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    Breathe Easy: Middle Colors Humidifier

    Middle colors humidifier green living room

    Middle colors humidifier green living room

    Ah, January. That less-than-loveable month where frosty temps, post-holiday fatigue, cold and flu bugs, and dry indoor air (due to always-on heat) combine to create a cesspool of breathing challenges.

    While a humidifier can be the answer to breathing easier during winter months, their typically bulky and boring design can leave your style sense congested.

    Enter the Middle Colors Humidifier series from Japanese designer Takashi Hiroshi Tsuboi. Available in two sizes and a range of bright and bold colors, the humidifers are perfect for overnight use offering 8 – 10 hours of continuous use.

    Middle Colors Humidifier colours

    The larger model also features an aromatherapy function: just add a few drops of a scented oil to an aroma pad, and mist the room with your favourite scent. Try lavender to not just breathe but sleep easier.


    + Middle Colors Humidifier, $119.99 (small) / $169.99 (large) USD