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Interviewed by Blog Out Loud

KIm Vallee's interview on Blog Out Loud

KIm Vallee\'s interview on Blog Out Loud

I was delighted that Rebecca Orlov of Loving Living Small who also writes about home design for Apartment Therapy asked me for an interview for the blog community blog Blog Out Loud. I admired the Blog Out Loud events since they started it last summer. In fact, it you are living in the San Francisco area, their next event will be March 4th. 2010.

Rebecca asked great questions. I talked about who I started blogging, my blogging schedule, how I found my voice for your blog and for Twitter, plus a few tips on finding a great blog theme.

+ Interview on Blog Out Loud


A little bit of self-promotion

I wish to tell everyone that will be in Montreal on Saturday that I will be a speaker at PodCamp Montreal 2009. I hope to see you there. I will share my best blogging tips and will be on a panel of top design bloggers from Montreal.  For more details, check out the post I wrote on my social media blog.


kim vallee\'s interview on pepper design blog

Two weeks ago, I opened a new series on Pepper Design Blog by being the first interview Morgan did with a blogger. Follow her blog if you wish to spice up your home and your party. Last Friday, she interviewed Chris of Celebrations at Home. Chris gave wonderful tips to style your place to the party theme.


I Talked about the Wii Fit on The Radio

Kim Vallee and Karine Larose at Sans Détour with François Bugingo :: Wii Fit

Friday morning,  I did an interview for Sans Détour, a show on Radio-Canada hosted by François Bugingo. I was there as a fan of the Wii Fit. Karine Larose, a fitness expert at Nautilus Plus, participated to the discussion.

My Assessment

I am happy to have one. The Wii Fit has great value as a motivator. It is fun to see the avatars of your friends while you are bouncing the soccer balls.

Wii Fit also scores all your exercise performances. I noticed than when I did not execute well the exercises, my score is lower. Like any computer game, higher marks or playing for a certain time will open new exercises.

The Hula Hoop is quite fun and can make you sweat. I enjoyed doing the balance exercises of the Wii Fit program. The balance exercises are the most playful. The slalom ski, table tilt and ski jumping are my favorites so far.

I used the Wii Fit regularly after my surgery to gain back my balance. I used to put less weight on my injured leg and the Wii Fit spotted this fact. It forced me to correct my posture.

Right now, I do not use it every day because I already follow a strict exercise routine for my ACL rehabilitation. I do not like going to the gym. Once I am back in form, I am planning to practice yoga and a program with the Wii Fit. By that time, new sport games will probably use the Wii Fit Board.

Click here to listen François Bugingo interviewing Karine Larose and I. Take note that the interview was done in French.

Picture: Kim Vallee and Karine Larose in the studio of Sans Détour
Wii Fit Pictures by Nintendo