLA easel, look at these options. First, the art activity desk features a front easel that folds flat to reveal more storage areas and a desktop.

art table and chair

What is great with the red Art Table and Chair set is that it can be used with or without a paper roll caddy. You could add a chair and invite a friend for a tea party.

deluxe art table for kids

With a 47″ x 30″ tabletop, the Deluxe Art Center can fit comfortably more kids. It is almost like a grown-up craft space scaled back for kids.

+ MÅLA easel $19.99 CAD / $14.99 USD
+ Art activity desk $280 USD
+ Art Table and Chair set $130 USD
+ Deluxe Art Center $430 USD


Tschutschu by Dominik Lutz Could Be a DIY Toy Project

tschutschu kid furniture by dominik_lutz

If you are handy working with wood, here is something that you may consider doing for your kids. I feel it would be a wonderful Christmas gift. If you do, make sure to adapt the project to your child favorite games and activities. You could cut a window to suit the needs of a puppet theater.

I suggest to you a DIY project because Tschutschu by Dominik Lutz seems to be only available in Germany for the moment. This is kind of the ultimate multipurpose kid furniture as it integrated a bench, a train table, and a chalkboard. By standing on a different side, it serves a different purpose. You could fix a wooden train track on the train table. This way, there will be less mess across the home and no arguments with your kid to store the train set.

+ Tschutschu at Magazin 179 €
+ via ohdeedoh


Kroom Makes Toy Storage and Furniture with Recycled Cardboard

kiddy set and toy storage recycled cardboard solutions by krooom

Founded in 2006, Kroom transforms recycled cardboard in adorable kid furniture and toy storage solutions. Cardboard can be durable and strong. You or the babysitter will be able to sit for playing with your kid since the stools of the table and stools set can hold 220 pounds.

I enjoy the illustrations printed on the furniture and the storage boxes. I feel that Krooom updated classic kid themes. Tris, in particular, is gender neutral.

recycled cardboard tris table and stool set by krooom

Each series has several components. Items come absolutely flat in the package, they have a moisture resistance and are free of hazardous chemicals. Plus, no tools are necessary for assembly. I read on Inhabitots that they are laminated to protect against accidental spills and splashes.

recycled cardboard storage box on wheels by krooom

Barnes & Noble and Target are listed on Krooom as the only US retailers who carry the line for now. Sorry but I do not know how much they cost. You may like to know that Kroom also makes home accessories that could appeal to students or to decorate your first apartment.

+ Krooom Kids Collection
+ Store Listing
+ via Inhabitots