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Living in the Dark: Black, Grey and Brown Rooms

rugged chalet bedroom

It seems that black is back. So many black or charcoal grey wall caught my eye in UK home decor magazines over the last two months that it can not be a coincidence. Frankly, I felt in love with this amalgame of rustic, dramatic and character pieces.

If you examine them carefully, you could spot that these rooms share common design elements. For one thing, they all play on several shades of black. Browns, tans and beiges have a supporting role. Finally, they all mix lustre finishes with matte finishes. This is for the theory. Let’s have a look at successful black rooms.

Family Living Room in a Dutch Country House

Black panelling, whether it is applied vertically or horizontally, is popular. It looks right in this inviting country house. Have you noticed the double-sided sofa?

black and tan living room
photo credits: Renée Frinking for Living etc, December 2012

Rugged Chalet

This impressive one in the kind four-storey ski chalet in Val d’Isère is built from 100-year-old wood and reclaimed stone. But when you look at it, you don’t imagine that it is a new construction. The ski chalet is decorated in a simple, monochromatic scheme. The result is far from boring. It has a soothing effect that is comforting. And it must be gorgeous against the snow landscape.

rugged chalet dining room
photo credits: Wichmann + Bendtsen for Elle Decoration UK, December 2012

The white sofa brightens and brings contrast to the living room  but it doesn’t break the color palette.

rugged chalet kitchen and living room

rugged chalet bedroom

You can see that a lot of efforts have been put to decorate this house in a cohesive way. This is a case where uniformity was a good call.

Dining Room with Japanese Panelling

This dining room represents a mix of Scandinavian style with modern Japanese design. When we visited Japan in 2010, the Scandinavian influence was clear on furniture. I adored it then, and I still do.

japanese style panelling dining room
photo credits: House and Home, January 2013

Glamour Meets Industrial in a Dark Apartment

The next rooms are from the apartment of a guy. The floor plan has been reinvented to fit the owner’s lifestyle. The living room is impressive and make honour to the arched windows.

glamourous black living room
photo credits: Helenio Barbetta/Photofoyer for Elle Decoration UK, December 2012 

industrial chic black bedroom

As you can see there are many ways to invite the blacks, greys and browns into your decor. After seeing that it can be applied to any style, what do you think about these rooms? More importantly, would you dare to live in black?


I Miss the Yellow Hemnes Linen Cabinet

yellow hemnes linen cabinet at ikea :: 2008 collection

yellow hemnes linen cabinet at ikea :: 2008 collection

This is how the inside of a clear glass linen cabinet should look like. I adore all hues of sunny yellow. This is why I am sad that IKEA changed the color of the Hemnes linen chests. They selected a nice hue of red, but I would have liked it had they kept the beautiful yellow that they carried in 2008. They kept the same yellow stripes paper on the back.

red hemnes linen cabinet at ikea :: 2010 collection

If you are looking for a more neutral option, check the EDLAND if you live in the United States. Frankly, I cannot justify the Canadian price. I wonder if there is a mistake online in one of the sites.

+ For Canada: Hemnes linen chests $299 CAD – EDLAND Linen cabinet $649.99
+ For USA: Hemnes linen chests $249 USD – EDLAND Linen cabinet $399.99
+ picture of yellow cabinet via Beauty Geeks


Yellow and Grey Elephant First Birthday Theme

yellow and grey elephant first birthday theme by party perfect

yellow and grey elephant first birthday theme by party perfect

Yellow and grey is a nice color combination for any party. It is sophisticated while the yellow carries plenty of festive vibes. Plus, if you plan a baby shower, the advantage of a grey and yellow palette is that it is gender neutral.

Sara of Party Perfect had the design sense to add a ball of wool. It adds coziest to the theme. Plus, I am always on the looking out for ways to hang things from the furniture or the ceiling when I have a party at home. After all, we do not wish to leave a permanent mark.

You can find more inspirations for sophisticated elephant party decorations here.

+ photo: Party Perfect


Decorating with Gray

decorating with gray walls :: bedding with silver metallic print

Gray is hot this autumn both in fashion and home décor. People are not used to put this color on walls. But gray produce amazing neutral walls. Depending on the hues you selected, the room can look warm or cold.

These pictures taken from Living etc. to infuse some industrial influence into your house have a lot of charms and even a sense of cosiness. After the smoky eyes, it is time for the smoky walls.

This season, think about muted grays and blues, silver leaf finishes, a liquid-metal-edged quilt or a floral trellis and leaf pattern in muted metallic print for your bedding or a greenish gray wall.

My Design Challenge

I am thinking of using grays for our new office. Because I love bold color, I may apply on a small wall an orange wallpaper with a metallic large pattern that I saw at a wallpaper shop while walking in the street.

I have to sell the idea to my husband now. I wish to create an open concept conference area with a dining room vibe. He is not sold on that concept. The other problem is that the wallpaper pattern may be too feminine for his office taste.

+ Khari Trellis Quilt at Toast – £225 for king bed, £195 for double
+ Inessa Quilt at Toast – £295 for king bed, £275 for double
+ Industrial Influence by Living etc