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Piri Piri Chicken Recipe by Jamie Oliver

piri piri chicken by jamie oliver

piri piri chicken by jamie oliver

Piri piri (also spelled peri peri) is an African chili pepper. You typically make a Piri Piri chicken by marinating the chicken in a hot chile pepper marinade, and then, grill it. Jamie Oliver proposes a fast and easy version that all members of the family should enjoy. The recipe is from his latest cookbook, 30-minute meals, which is currently available in UK and Canada.

jamie's 30-minute meals cookbook

He suggests to serve his piri piri chicken with a rocket salad and dressed potatoes. To complete the Portuguese theme, bake your own tarts. Jamie specifies in which order to do everything so you can be ready to eat in 30 minutes. If you want another version of the dessert, look at the simple Portuguese Egg Tarts Recipe on Rasamalaysia.

+ Piri piri chicken, dressed potatoes, rocket salad, quick portuguese tarts by Jamie Oliver – photos by David Loftus
+ Jamie’s 30-minute meals $42.25 CAD at [affiliate link]


Jme Pantry Products at Williams-Sonoma and My Favorite Tartare Sauce

jme pantry collection

jme pantry collection

Last week, I went to Infopresse RDV Media to hear what Andy Harris, the editor of Jamie magazine, had to say about the integration of the Jamie Oliver brand. Sadly, his talk did not meet my expectations. I hoped for insights about how to successfully run a multi-platform brand and we got an exposed of what are the several components of the Jamie Oliver brand. And Andy does not share the enthusiasm that Jamie portrays so well on the screen.

Nonetheless, I was pleased to learn that some Jme food products are now sold at Williams-Sonoma across the United States and in Canada. I did not know that.  You see, we do not have a Williams-Sonoma in Montreal. Plus, the Jme products are buried under Shop Food by collection on the Williams-Sonoma Web site.

Jamie’s pantry collection is a bit of a luxury. But I feel that any Jme products would make an awesome hostess gift and should please your busy gourmet friends.

tea, cookies and jme antipasto pastes

My Suggestions

Although I usually make my own tartare sauce, I would give his Jme Tartare Sauce a try since it is tart. The sweet version that many make by mixing mayonnaise and sweet relish is not an option for me. His main ingredients are grapeseed oil, gherkins, free-range pasteurized eggs, extra virgin olive oil, capers, white wine vinegar, lemon juice, parsley, raw cane sugar, black pepper, sea salt, and mustard flour. What I never used in mine is the mustard flour. See top picture.

Based on a Greek recipe, the Jme Rosemary Olives are juicy black kalamata and green olives that are naturally ripened and water-cured before being marinated in fruity extra-virgin olive oil that’s flavored with rosemary and sun dried tomatoes.

jme british mustard

When hamburgers, hot dogs or sausages on the menu for a BBQ, I make sure to serve an assortment of fine mustards. This medium-strength coarse-grain British mustard would be a nice addition. Ingredients include strong Kentish cider vinegar and a medley of savory spices.

+ Jme Tartare Sauce $14 USD at Williams-Sonoma
+ Jme Rosemary Olives $24.95
+ Jme Tea $29.95 Assam, English Breakfast Tea
+ Jme Biscuits $9.95 – $16.95
+ Jme Paste $12 – $32
+ Jme Mustard $14


What will be Jamie Oliver’s TED Prize Wish?

jamie oliver is 2010 ted prize winner

jamie oliver is 2010 ted prize winner

I am looking forward what will be the wish of Jamie Oliver as the winner of the 2010 TED Prize. It will be revealed tonight. We will know tonight. TED partners with to deliver a live-stream of Jamie Oliver’s speech at TED 2010. Check for it at 8:50 pm ET tonight on

To know more about what the TED Prize and how the wishes they granted in the past improved the world, watch this video.

+ TED Prize


Jamie at Home Party

jamie at home party

jamie at home party

Jamie Oliver has its version of the Tupperware party. Business and fashion have that in common; old ideas are always reinvented. The Jme collection is still only available in the United Kingdom. Therefore, only people living in UK and Ireland can apply to become consultants or host their own Jamie at home parties.

It seems that expansion of Jamie Oliver continues. Rhiannon Harries wrote on November 22nd, 2009 in The Independent that so far 2,000 consultants already signed up and 16,000 parties held.

+ Jamie at Home party


Jamie Oliver is the 2010 TEDPrize Winner

2010 ted prize winner :: jamie oliver

This is a great honor for the English chef we love. TED comes from Technology, Entertainment, Design. It is a small nonprofit community devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. It started out as a conference in 1984. If you never watched the talks at the TED conferences, find a few moments to do watch some videos during the holiday. It is worth exploring.

Jamie Oliver won the 2010 TEDPrize for being an health activist. TED recognized the value of Jamie’s initiatives to teach adults and kids how to cook home meals instead of eating junk food. Eating right is the first step against obesity. I believe in the adage that says that we are what we eat. It is a fact that eating food that is good for us increases our chances to stay healthy. Being active is another part of the equation.

The TED Prize comes with a $100,000 grant but most importantly, it granted him “One Wish to Change the World” that the the TED community will seek to make come true. Jamie Oliver will announce in February 2010 what will be his wish. Congratulations Jamie!

+ 2010 TEDPrize Winner
+ photo: Jamie Oliver


Jamie Oliver Teams Up with Naked Wines

jamie oliver teams up with naked wines

You now get a Wine section on Jamie Oliver. The Web site of Jamie Oliver is just getting bigger. Now you can get food and wine pairing and advices on serving wines. Since no good meal can be fully enjoy without a good glass of wine, it seems like a natural collaboration.

jamie oliver food and wine pairing in recipes section

Naked Wines is a UK wine retailer that made social network at the heart of their business.  They favor small independent producers. To help promote these often unknown brands, Naked Wines built a community of wine lovers around their online store. In fact, when you enter Naked Wines, it does not feel like an ecommerce site.

At first glance, both brands are  keen on promoting independent growers. For that, it seems like a good mix. Plus, the Naked Chef / Naked Wines analogy adds a twist. Here a video where Jamie talked about their association.

+ Jamie Oliver
+ Naked Wines


The New Jme Kitchen and Dining Collection by Jamie Oliver

On my previous post, I admired the visual of the Jme packaging for food in glass jar. Now it is the time of his kitchen gadgets, grinders and food preparation bowls and boards. There is also a line of everyday dinnerware, glassware and flatware.

jme entertaining trays 

Jme proposes a range of kitchenware that looks modernly rustic. I fantasize about the Antipasti Platter designed by Phil Longstaff (£40 or £45). How can resist the vegetables on the Oak serving tray (£65)? I hope the line will come to North America soon.

A collection of grinders, ceramic mixing bowls in cool pastel hues plus a series of wood chopping boards, a meat serving board and pinch pots caught my eyes. After all maybe it is best that Jme products are not available; I would spend too much.

jme  mixing bowls :: grinders :: trays and cutting boards

One way to visit the Jme shop is through lifestyle (they called it themes). Visit Gather & Share to quickly find all you need for happy gatherings, including a few simple recipes.


Champagne Cocktails to Celebrate the New Year

pomegranate champagne cocktail recipe

pomegranate champagne cocktail recipe

In a previous article for, I told you about the first ever Champagne cocktail, the Classic Champagne Cocktail introduced in 1899. Hollywood movie stars during the 40s and 50s were fond of the Classic Champagne Cocktail. Visit for the Classic Champagne Cocktail recipe.

Another option for toasting to 2009 is Jamie Oliver’s Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail. Watch the video to get the recipe.


What’s Cooking with Jamie Oliver soon on Nintendo DS

What's Cooking with Jamie Oliver on nintendo ds

Last May, I talked about how the Nintendo DS handheld could be a cool tool in the kitchen.

Basically, I explained why I think it makes more sense than the computer. At the time, I introduced a French digital cookbook called Leçons de cuisine.

Preview at E3

Now it is the turn of 100 recipes by Jamie Oliver to go on the Nintendo DS handheld. What’s Cooking with Jamie Oliver will roll out starting October 2008.

It is more than a cooking game with several levels and competitions. Players can store 100 of their own recipes into the cookbook. The only draw back is that you are limited to hundreds of handpicked ingredients to record your own dishes.

The coolest thing is the shopping list. You build your shopping list from the list of ingredients of the selected recipes. The shopping list supports both Jamie’s recipes and your own recipes. You can easily bring your DS when you go grocery shopping and save on paper.

Until them, I am leaving you with a preview of some screenshots. All Jamie Oliver’s photos on the game were photographed by his long time collaborator David Loftus. Until the release of What’s Cooking with Jamie Olive on the DS, rely on his vast collection of cookbooks.

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Kitchenware by Jamie Oliver to be introduced at Ambiente Fair

jamie oliver new kitchenware collection

I learned that the multidisciplinary design studio Ontwerpwerk created a new line of kitchenware for the Jamie Oliver brand.

This is a black and white collection made of melamine, synthetic resin, bamboo or polyethylene. And they delivered some innovations.

It is more hygienic to use different surface to cut meal and vegetables. Ontwerpwerk thought about that fact when they design two easily identifiable surfaces for the cutting board. Cut your vegetables on the white side and cut the meat on the black side. A two in one, I love that!

Unfortunately, I cannot find an English-version of the Ontwerpwerk Web site. But I read on David Report blog that:

The line consists of bowls in different sizes, a colander, storage boxes, sealable measuring cups, cutting boards, a salt and pepper mill, knives and a knife set.

The products distinguish themselves by their sober design, functionality, quality and affordability. Ed Annink, partner at Ontwerpwerk, has created a timeless design which enhances the products’ sustainability.

The line looks promising. I cannot wait for its introduction at Ambiente Fair in Frankfurt, Germany from February 8 to 12, 2008. Hopefully, I will be able to tell you more after the launch.

Learn more: Ontwerpwerk voor Jamie Oliver
Via: Jamie Oliver kitchenware on David Report