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Happy Easter!

happy easter :: chocolate trading co. uk

In this fabulous sunny day, I wish to wish to everyone who celebrates it a very Happy Easter! For the rest, I hope you indulge in a nice piece of fine chocolate.

I found the lovely Oeuf Maisonnette Easter Egg at Chocolate Trading Co. UK. It is so cute. The Chocolate Filled French Hens eggs are presented in a genuine egg box, creating a fun but seriously good Easter gift. These eggs are filled with chocolate praline naturally made with cane sugar and Bourbon vanilla.

For my part, I prefer the rich taste of dark chocolate. I am glad that I received a cute, fashionable bunny with a ruffled dress. Ruffles are in this summer by the way.

Enjoy your chocolate treats. Happy Easter!

Learn more: Chocolate Trading Co. UK


Picks of the Week on the blogosphere | 08.03.08 issue

Style Me Pretty :: Design & Inredningsbloggen :: let your creativity .... FLOWI selected three ideas for stylish entertaining. These fresh design ideas were featured by a trio of talented bloggers that I visited frequently.

Exceptionally, there will be a second pick of the week tomorrow because there was too many wonderful posts on the blogosphere last week.

My three picks of the week

Style Me Pretty for Do-It-Yourself Projects

Have you ever seen prettiest coat checks than these handmade tags? Absolutely gorgeous! And this Do-It-Yourself project seems that they are not too complicated to make. Follow the instructions on Style Me Pretty.

Design & Inredningsbloggen for Krydda med musik

Cheerful and unexpected are the two words that come to my mind when I first looked at this pair of salt and pepper shakers designed by Naoto Fukasawa. A great find by Pethra of the Swedish blog Inredningsbloggen.

let your creativity …. FLOW for Designer Ghislaine Vinas

I spoke several times of colors this week. And as a fan of fuchsia, I could not pass the opportunity to show you a stunning interior done in fuchsia. I know many of you can be scared by this color but it is easier to live with that you may suspect. Five bar stools and a huge sectional sofa made this place the ideal spot for entertaining.

My friend Jennifer from Toronto spot this fabulous interior designed by Ghislaine Vinas. Jennifer is showing off several more on her blog so I suggest you have a peek.


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2008 with La Grande Dame Vintage champagne

Dear Readers,

I hope that all your dreams come true in 2008. In any event, I wish you Health, Joy and Happiness.
Happy New Year!


1998 Vintage of La Grande Dame

I spot this gorgeous Couture Gift Box of La Grande Dame. If you are looking for a splurge for the hostess, this gift set is a sure way to get invited again next year.

To celebrate the launch of the 1998 vintage, Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin created a brand new Haute Couture packaging.

Buy online: 1998 Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame at – price: $155.99 for 750 ml
Buy online: 1998 Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame Rose at – price: $294.89 for 750 ml



Happy Thanksgiving!


I wish Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers.

For my international readers, you may not be aware that Thanksgiving is probably the most widely celebrated holiday in the United States. You can feel its effect on the blogosphere with many bloggers taking a break today.

This is a vintage postcard that I saw on Flickr. If you enjoy the look, there are more cute postcards on The Real Devil Doll’s photostream.

Photo credit: Postcard mailed 1911 by The Real Devil Doll on Flickr – All rights reserved by The Real Devil Doll


Halloween decorations for your kitchen at Wrapables

halloween decoration for kids in the kitchen

With a few days left until the celebrations, I am giving you my last suggestions for Halloween decorations. This time, let’s talk about bringing the Halloween spirit to your kitchen.

These looks target the family. The first stop is the cleaning center in the kitchen or the bathroom. The Halloween Critters Jacquard Guest Towels and the spider Web soaps make a cute match.

What can you do?

Every family fridge that I know is filled with children drawings, photos and reminders. The Magnetic Spider Scatters is a fun way to hang them up. A package contains 12 small spiders and 4 large spiders.

Bake cookies in shape of an owl, a cat, a broom, a witch, a pumpkin and a bat for the joys of the kids and adults. Let go your imagination to decorate your own one-of-kind Halloween cookies.

Put half a dozen cookies in a clear cellophane bag or a paper bag, glue a sticker and distribute them as treat favors to your friends and colleagues.

Take the time your own cookies with a tea or coffee in one of the whimsical Halloween Critters Small Ceramic Mugs. Kids will prefer your hot chocolate if you served them in one of those.

An outdoor lighting

Spider Web String Lights for Halloween

Putting up festive outdoor lights will feel inviting to your guests. You can decorate your driveway or the porch with a set of 10 Spider Web String Lights. The effect will be more impressive if you loosely mix and drape some angel hair-type around the lights.

Buy online: Halloween Critters Jacquard Guest Towels at Wrapables – price: on sale at $9.99 for 2 towels
Buy online: Spider Web soap set at Wrapables – on sale at $9.99 for 3 soaps
Buy online: Magnetic Spider Scatters at Wrapables – on sale at $9.99 for 16 spiders
Buy online: Trick or Treat 6-Piece Cookie Cutter Set at Wrapables – on sale at $9.99 for 6 cookie cutters
Buy online: Halloween Critters Small Ceramic Mug (set of 4) at Wrapables– on sale at $15.99
Buy online: Spider Web String Lights at Wrapables – on sale at $15.99

+ Cupcakes for Halloween
+ Go wild with pumpkins
+ Carving pumpkins stencils


3 blogs and a mood board – 2007.09.23 edition

Peoples Paper : Oh Happy Day : Better Living Through DesignWho said literacy has not place in party? This week’s mood board is about throwing Read & Write parties. You can host a book reading, a short story writing session, a book review tea party or a Haiku party.

Or books can simply be the gifts of honor. Books and Brunch is an amazing party concept. It is original and yet so simple to implement as a parent baby shower. Here, the new parents will be surprised with their baby’s library full on the best children classic.

The concept can be applied to any occasion. A teenager may want to grow his graphic novel collection for his birthday while cooking or home decorating books fit into the bridal shower spirit.

1 | Peoples Paper for DIY + Snow and Graham = Utterly Stylish!

Any party starts with the invites. Alphabet imprints from Snow & Graham make outstanding invitations at a fraction of the price of a custom job. All you need is a laser or inkjet printer to print your message. Thanks to Peoples Paper for publishing DIY + Snow and Graham = Utterly Stylish!, a post that highlighted this wonderful collection.

Ramillette imprint is shown here for a sleep over birthday party. Why not mix it with a Haiku party?

2 | Oh Happy Day for Party Ideas

A Haiku party would be a hit if you have friends that enjoy writing. This form of Japanese poetry was developed around a 5, 7, 5 structure.

According to Wikipedia, some of the more common practices in English are:

  • Use of three (or fewer) lines of no more than 17 total syllables;
  • Use of a season word;
  • Use of a cut (sometimes indicated by a punctuation mark) to contrast and compare, implicitly, two events, images, or situations.

Poetry is not my cup of tea. I first heard of a Haiku party when reading a post about Party Ideas on Oh Happy Day blog. In all fairness, Black Eiffel introduced the Haiku party idea on her post Parties I have known and loved by Kim Screen.

To duplicate this cool Haiku party, you need a typewriter, a cork bulletin board with pins and lots of white cards. The proposed formula is simply to type 3 lines of 5, 7 and 5 syllables. Then, post your haiku on the cork board. If you cannot get your hand on a typewriter, a few pens or a calligraphy kit will work fine.

3 | Better Living Through Design for HANG Wall Hooks

Whether it is to hang purses or coats, the Hang Wall Hooks fit so well into our read and write party themes that I had no choice but to include it. I noticed them on Better Living Through Design.

The rules of my weekly column: 3 blogs and a mood board

Each Saturday, I selected three blog posts. The challenge for me is that I must create a mood board with pictures that other bloggers have posted in the last 7 days. The mood board must stay within the scope of my blog.

+ Snow & Graham Alphabet imprints at Luxe Paperie – price: $14 USD
+ Haiku on wikipedia
+ Hang Wall Hooks on Lekker – price: $68 USD