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A Refreshing Gift for Teachers

teacher gift lemonade drink flags kids craft

teacher gift lemonade drink flags kids craft

The school year is winding down, and if your kids aren’t already singing “no more pencils, no more books…” they will be any day now.

Though certainly not mandatory, a gift for teacher is a simple way for you and your kids to show your appreciation for their dedication throughout the year. The gift doesn’t have to be expensive – especially since you may also want to gift teacher’s assistants, coaches or other instructors in your child’s life – and a little creativity goes a long way.

This refreshing idea from pro-crafter Lisa Storms is perfect for the summer season. Just stuff a reusable acrylic tumbler with gourmet lemonade packets and a thank you note from your little one. Lisa’s free printable drink flags add a scholarly touch.

With a thoughtful gift like this, kids are guaranteed “no more teacher’s dirty looks”.

+ Free Printable Straw Flags from Lisa Storms
+ Copco Sierra Cold Tumbler, $5.39 USD,


Brie Baker and Goat Cheese Baker

brie baker by petite maison wildly delicious

Every Holiday season, one cooking tool is under everyone’s Christmas tree. This year, the brie baker seems to be what retailers have bet on. I saw the Brie baker being well in display, next to the Goat Cheese Baker, in almost every gift ships I visited last week.

If you ever served a baked brie, you know how messy it can become once people start eating it. This is why many people wrap their bake brie in puff pastry. Since it is so good, you do not wish to lose any bites. The advantage of the brie baker is that you can use it as the serving dish. The maker provides a spreader to avoid burns. Plus the brie stays warmer longer.

petite maison goat cheese baker

The goat cheese baker leaves you more roam to remove the warm cheese, if you need to.

I saw these cheese bakers at Indigo, Arthur Quentin, Linen Chest and Zone. The brie baker is available in cream and in red. The goat cheese baker also comes in blue. They made wonderful gift ideas under $25. I bought the cream brie baker and the goat cheese baker. I cannot wait to try them out.

+ Photos: Petite Maison by Wildly Delicious