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New Uses for Old Things: Holidays Cookies Wrapped with Office Supplies

old cd envelopes cookie gift wrap

old cd envelopes cookie gift wrap

This post is about finding a use for your old office supplies. If you still have an box of CD envelopes lying around, I saw on Better Homes and Gardens a way to transform them into cute cookie packages. Instead of a printed ribbon and a Holidays adornment, you could decorate the envelopes with a beautiful string and affix a gift tag. I wish that I could insert a gold cake pad but at 6 inches, the smallest cake circles are two big for a CD envelope. This is why you need to use a scrapbook paper or gift wrap paper to add a festive backdrop. The only downside is that I would feel the need to cover the cookie with food-safe cellophane before inserting it into an old CD envelope.

christmas cookies wrapped in mailing tubes

If you plan to ship them, why not wrap your Christmas cookies in mailing tubes? I showed you three ways to add a Holiday touch to plain mailing tubes last year.

Gingerbread People Cutouts
+ Three-Pepper Spice Cookies


Holiday Wrapping Supplies: Olive Manna Textiles and Paper Goods

Olive Manna gift wrapping supplies

Olive Manna gift wrapping supplies

After every Christmas, I am faced with the same dilemma: a few half-used rolls of wrapping paper I must store for 12 months, and which, inevitably, will be pre-empted by newer, more colourful prints and patterns the following year.

Olive Manna gift tags :: bags and baker's twines

This year I’m attempting to avoid all that excess by choosing neutral bags, boxes, paper and tags that will work for occasions throughout the year. Kraft paper, shipping tags and office labels provide the perfect canvas for colourful ribbon, sparkling buttons and other festive embellishments – yet they can also be dressed up for other celebrations that warrant a gorgeously wrapped gift.

Olive Manna wooden gift tags :: stamps

While researching materials, I discovered Olive Manna Textiles & Paper Goods – an online shop filled with basic yet charming packaging options. From glassine bags to baker’s twine and sweet stamps, I’m stocking up now for all of the gifts I’ll give in the year ahead.

+ Olive Manna Textiles & Paper Goods


Cookie Packaging Idea: Mailing Tubes

Cookies packaged in a mailing tube

Cookies packaged in a mailing tube

If you’re planning to send a holiday sweet treat to a loved one, this idea seems so obvious and so clever. Cookies are the perfect shape to slide inside a standard mailing tube. If your baked goods are particularly delicate, consider bundling them inside a sleeve of parchment paper first.

Holiday cookies in a mailing tube

I spotted the idea via Better Homes & Gardens, but also found variations at Martha Stewart and on Idea Chic. Decorate the tube with wrapping paper, colorful tape or decorative shipping labels. If you’ll be hand-delivering them, you may even want to add a ribbon handle.

Look for cardboard mailing tubes at your local office supply and shipping stores. Be sure to use the type with plastic end caps to keep sweets safe during transport.

Holiday Cookie Tube Gift from Idea Chic
+ Delightful Christmas Cookie Gifts from Better Homes & Gardens
+ DIY Holiday Cookie Mailing Tubes from Martha Stewart


Holiday Printables Round-Up – Part 4: Gift Packaging

Holiday printable packaging :: Christmas gift wrap and candy boxg

Holiday printable packaging :: Christmas gift wrap and tree favor box

There are so many amazing FREE printables available for Christmas. So many, in fact, that we had to split our round-up into four parts! The final installment in our holiday printable round-up is all about pretty packaging. Pair up these freebies with the cards and tags from part 3 for a unique look.

If good things come in small packages, then great things come wrapped in these printable gift wrap papers from Australian designers Mae. Polka dots and lace give their patterns a feminine quality making the papers perfect wrapping for petite jewellery boxes or other tiny trinkets.

Holiday printable packaging and gift wrapping

Giving sweet treats? This adorable “pillow box” from Melissa Esplin at I Still Love You would work wonders for homemade candy or stuffed in a stocking. And this cute Christmas Tree favor box? Perfect for a party, perhaps with a handmade chocolate truffle tucked inside. (Don’t miss all the coordinating party printables from Sweet Little Parties – including paper chains, hanging decorations, placecards, gift tags, thank you notes, and more!)

Every piece of holiday packaging could use a bit of festive flair. Print these envelope and package wraps from The Bella Bella Co. on adhesive paper to dress up your Christmas cards or gifts you intend to ship.

That “wraps up” our holiday printable round-up for this year! We hope these free designs inspire you in your holiday decorating and wrapping. In case you missed them earlier this week, check out parts 1 (holiday planning), 2 (holiday decorations) and 3 (cards and tags)!

+ A4 Size Printable Wrapping Paper from Mae
Christmas Tree Favour Boxes from Sweet Little Parties
+ Christmas Candy Box from IS•LY|I Still Love You!
+ Envelope and Package Wraps from Creature Comforts – designed by MISS B. of The Bella Bella Co.


Gold Gift Wrap Ideas from Shim + Sons

gold gift wrapping by shim + sons

gold gift wrapping by shim + sons

Don’t you love receiving a gift that’s impeccably wrapped? It’s almost like receiving two presents in one: a pretty package and the treat that’s inside it.

Coordinating your gift wrap with your holiday decor is an easy way to create a unified look in your space. Using a multitude of boldly colored patterns and prints can overwhelm the rest of your decorations, so keep it simple by sticking to one colorway.

In the Holiday issue of new digital magazine Gifted, designer Sally Shim of Shim + Sons shared simple packaging techniques using white and gold paper goods for an incredibly sophisticated look.

Gift Wrapping ideas by Sally Shim

Basic white boxes are wrapped with bands of vellum for a frosty feel; graphic patterns drawn with a ruler and a gold marker look especially modern. I also love the woven gold paper strips. It’s a clever play on the tartan trend that can easily be re-interpreted with other shades to match your decor. You can find instructions for all of Sally’s wrapping ideas in Gifted magazine. They made the cover page!

+ Gifted magazine
+ For boxes and containers, look at Paper Source and Creative Bag


A DIY Gift Bag Idea and the Raplapla Dolls

raplapla dolls

diy gift bags

You can sew anything. Here is a cool idea that I spot last year at the Souk @ Sat. When I bought a few bags of absolutely delicious caramels and cookies from Dînette Nationale, they put them in a brown bag. For decoration, they sewed a tag and a long wool string with a contrasting thread. It is simple. Yet, it looks so adorable!

Raplapla Dolls and Soft Animals

raplapla dolls

Dînette Nationale is a candy maker that distributed her products at the fabulous doll maker Raplapla in Montreal. They also produced a series of Raplapla animals for babies. All her dolls and animals can be washed in the machine and hang to dry. Raplapla dolls and cuddly toys respect Health Canada safety standards. I own this one; she is named Angele. You can buy them on Etsy.

+ Raplapla dolls $56 USD on Etsy
+ Raplapla Soft Animals $38 on Etsy


DIY Gift Bags, Japanese Style | Etsy Finds

diy wax paper gift bags

tapes for stamp

I love the idea of custom made gift bags to fit the occasion or the party theme. That would be awesome for a bridal shower, a baby shower and even for delivering unique swag bags.

diy wax paper gift bags

Get inspired by the waxed paper gift bags shown by Etsy seller Karuku. You can find the wax paper bags, the handles, plenty of stamps and Japanese tapes at her Etsy shop. The finished products look feminine and sophisticated.

The shipping costs are quite affordable, which was a surprise since Karuku is located in Tokyo.

+ Square Wax Paper Bags $6.50 USD for pack of 10
+ Ink pads for Fabric, 6 Japanese colors $20.70 USD
+ Tape for stamp, 5 meter long, 20 mm wide $17.50
+ via Notes on a Party


Furoshiki Making (wrapping cloth)

furoshiki techniques

furoshiki techniques

The art of furoshiki making has been across Japan since centuries. Furoshiki is often presented in Western countries as a gift wrapping alternative. But really, furoshiki making is used to carry around any everyday objects.

I had the chance to learn how to make wrapping cloth at the Edo-Tokyo museum in Tokyo, Japan. It is not complicated once you know the steps.

Demo of Water Bottle Carrier

Making a Small shopping bag

How to carry two bottles with a large cloth

How to carry books in a cloth

+ photo: Furoshiki technique chart on Instructables


Easy to Made Muslin and Burlap Gift Bags

gift wrapping bags made of burlap and muslin by maya made

How you wrapped your gifts makes a statement. People are exploring new ways than the predictable paper gift bags. For small items, I really like what Maya Made did with her rustic gift bags. Maya Donenfeld likes to recycle materials for gift wrapping, whenever it is possible. Her gift bags take literally 2 minutes to make with a sewing machine. She continued with the natural look by printing her own gift tags on kraft paper. Get the instructions on Maya Made. Lovely!

+ photo: Maya Made
+ via Julie_adore on Twitter


Gift Wrapping Ideas from Martha

typewritten gift tags and photo gift toppers as seen on martha stewart

This is a great idea if you do not have a beautiful handwriting. Start with one of the small address label templates available on Microsoft Word to create your own custom-made typewritten gift tags. Mixing font sizes and styles produces a chic tag. But make sure to select a serif font if you wish to write in capital letters. You can also find a print your typed gift tag template on Martha Stewart.

Another idea is to affix a festive photo of the giver instead of putting the typical bow or gift ornaments. You write on the bottom of the gift the recipient on a stock card that is narrower than the ribbon.

+ Typewritten Gift Tags on Martha Stewart
+ Photo Gift Toppers on Martha Stewart


Enhance Your Holiday Packages with Festive Tapes

bird of peace decorative packing tape by tapeswell

A simple way to enhance mailing boxes or solid color bags during the Holiday is by adding a decorative tape. Envelop wrap around labels could be used as gift tags or to send your Holiday cards.

TapeSwell proposes 27 decorative packing tapes, including 7 Holiday patterns. The red and blue Pod Envelop Wrap Around tape harmoniously fit with the Bird of Peace packing tape. Also look at the Partridge of Joy Decorative Packing Tape.

blue and red pod envelop wrap around tape used as address labels

With a few tape patterns and a nice selection of ribbons, you will be able to transform kraft paper or solid gift wrapping paper you already have into fabulously wrapped Christmas gifts.

+ Holiday tapes $7 USD at TapeSwell
+ Pod Envelop Wrap Around Tape $13 USD, add $3 if you want it in a reusable canister