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New Recycled Canvas Baskets and Fabric Gift Bags by Chewing the Cud

spring 2011 collection :: recycled canvas baskets chewing the cud

spring 2011 collection :: recycled canvas baskets chewing the cud

I have a thing for lovely canvas baskets. Awesome fabrics make all the difference. I like the new collection of recycled canvas baskets that Chewing the Cud launched a couple weeks ago at the National Stationery Show in New York City. The baskets are made of 100% recycled, unbleached canvas that are hand-printed with soy-based inks.

fabric gift bags by chewing the cud

Another must-have addition are there Give Bags. They are made from their reusable gift wraps. Chewing the Cud turned their existing line of fabric gift wraps into gift bags of all sizes. As a bonus, the little gift bags come with matching stamp sets. I think that new patterns have been added to their gift wrap collection. If you are into fabric gift wraps, you may wish to revisit my post of furoshiki.

These new items are not yet available from their online catalogue. I hope they will add those items pretty soon. In the meantime, have a peak at their collection with a snapshot of their booth.

national stationery show booth of chewing the cud

+  Fabric gift wraps by Chewing the Cud $16 USD


DIY Monogrammed Ribbon

velvet ribbon bookmark

velvet ribbon bookmark

With my ribbon collection now organized, I’m on a hunt for creative projects that will help me use up my stash and, in turn, allow me to replenish it with new colours, textures and patterns.

This simple DIY project from Martha Stewart is a smart way to get custom ribbon for cheap. With the heat of an iron and rubber stamps, you can burnish words, monograms or pretty symbols into velvet ribbon (just don’t try this with satin, silk or polyester) – then use the personalized ribbon as a thoughtful addition to gifts. Here are a few ideas:

  • The next time you plan to gift a favourite read, pair it with a luxe, handmade bookmark made from wide ribbon imprinted with the recipient’s initials.
  • Give a framed photograph and create a ribbon matte (check out Martha Stewart’s how-to). Add the year or a special sentiment on the ribbon to complement the photo.
  • Skip the gift tag and add initials to the ribbon you’ll use to wrap a gift.
  • Create personalized ribbon to tie up wedding, shower or party favours.

Set of 5 Velvet Ribbons on Wooden Spools from Sundance
+ Monogrammed Velvet Ribbon Tutorial from Martha Stewart
+ Frame with Velvet Ribbon Matte Tutorial from Martha Stewart


Holiday Wrapping Supplies: Olive Manna Textiles and Paper Goods

Olive Manna gift wrapping supplies

Olive Manna gift wrapping supplies

After every Christmas, I am faced with the same dilemma: a few half-used rolls of wrapping paper I must store for 12 months, and which, inevitably, will be pre-empted by newer, more colourful prints and patterns the following year.

Olive Manna gift tags :: bags and baker's twines

This year I’m attempting to avoid all that excess by choosing neutral bags, boxes, paper and tags that will work for occasions throughout the year. Kraft paper, shipping tags and office labels provide the perfect canvas for colourful ribbon, sparkling buttons and other festive embellishments – yet they can also be dressed up for other celebrations that warrant a gorgeously wrapped gift.

Olive Manna wooden gift tags :: stamps

While researching materials, I discovered Olive Manna Textiles & Paper Goods – an online shop filled with basic yet charming packaging options. From glassine bags to baker’s twine and sweet stamps, I’m stocking up now for all of the gifts I’ll give in the year ahead.

+ Olive Manna Textiles & Paper Goods


DIY Gift Bags, Japanese Style | Etsy Finds

diy wax paper gift bags

tapes for stamp

I love the idea of custom made gift bags to fit the occasion or the party theme. That would be awesome for a bridal shower, a baby shower and even for delivering unique swag bags.

diy wax paper gift bags

Get inspired by the waxed paper gift bags shown by Etsy seller Karuku. You can find the wax paper bags, the handles, plenty of stamps and Japanese tapes at her Etsy shop. The finished products look feminine and sophisticated.

The shipping costs are quite affordable, which was a surprise since Karuku is located in Tokyo.

+ Square Wax Paper Bags $6.50 USD for pack of 10
+ Ink pads for Fabric, 6 Japanese colors $20.70 USD
+ Tape for stamp, 5 meter long, 20 mm wide $17.50
+ via Notes on a Party


Tea Bag Cookies as Party Favors

tea bag cookies as seen on frost me

tea bag cookies as seen on frost me

An adorable idea for a party are those tea bag cookies made by Kimberly of Frost Me. To reproduce, prepare your favorite shortbread cookie recipe, cut the top edges of a rectangular and punch a hole at the top. Kimberly used a round icing tip to punch the hole. When the cookies are cold, dipped then in chocolate.

The tea tags she created were perfect for a birthday. Design yours to fit with your theme.

Ideas to Gift Wrap Your Cookies

gift wrapping with cellophane bags

You could fold a piece of wrapping paper into an envelop to get a one-of-a-kind party favor, or fill a food-safe clear cellophane bag that you decorate. Get inspired by these easy gift wrapping techniques from Paper Source.

+ photo: Frost Me
+ photos of cellophane bags: Paper Source


Washi Tapes for Gift Wrapping and Crafting

tinted mint washi tapes and wooden tape dispenser for 2 tapes

One of the things on my list to bring back from my trip to Japan (it’s next Spring) will be an assortment of washi paper masking tapes. I bet that the collection down there is even more impressive than what is available at a handful of stores in the US. Stores that I know carry washi paper adhesive tapes are Happy Tape, Tinted Mint, a few sellers on etsy and a small selection at MoMA.

happy tape how to decorate with washi masking tapes

Washi masking tapes are great to enhance a simple box or bag for party favors, can be used instead of ribbons on gifts, enable you to add your personal touch to basic tags. Others used them to tie a bag, for scrapbooking or for decorating cards.

If you have a collection of washi paper tapes, you will soon see the need for tape dispensers. They go from keeping a single tape, or 2 small tapes up to the multi-roll tape dispensers exclusive to Happy Tape. The multi-roll dispensers are available in 2 sizes: the 8-inch can hold 10 tapes while the 12-inch dispenser can hold 16 washi tapes. I think the multi-roll are the most practical. They are hand-made in the United States with poplar. To match your decor, you can select between 15 colors for the wood.

wooden tape dispenser for washi masking tapes

The tartan tapes are very fashionable. You can get a green and an orange  set or a blue and black pair.

+ Wooden Tape Dispenser Beech$35 USD
+ Wooden Tape Dispenser Walnut$35 USD
+ Washi Tapes at Tinted Mint $3.25 to $19.75 for a pack of 5
8inch multi-roll tape dispenser $29 USD at Happy Tape
12inch multi-roll tape dispenser $42 USD at Happy Tape
+ Washi Tapes at Happy Tapes $2.25 (on sale) to $36. 50 for a 20-pak
+ via Oh Joy!


Enhance Your Holiday Packages with Festive Tapes

bird of peace decorative packing tape by tapeswell

A simple way to enhance mailing boxes or solid color bags during the Holiday is by adding a decorative tape. Envelop wrap around labels could be used as gift tags or to send your Holiday cards.

TapeSwell proposes 27 decorative packing tapes, including 7 Holiday patterns. The red and blue Pod Envelop Wrap Around tape harmoniously fit with the Bird of Peace packing tape. Also look at the Partridge of Joy Decorative Packing Tape.

blue and red pod envelop wrap around tape used as address labels

With a few tape patterns and a nice selection of ribbons, you will be able to transform kraft paper or solid gift wrapping paper you already have into fabulously wrapped Christmas gifts.

+ Holiday tapes $7 USD at TapeSwell
+ Pod Envelop Wrap Around Tape $13 USD, add $3 if you want it in a reusable canister